Beat King Poo achievement in Blue Dragon

Beat King Poo

Find and defeat the rare monster King Poo.

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How to unlock the Beat King Poo achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter891,700
    05 Jun 2008 23 Jun 2009 27 Mar 2013
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    To find the King Poo you must be on Disc 3, he is found in the Ancient Ruins Caverns very close to Talta.

    For him to appear you must be in possession of the Total War Necklace and Ancient Weapon Bracelet, then defeat Jumbo Poo and then Corrosive Poo, after defeating Corrosive Poo try and leave the caverns, King Poo will then appear.

    The battle itself is pretty straight forward. Your character levels should be between 80-90 at least. Make sure and have at least two magic users preferably with Level 99 white and black magic, and make sure they have the Double Cast skill. You fighters should be Sword Masters. Also make sure everyone possible has the Resurrection and Endure skills equipped as well.

    Another thing you will want is support magic on as many as possible, cast Magic Attack Up on your magic users as well as Quickus on everyone.

    King Poo's main weakness is Water, so spam the Waterus Sword and Waterus spells with double cast. Also double cast pre-revive on all your characters and make sure its up at all times on everyone as his attacks are devastating.

    If you need to halt attack to revive, then previve make sure you do it over attacking. You need to keep your characters all alive and kicking to be able to stand a chance.

    After defeating him the achievement will unlock, congrats!

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    Crimson DrifterNo problem, guess I'll add that tidbit into the guide.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 27 Mar 13 at 15:23
    acedawg4Only a few years later but where do I find those equipment
    Posted by acedawg4 on 14 Nov 14 at 13:57
    Crimson DrifterCouldnt tell ya lol. Check out the Blue Dragon wiki, it should help you locate those items
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 14 Nov 14 at 14:27
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  • GaryBlack2311GaryBlack2311339,104
    16 Apr 2017 18 Apr 2017 18 Apr 2017
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    Crimson Drifter already posted a nice description on how to find (and fight) King Poo.
    I just want to share a few additional strategies and infos.

    My situation:
    I was playing on normal, first playthrough.
    My characters were around level 60 with rank 90 - 95 in their primary (equipped) shadow class and it was over before i had a chance to use corporeal more than once. With the strategy and setup below i wasn't really in any danger. During the fight, i only had to revive my main tank once.

    First off, the Poo Bracelet does not work against King Poo.

    Now to the tips:
    1. Try to chain your assault on King Poo with at least one group of regular poo snakes. That way you get the chance to buff your party before the real fight even starts. Stink up one of your characters if necessary.
    2. Barrier magic additionally to support magic. Wallus and Shieldus fully charged reduce incoming damage by 35% for the entire team, which might easily be the difference between 1 cast of zephyr or 2. Or between life and death.
    3. Equip your entire team with Guardians Defense Stat and Barrier Magic Defense Stat. With that and the barrier magic protection, the damage from King Poos darkness area spell ranged from 200 - 400, on critical hits around 650, depending on the target.
    4. Use accessories that protect from elements and/or darkness. Additionally, equip your main healers with protection from instant KO.
    5. Use a tank with Total Guard skilled for maximum survivability. King Poo rarely uses several area attacks in a row. With a Guardian like that it is highly unlikely that King Poo manages to take down more than one character at once, which in turn reduces the amount of turns you have to waste with healing/reviving or lose by incapacitated fighters.

    Lastly, a quick overview of my team setup and their primary roles:
    Common Skills:
    - Skills +8
    - Accessoires + 3
    - Guarding Defense Stat
    - Barrier Magic Defense Stat (if not barrier magic user already)
    - Noone had Resurrection, since i planned to get another poo snake to buff beforehand, this would just have been a wasted skill slot as I had 3 characters with double cast and white magic for previve.

    Giro, Barrier Magic, back row
    - Primary Role: Heal/defense
    - White Magic, Black Magic
    - Magic supporting skills: Buff Duration, Double Cast, Magic Essence, Quick Charge/Cast

    Shu, Sword Master, front row
    - Primary Role: Tank
    - Total Guard, Absolute Counter, Berserker, Endure, Double Attack, Crit damage and rate boost, Less is More, Monk Atk Stat
    - No HP/MP up, stats were maxed already

    Zola, Sword Master, front row
    - Primary role: "Leader"/Backup. Skilled as a jack of all trades for backup in case one of the specialists goes down
    - Double Cast, all magic classes except black
    - Ninja Speed, Crit rate and damage up

    Manomaro, Monk, front row
    - Primary role: Physical damage dealer
    - Less is More, double attack, charged attack, crit rate and damage up, Ninja speed
    - Magic sword

    Kluke, Support Magic, back row
    - Primary role: Support > backup healer > Magic Attack
    - White Magic, Black magic, double cast, quick charge, Spell Duration
    - Endure, Ninja Speed
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