Maxed Out All Character Levels achievement in Blue Dragon

Maxed Out All Character Levels

Make all your characters level 99.

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How to unlock the Maxed Out All Character Levels achievement

  • PistolMcAwesomePistolMcAwesome474,601
    14 Jun 2012 21 Jun 2012 05 Jul 2012
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    I actually found the Ancient Forest - Ruins to be a lot faster than the Golden Poo method, especially if you have at least a couple of Leis.

    When you enter the forest there are 4 groups of Zebra Poos. Fighting 2 of these groups at a time nets just over 2,000 EXP and with the Lei equipped, that'll be just over 3,000 EXP. Since there are 4 groups you can net over 4,000 EXP without the Lei or over 6,000 EXP with the Lei in just a couple of minutes. Once you dispatched all 4 Zebra Poos just leave the forest and re-enter. I timed myself and I defeated all 4 groups and left the forest in 2 minutes flat. Having Mow Down 2 is essential to make this quicker.

    Considering you need just over 12,000 EXP to level after around Level 80 or so, it shouldn't take that long to hit 99 and thus is the faster method I believe.

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    zr122This was an extremely useful tip. Much better than farming the Golden Poo.
    Posted by zr122 on 17 Jul 12 at 03:17
    LV 1 Blue SlimeAll I would add is that using a ground spell is better than MD2. It kills all of them instantly. If you use Mow Down you have to wait for the bottom row to move up so you can use Mow Down again, wastes time. A ground spell will wipe all of them out at once. Otherwise, very good place to level up.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 12 Sep 12 at 23:32
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  • Astute VagabondAstute Vagabond769,772
    27 Apr 2009 27 Apr 2009
    20 4 2
    The fastest way i found to do this was to head to the southern deserted island where the golden poo snake spawns, equip dog collar for the stink effect aswell as shoes of hermes and poo bracelet for faster kills.

    Lei helps get to lvl99 faster as gives extra 50% exp and just keep killing it giving 1010 exp each time.

    Also each kill gives 10sp and a random amount of gold between 0 and 40000 so can help towards the class achievements and gold achievement at the same time
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    The Golden Poo Snake method is by far and away the fastest method to grind XP, I agree. You can get more XP from the 4 Zebra Poo Snakes in the starting area of Ancient Ruins - Forest, 4 times as much per fight actually, however this is done by linking 4 fights together, leaving an area, and returning, rinse, repeat. In the time it took you to get the 4 in the circle (damn annoying sometimes with the chest in the way), then maybe a 90 second fight, leaving, coming back etc., you could have beaten Golden Poo 5+ times. The added bonus of Golden Poo as well, as you stated, is you get 10SP per fight, with Black Belts/Eyepatch equipped that becomes 20SP, a great way to grind your shadows at the same time as XP.
    Posted on 24 Feb 12 at 09:19
    SaracinAlso you should give the person doing the killing the skills Loot and Treasure Hunt so you can try and get Guardian Hearts off the Poo's while you're at it.
    Posted by Saracin on 01 Jan 13 at 10:32
  • DevsterDevster106,594
    22 Oct 2009 20 Oct 2009 20 Oct 2009
    18 6 0
    As described by others, go to the Southern Deserted Island (near Jibral Mountains, with the little green plateau in the middle of the island). Equip a character with the shoes of hermes, the poo bracelet. Equip all the Lei's you can, same with Black Belts (so you can level the Shadows). Eat some garlic or use the dog collar.

    From the menu, turn the music all the way off, so that you only hear sound effects. Switch the inputs on your tv to something else (leave the xbox audio on and just watch regular tv, like a sporting event). Listen for the little "discovery noise" the poo snake makes when it spots you. When your controller vibrates, the poo snake has charged you to start a fight. When you hear it twirl its spear, just start pressing the "A" button. That'll make the character with the poo bracelet and Shoes of Hermes attack the one golden poo and kill it with one shot. Then after the tally noise, just hit the A button a few more times until it clears the results screen (including any new skills). When you hear the ocean, you're back to waiting for the next fight.

    If you go a while without a fight, flip back over to see what's happening. Usually, a poo has gotten stuck running towards you - on the treasure chest or on trees or a corner of the plateau. Check the menu every once in a while to see if you need to flip shadows over to another type, avoiding guardian for as long as you can (since you'll get hearts for it - see below). With black belts and the eyepatch, you get 20SP per kill, so post level 60, a shadow class takes about 5 kills to go to the next level.

    Generally you run around 1100EXP per fight; it's a long haul to 99. Note that Leis don't stack, so don't bother equipping more than one on a character.

    1) If you're looking to get gold too (for the 1 million gold achievement), use the ghost king's crown too, and gold enhancing accessories.
    2) equip the poo bracelet character with the "Loot" and "Treasure Hunt" skills. The rare item for a Golden Poo's is a Guardian Heart, which you can use to help level a shadow to 98 (don't ever use a heart to go to level 99). The amount of SP needed per level tops out at lvl60, so use hearts anytime after that.
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