Beat Gold Mecha Robo achievement in Blue Dragon

Beat Gold Mecha Robo

Find and defeat the rare monster Gold Mecha Robo.

Beat Gold Mecha Robo+0.1
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How to unlock the Beat Gold Mecha Robo achievement

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    Warp to the ancient factory, and proceed to the first conveyor belt. Ride it until you are forced off, and in the general area that you're in, you'll see a small gold robo, which is the boss you're looking for. He has 18000 hp. I found that quickly getting a shield spell on all your characters will help.

    At level 99 with 600-700 defense for all my characters, they were taking almost 700 damage when he attacked. With a shield spell in place, it was a more reasonable 400-425.

    Double attacks with 999 atk did about 700 damage per, and non-boosted max rank fire spells did about 1500 damage per spell with 800 spell power.

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    TimeTrakenEndure & Resurrection skills helped me a lot
    Posted by TimeTraken on 29 Oct 10 at 11:05
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    This guide is to help with finding and killing the Gold Mecha Robo in the Ancient Factory once you gain access to the Mechat and are on Disc 3.

    Finding the Gold Mecha Robo:

    While Nahbein does present a pretty solid bit of help, he doesn't define how to find this guy. If you are on Disc 3 and have travelled to the Ancient Factory, chances are you may not find the boss. Why? Because you need to complete two other tasks to have this boss appear:

    1) Find Mystery Part Un, Deux and Trois to forge the Final War Necklace.

    Mystery Part Un - Head to Alumaru village (the Gorgo village) and travel into the cave where you fought the village's evil chief. It's in the caverns behind the house.

    Mystery Part Deux - Sea Cube boss battle.

    Mystery Part Trois - In a chest on the Western Deserted Island (Mechat access only).

    2) Find Mystery Part Alpha, Beta and Gamma to forge the Ultimate Weapon Bracelet

    Alpha - Found in Mural Town on the floor

    Beta - As you reach the end of the Ancient Factory during your playthrough of the game, you will come across a circular room filled with Double Lance enemies. Defeat them all as they come to life and you'll reveal a chest.

    Gamma - In the Mecha Base High (the one hovering above the water in the sea) on the 1st floor. It's in a treasure chest.

    Got all six items? Head to Jibral Castle and find the funny-dressed scientist/professor in the basement's lab. He will create these two items for you (also unlocking two additional achievements) and now the Gold Mecha Robo is yours to battle.

    Fighting the Gold Mecha Robo:

    This guy's a pest. He has incredible agility so he'll have the opportunity to destroy your hit points fairly quickly. It is best to face him with a Lvl. 99 Shadow for each character. Your Skills are set to your preference but rely heavily on Endure, Resurrection, Double-Cast, Double Strike, Absolute Counterattack, and give everyone magic abilities with a primary focus on Black and White magic. My character levels were only at Lvl. 50 so your Shadows need to be maxed out.

    If you have accessories like Hermes' Shoes (first strike) and Agility boosters, use them on your Barrier and Support magic user. This character will be able to get out first and Double Cast Quickus and Shieldus on the party to help block the sizeable attacks being thrown your way.

    The rest of the party should be casting Flarus or Waterus using Double-Cast, while your strongest White Magic user should cast Zephyrus and Previve whenever he/she can. If you have a weak Black Magic user with strong Magic Sword abilities, utilize the Flarus Sword and Waterus Sword attacks.

    After you establish yourself well enough to handle the attacks, heal constantly and keep the magic attacks coming. The boss' hit points aren't exactly high enough to render the battle impossible, but it'll help to play it safe.
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    Johnny JerkweedGuides for this game are usually incredibly vague, making 1k much more work than it should be. Thank you for putting up a thorough one.
    Posted by Johnny Jerkweed on 22 Dec 11 at 00:18
    Traveller NickAgreed, thanks. Guide on 360A does not mention the need to find the mystery items.
    Posted by Traveller Nick on 07 Apr 12 at 20:18
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