Dragon: Max All Class Ranks achievement in Blue Dragon

Dragon: Max All Class Ranks

Max out the rank for all Dragon classes. Must go from 98 to 99 without using a Heart enhancement.

Dragon: Max All Class Ranks0
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How to unlock the Dragon: Max All Class Ranks achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter886,869
    17 Jun 2008 28 Dec 2008 22 Jun 2009
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    You must get ALL classes of Shu's Dragon Shadow to level 99. Now for some pointers:

    -DO NOT use the hearts for that specific class to go from 98-99 this will forfeit the achievement so don't risk it. After Level 60 the SP needed to level up will remain at 100, this is the time to use the hearts.

    -Find as many double SP accessories as possible, here are there locations:

    1. Black Belt - If you find 1200 nothings, return to the nothing man for this reward.

    2. Black Belt - From a chest in the Ancient Ruins Forest

    3. Black Belt - From a chest in Mural Village, it is covered by a Red Barrier.

    4. Black Belt - Steal one from Yeet Yeet monster (only works on the first steal attempt.)

    5. Eye Patch - You will find a Autograph Manuscript in the desert region (where the crystal "sword" things come up through the ground), trade this to the traveler on disk 3 in the Lal Mountain Camp.

    Now here is the quickest procedure:

    First Level up the Barrier Class for someone up to level 50, when you get to level 50 you will receive the Field Barrier 3 ability. This field ability lets you just run through enemies and collect their SP, but no gold, items, or exp.

    Hands down the fastest place to level up your Shadows is in the Laser Field, warp to the Laser Field and head North, you will see a chest in a little alcove where the purple flying mole enemies will endlessly respawn directly in front of the chest. Just activate Field Barrier 3 and stand in front of the chest, the enemies will spawn right on your barrier.

    Now for each enemy the field kills it will consume 1 MP, you can do one of two things; either equip an MP Regen ability, (but you will have to be moving) or you can simply check back in on your game every once in a while and restore your MP manually.

    Note: You can also equip a Dog Collar or use Garlic on your party to get the Stink effect, which will attract more enemies into your field.
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  • LexualLexual389,576
    13 Jul 2009 14 Jul 2009
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    Also in addition to Crimson Drifter's solution BUT do this on the Southwestern Deserted Island (Poo Island).

    When a Platinum Poo Snake appears press the X button to turn off the Field Barrier, then use the RT button to select it and one other enemy for a Multi-Monster fight.

    In battle, kill the first group of enemies BUT when fighting the Platinum Poo Snake, keep defending and allow it to escape.

    Once the battle is finished you should recieve around 40+ SP. With Black belts and the Eyepatch equiped that number will be double, meaning you can get 80+ SP for just one fight.

    I discovered this exploit completely be accident but has worked every single time I have tried it.
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    Mickey BurnsGreat trick, works every time .... when you can actually get one of these platinum bastards to show up :P
    Posted by Mickey Burns on 06 Apr 11 at 22:11
  • FunBoozeHoundFunBoozeHound374,873
    18 Apr 2010
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    The above listed solutions are all very effective, but really the fastest way to level all jobs up to 99 is equip 5 black belts or 4 black belts and an eye patch. Than warp or fly your mechat to Kelaso. The area you want to be in is around the 3 trees on the World Map just in front of the town. The only enemies that spawn in this area are Phatom Pelicans and some Wooly Mammoth type enemy, as long as you stay in front of the town by the 3 trees you should not have to worry about spawning the Mammoths. Now put on your field barrier 3 and start killing the Pelicans.

    Yes this method is tedious and boring but it is much much quicker than any other method. I was able to gain 7200 sp an hour using this technique thats the equivalent of 12 levels every 10 minutes and that is if your levels are already over 60. If you job levels are under 60 you will obviously gain levels faster.
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