The Destroyer achievement in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)

The Destroyer

Won 100 Arcade Mode Levels.

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How to unlock the The Destroyer achievement

  • Thestas1Thestas122,591
    13 Jan 2009 13 Jan 2009 01 Apr 2009
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    This took me less than 2 hours, unlike everyone else's plans, but...
    100 arcade wins:
    1. extract to the Sepulcher access point with a team of 2.
    2. load 2nd contoller as player 2 in arcade mode.
    3. make p2 jump off the edge. (don't revive him.)
    4. kill 4 demonic souls. (they take 1 hit and they're nearly infinite.)
    5. fly back to Inferno near access point. (it's easy since you killed p2.)
    6. go back to to Sepulcher.
    7. repeat from step 3.

    As pointed out to me by Kung Fu Riki, the enemies won't respawn infinitely. (This is why I said "nearly infinite" and only kill 4 enemies at a time.) The addition to my solution he wanted to make clear is to extract to 6 other access points and come back to the Sepulcher access point if you run out of anemies. He did this and the area was full of enemies again. Thanks for the tip!

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    AnacomaThis was for sure the fastest way to get this achievement. Thanks for posting the solution. dance
    Posted by Anacoma on 23 May 16 at 18:14
    The S bot 9000Got it after about 120 wins, I did 15 last night and those didn't seem to count and around my 30th win I got grappled and launched off the cliff by an enemy so i believe you might be able to get away with dying. Either way this achievement is definitely finicky so I would play it safe for anyone interested in getting this achievement and playing as only 1 character, saving each 10 wins, doing it in one sitting and making sure you dont die!shock
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 18 Dec 19 at 03:38
    Greedy136If you use the described method, you may want to add further players. It takes more time to let three players jump off the edge, but you will be rewarded with the double amount of money and XP in a 4-players arcade match compared to a 2-players arcade match. Be aware that each achievement seems to remove all progress. You should save from time to time and reload after each achievement that may unlock on your way to 100 (including the achievements for 1 or 25 matches).
    Posted by Greedy136 on 29 Mar 21 at 07:02
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  • RunningFreak204RunningFreak204584,439
    02 Aug 2009 02 Aug 2009 24 Apr 2012
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    I would like to share with you how i got this achievement in about an hour...First off, to get an arcade mode win, you need to kill only 4 enemies with your character...What made it easy for me is that my character was the only one on the screen...Here is how i did it:

    1) the best place to take advantage of my method is early in the game. Play "Wrenchworks" in Act 1. There is a save point before the Omega Base's exterior.
    2) As first player ONLY, use the "Change Team" option to remove the other 3 computer characters (leaving only your character)
    3)Then resume the game and activate the second controller. As the first controller, go to the start menu -> players -> activate PLAYER 2 (from red button to green)
    4) resume the game and you will notice a pop-up window will appear. it informs you that no extra heroes are available for control
    6) At "Wrenchworks" there are 10 enemies in the level...defeat the first 4 you encounter to the right of the save point (1 super solider and 2 to 3 AIM troopers)
    7) once the 4 or 5 enemies are defeated, head to the exit heading towards the "Omega Exterior" while ignoring the other 5 enemies...That should give you an Arcade win
    8) Head back into the "Wrenchworks" and defeat 4 of the 5 enemies left behind (2 super soliders and 3 AIM troopers)
    9) Exit to "Omega Exterior" and that wil earn you your second Arcade win
    10) Load the last save point and repeat steps 6-10 and the achievement should be yours in an hour or so depending if you skip the score from the Arcade results and how fast you defeat the enemies and run to the exit...

    I used the Human Torch and used his "Pick up" special to defeat the first 4 enemies, flew to the exit, returned and beat them again with the "pick up" special and exited...I was able to average 2 arcade wins in about 60-70 seconds...

    Hope that helps! Good luck


    ****EDIT**** as of 24Apr2012...
    ""I was just using your Marvel: Ultimate Alliance solution for the achievement "The Destroyer". Very good solution, very effective. However, after reaching 100 wins, it did not unlock. I went through the comments and discovered it was because my game froze and, therefore, did not save the previous wins.Please edit your solution and include the warning NoSubs commented so other players who don't read each and every comment before attempting the achievement are aware of the potential dangers of not periodically saving. Thank you.

    Comment from NoSubs:

    ""I agree with this method, but with one adjustment, make sure to save every once in a while (i.e. every 10 wins).

    This part of the game seems prone to freezing while loading. The first time I used this method it froze at about 40 wins, I restarted and kept playing and after doing more than 100 total wins (40 before the freeze, 60 after) I did not get credit for the achievement. It seems the wins before it froze were not counted by the game.

    However, after loading the last save point in Step 10 of the above solution, once in a while immediately save (i.e. before eliminating any enemies). Then when you are loading the game use that recent save file. It seems that the act of saving a file will save your game's tally of wins. So when my system froze again at about 70 wins I was able to load the most recent save file and only do 30 more to get to 100. So unlike when I was not saving, my wins before the freeze were counted.""
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    RhyoliticI did it the four wins suggested by Spectreon. What I did to start with, was run through to the Omega Exterior, trigger the heli cutscene at the start of it, run back, Save, and then start in on the farming. That way, you shave off some time by not seeing that cutscene every time, but get the bonus of the two extra wins per load.

    I was doing this on Hard after my play for that achievement and used Spider-Man and pretty much exclusively used Web Warrior.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 06 Jan 12 at 06:56
    LanEvoIXI was unsure if it was going to work, but it did. I tried the Mephisto level method too, and this one is quicker. People just need to make sure they save every now and then. I lost 60 arcade wins when the 360 got frozen loading. After that i saved every 10 wins. Thanks a lot, great solution.
    Posted by LanEvoIX on 18 Jan 12 at 00:33
    RunningFreak204Thanks for the comment. Ultimately, it's whatever is easiest for the person. As long as the achievement unlocks, its all good! Thanks for sharing your experience on this board. =)

    Posted by RunningFreak204 on 25 Jan 12 at 23:59
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    37 3 10
    This is a pretty time consuming achievement.

    You are required to win 100 arcade wins. To get into arcade mode, you must have at least one other person playing with you. Arcade mode is like co-op, only you are judged on individual preformance and there aren't any bot heroes. To win an Arcade match, you have to have more points than everyone else.

    Since I don't know anyone who wanted to play this game with me, I had to play as two people. However, this isn't nearly as bad as one would think. Here's what I did to get the achievement.

    Part One: Making the Save File
    1) Start a new game on Easy
    2) Play through the first level as normal until you fight Scorpion (Or, just fly over everything as Thor until you get to the Scorpion fight).
    3) Defeat Scorpion.
    4) IGNORE all the enemies past Scorpion. Just finish off the level.
    5) After talking with Fury, go by the save point.
    6) Plug in a second controller and press Start. Select Arcade mode.

    Part Two: Getting Arcade Wins
    1) Head to the left of the save point and exit back to the end of the first level.
    2) You and the second controller will spawn in the last room. Use your character to go by the fire. When you walk through the door, 4 enemies should spawn and start punching you. DEFEAT ALL 4 OF THEM.
    3) After they are dead, head back to the save point room. The loading screen will give you the stats and announce you the victor of that level. Add 1 Arcade victory to your overall count.
    4) Press Start, and Load Game. Load your most recent save (should be right before getting the win).
    5) Start from the beginning of part 2 and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

    This is a faster method than what I was doing for 30+ rounds before. I did 70 rounds in about an hour and a half and the achievement popped for me.

    Note: The game will tend to freeze on a loading screen at around 50 arcade wins. Since I'm paranoid and didn't want to risk doing 50 arcade wins again, I saved a new file every 10 wins. So, my loading screen kind of looked like this:
    -The Newest Save after 30 wins
    -The Newest Save after 20 wins
    -The Newest Save after 10 wins
    -The Save I keep reloading

    Something else worth noting is that after you reload the first time, you sometimes won't be playing as the same character. Like, the first time I did this I was playing as Thor. But after I reloaded I was stuck as Captain America. Don't freak out, since either way you're going to snag some easy Arcade wins.
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    EarthboundXOK, I think I get it, the wins are saved to your GT, just like things like costume unlocks, so that's why making new saves helps, but you still need to load the original save.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 28 Mar 17 at 10:29
    EarthboundXEither way, this worked just fine for me, I was even able to unlock some costumes, I just made sure to load that original save, and change characters, and then save over the original save and just making sure I loaded what was once the original save as I changed characters and it all worked fine.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 28 Mar 17 at 12:03
    Lunatic LK47Just got the achievement today and I made some modifications to HybridPK's strategy.

    I had a major OCD about grinding my characters to max level in my first playthrough on Normal, and leveled everyone up to 99 on my "New Game Plus Hard difficulty" run. I began a new game using that particular save data (i.e. Everyone is level 99 from that "New Game Plus Hard" file) , and since I had the luxury of choosing my characters before the game officially starts, I used that opportunity to remove three members of the team (for those that do not know how to do so, press X to remove characters from that 4-person team).

    1. I avoid the enemies like normal, beat Scorpion, and hightailed it to Fury, and saved at the first save point.

    2. Pause the game, go to "Players" and activate the second controller and switch to Arcade mode. Since you have only one hero in your team, you DO NOT NEED A SECOND CHARACTER. You will get credit for killing four enemies regardless, since you have a false "second player."

    3. Head to flight deck, kill 4 enemies, get back to Command Deck for credit.

    4. On command deck, proceed through game as normal, except just kill four enemies at a time, run back to flight deck for credit.

    5. Kill 4 enemies in flight deck, run back, credit.

    6. Keep repeating 4 and 5, and by the time you beat BullsEye, you get credit for 9-10 victories.

    Reload the save, rinse and repeat. You'll get it within an hour or two, depending on whether or not your game locks up.
    Posted by Lunatic LK47 on 07 Sep 18 at 14:13
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