Dressed for Success achievement in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)

Dressed for Success

Unlocked all the outfits for every hero.

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How to unlock the Dressed for Success achievement

  • a rabid fuzzlea rabid fuzzle248,249
    13 Jun 2010 17 Jul 2010 13 May 2014
    36 2 16
    1st Costume - Unlocked
    2nd Costume - Unlocked after 30 kills
    3rd Costume - Unlocked after 175 kills
    4th Costume - Unlocked after Sim Mission is complete or 250 kills for DLC Characters

    Play through the game once on Normal and unlock as many costumes as you can (1-2 heroes at a time). I went down the roster left to right and got all the way to Elektra on 1 time through the game DO NOT PLAY ANY SIM MISSIONS. After you finish the game on normal, print this:

    Wrenchworks - Captain America
    Project Labs - Wolverine

    Iron Man Lab - Iron Man

    Temple of Negrete - Mr. Fantastic

    Golden Court - Thing
    Forbidden Passage - vs Crimson Dynamo

    Sanctuary - Dr. Strange

    Fake Doom Castle - Mysterio *** (you cannot re-extract back to this location once you leave sub-level)
    Big Top - Luke Cage
    Maze-O-Death - Elektra

    Realm - Blade
    Sepulcher - vs Scorpion
    Stygian Abyss - Ghost Rider

    to Bridge/Bifrost bridge - Storm
    to Bridge/Midgard gate - Spider-Man
    Camp/Warrior hall - Thor
    Asgard City/Grand Hall - Deadpool ***you cannot re-extract back to this location
    Asgard City/Great Forge - Invisible Woman

    Shore of Corpses - vs Shocker
    Spire's Ascent - Spider-Woman

    Fighter Bay - Iceman
    Hyperdrive - vs Ultron
    Outer Hull - Ulik

    Sky Towers - vs Piledriver
    Cityscape - Ms. Marvel, Human Torch
    Heights of Progress - vs Dragon Man

    After you have beaten the game on Normal, start a new game on Easy and when it asks you choose "Load game statistics" and load your last save on Normal difficulty. This will make the Sim missions easier. Now get the rest of the costumes and grab all of the discs but do not play the missions until you have beaten the last fight against Doom. This stops the glitch from locking costumes and it makes the Sim missions that much easier because your characters are at least level 45-50. After you get ALL the costumes, play through the simulator missions, saving after bronze or above AFTER EVERY MISSION (Gold is very easy but you may have to restart a couple of times to get the Golden Age of Comics achievement). If you follow this you'll have unlocked Surfs Up, Golden Age of Comics and Dressed for Success.

    If you think this solution needs to be edited/updated. Leave a comment and please explain how I could make it better.

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    MarvzMittsIf this achievement has glitched for you is it possible to start a new game on another xbox that doesn't have a game save on it and unlock it?
    Posted by MarvzMitts on 19 Jan 16 at 03:07
    Darkness727420I got the dardevil and black panther achievements and from what I've read, I need to collect the figures again on another playthrough.

    Also I've gotten sabertooth, magnito, Cyclops and Dr. Doom achievements and none of the previous ones have relocked. Those are dlc characters so I don't know if it works different for them.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 14 Dec 19 at 18:26
    CastMango150644I'm playing this game in October and November 2021, and I unlocked the 2nd and 3rd costumes for capitain america and for iron man (it actually did pop a notification saying that it's unlocked). But the 3rd costume is not there for me to use, it's blocked, same for iron man. And it serves to all the characters... I only get to unlock the 2nd costume (this one is normally available), but the 3rd costume just keep block, even when I am certain that the notification saying that I unlocked was there. Something like that happened with Dr Strange, Daredevil and Black Panther... I just cannot use those characters... And it's way past time they should be available. I collected all the figures and I assisted Strange in the Mandarin Castle. Just don't know what to do.
    Posted by CastMango150644 on 03 Nov at 05:07
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  • madmankevinmadmankevin467,309
    06 Feb 2011 16 Mar 2011 17 Jul 2012
    32 3 20
    You can get the "Dressed for Success" achievement in seconds! Even if it glitched on you!

    a rabid fuzzle and GimmeDLC1 have great guides and please, use them. But if you are in the group where you are stuck at 1205 because this glitchy achievement glitched on you, then this guide is for you.

    I stumbled upon this on accident and was floored when the guy I was playing with locally got this achievement when he shouldn't have. I didn't know if it was a fluke so I tried it on an alternate account and it's no fluke, you can get this glitchy achievement even if it has glitched on you! If you look at my alternate gamertag:


    ...you can see it as my one and only achievement in this game unlocked on 03/16/2011.

    First of all, this is a website for helping people out with achievements, and knowing how glitchy this achievement has been for people I'm very pleased to have been able to share this with people. If you have objections about this method, keep them to yourselves as all I'm trying to do is help people who thought that they were screwed.


    What you will need is:

    -2 controllers
    -2 gamertags on the same console (one with a save that has every costume unlocked on it)

    Here are the steps that you need to do:

    -Have the gamertag with the "Dressed for Success" save log in as player 1 (P1) from the dashboard
    -Have the gamertag which needs "Dressed for Success" log in as player 2 (P2) from the dashboard
    -Launch the game from the dashboard
    -On the "Press Start To Begin" screen have P1 press start
    -Select the storage device on which the game is saved
    -Load the game with all costumes unlocked
    -Once in the game, P2 press start and choose "Cooperative"
    -P2 goes to the pod and select "Save"
    -You'll notice this brings up P1's saves. P2 saves on a new save file
    -P1 pause and select "Quit to main menu"
    -On the main menu, P1 press "B" to return to the "Press Start To Begin" screen
    -On the "Press Start To Begin" screen P2 press start
    -Achievement unlocked!!


    I'm not sure if all of these steps are absolutely necessary, but I've done the above twice and it works. I haven't tried this online but I can't imagine it working so I think this is a method that only works locally. If anybody can get it to work online I'd love your input.

    Disclaimer- there are ways that you can get your gamertag on somebody else's Xbox that are in compliance with the TOS (such as bringing a memory unit to a friend's house) and there are ways that are against the TOS of which I won't explain. And unless you live next door to me and have a memory card, don't ask me to help you, no offense! Do what you have to do but take care of your personal information guys!

    I know how many people are stuck at 1205 and knowing that this is a site about achievements I figured those stuck would appreciate me posting this. Good luck guys!

    This is a flawless and idiot proof solution. Why are idiots giving it a negative? I uncovered an idiot proof solution to 5+ year long glitched achievement. You try to help out the community and net nerds anonymously trash it.
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    jupiterzx2THANK YOU. I started this game four years ago, but put in the code to unlock all costumes before I unlocked any of the extra playable characters, and it apparently kept me from being able to pop this achievement. Finally got it tonight.
    Posted by jupiterzx2 on 05 Apr 15 at 01:10
    A Navy of DucksHuge shot in dark but does anyone have a spare account with the achievement that I could borrow to get it?
    Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 14 Jan 16 at 00:52
    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me!
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 24 Jul 16 at 16:41
  • Glycerin GhostGlycerin Ghost152,132
    05 Nov 2009 12 Apr 2011
    20 4 4

    The game has some glitches that you need to know about. To explain, I was playing the game (and this has occurred multiple times throughout my game as well as other owners) I was in a party with some friends. I unlocked Moon Knight's second armor, then the party system &%$^ed up. I checked Moon Knight's armor, and I was left with only the default armor. But this isn't the only occurrence, I beat Captain America's as well as Ghost Rider's simulator discs, yet I do not have their final outfit. In other words, whilst in a party or connected to Xbox Live itself, if the online messes up at all, you can lose some items. The only thing I can come up with as far as avoiding this, is either
    A) Stay out of party chat and instead use private chat
    B) or play this game offline.
    I found some more info at Xbox360Achievements.org, here is the link to the page. Just click the Road-map "?".


    I would like to note as well, I have no confirmation if the DLC characters are included with this achievement or not. As in, I don't know if you need both DLC & Non-DLC character costumes or just Non-DLC. If DLC is included, those that don't have the GOTY edition as of now are screwed as the DLC was taken off the Marketplace. No clue if they will bring it back as of this moment.
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    ProtiumThe issue is with any "Updates" and related Live "disconnects".

    Simplest solution is, after getting any Title Update or disconnect, go to dashboard. Restart the game so there is to "disconnect" associated with the game or prior updates. This should ensure that your kills and costume unlocks register.

    If you do not do this, any kills and costume unlocks you get will likely not stay unlocked until you start the game again (with no updates).
    Posted by Protium on 06 Apr 10 at 16:38
    Sarmiok.. I'd unlock all the costumes and I all appear in the menu but I don't have the achievement yet...the dlc characters count too?
    Posted by Sarmi on 29 Aug 10 at 08:39
    Js2Deathdoes silver surfer count in the costumes
    Posted by Js2Death on 11 Apr 11 at 21:30
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle2,151,546
    31 Aug 2011 28 Aug 2011
    17 2 3
    WTFMan NH does have the solution down, however I am going to post an extra helping word of advice to those that fall victim to the glitch.

    What is the glitch?
    The glitch is your already unlocked outfits going back into locked status for no apparent reason. If the costumes from a simulator disc does this after you unlock, it will be impossible to unlock it again no matter if you play the simulation again or not. Theoretically this is an achievement ender.

    How can we still get the achievement if we are glitched?

    There is 2 ways in fact...

    1. Load up an earlier save where you either have the outfit unlocked or you have not play the sim mission yet. Make sure the outfit is unlocked or obtain the outfit from the sim mission and create a separate save. After that, load your original game and the outfit will be there. Why is it there? Because how the game works is if you have a number of games off the original save file, it will combine the status of the outfits. For example, Ironman's 4th costume is glitched. I play the old save and unlock it again. When you load up the original game, it combines the highest uniform unlocks. This also works for the kill unlocks and it only works for game saves off the original save. Friend's saves and other story saves will not work.

    2. ZOMG I been overwriting my past saves, am i screwed? Yes and no, there is always the option to start a new game and keep your old stats. This keeps all unlocked uniforms/stats on your characters. Because all of the sim discs reset in a new game, it gives you a chance to unlock them again by completing the sim disc.

    With that said, I hope this info helped you out, I was a victim myself and was fortunate enough to have an old save that I had to play 2 additional hours to catch up rather than start a whole new game.

    My advice - Make many saves, and don't do any of the sim missions until the last possible moment. Save it for your last thing to do before you beat the game. This will make the uniforms have a less chance of glitching. When you finally do the sim missions, check after each final uniform is unlocked and save again in a separate file that way if it glitches, you can just reload it.

    Hope you found this information useful. If this helped you out please leave positive feedback.

    PS. this is a repost of me solution from my old account. At the time of posting this had +10 votes.
  • Hexa FoxHexa Fox1,143,836
    13 Apr 2011 09 Apr 2011 15 Nov 2013
    15 1 6
    You unlock most of the outfits for just getting kill's. Although for many of the character's you need to get Bronze on their comic mission. Before all that though you need to collect all the Simulator Disc's and Action Figures. Here is a video I made my self that will run you through all of these.
  • xRaHx EpicxRaHx Epic373,280
    09 Jan 2014 04 Jan 2014 04 Jan 2014
    12 0 2
    (Intro) First off let me just say that this is achievement is glitchy and yet it isn't and I'll explain why. I noticed that over the course of playing the game that whenever I would unlock a character specific achievement he would relock with the delay, and I'm pretty sure I know why that is. Every time you unlock any achievement in the game it deletes all your progress from your last save. Which in my case is why I never had access to ghost rider, black panther, daredevil, etc.. So in a sense this has nothing to do with your saves as stated in above posts and yet it does.

    1) If you plan on completing this game you want to save before you get any story specific achievements.

    2) Don't use any of your DLC characters until after you get to act 5 or at least don't get to their 4th costume to unlock the achievement.

    3) As for Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Blade save at the nearest extraction point as soon as you can before you unlock anything else that way you will have access to them in your hero selection menu.

    4) I do recommend having multiple saves just incase you happen to screw up something.
    Just as others above have posted.

    5) As for daredevil and black panther once you get your 4 of 5 and if your following a collection guide and know when a 5th one is coming up save before you get your 5th one go grab their figure unlock the achievement and then either do 1 of a couple things quit to dashboard turn off your Xbox or quit the game normally without saving. This will allow you to get your achievement and still unlock the character. So now start your game back up and reload the last save with your 4 of 5 figures unlocked and grab your 5th figure this time he wont relock because you already have his achievement. Now you can go save your game so they should be available in your party.

    6) Now once you've gotten through to act 5 Dooms version of Starks tower is when you want to start getting all your sim missions done. Don't complete all of them at once and again don't use your DLC Heroes or Villians to unlock their costumes just yet. Save every time after you complete one of the heroes' sim missions on gold, just go through one at a time getting gold on everyone saving after each. I know its tedious but trust me in the long run its worth it you could potentially unlock one of a couple other achievements (such as 4000 kills or 500 kills by throwing people off cliffs) while killing guys to get your heroes' costumes, so just incase that happens you can reload without having to back track to much.

    7) Once you get down to your last sim mission if you get at least a bronze on all your missions you will unlock silver surfer and if you get gold on all of them you'll get comic gold, just reload a previous save after those 2 achievement's pop. Replay that previous sim mission and reacquire at least bronze this will allow you to keep silver surfer in your group. Now your free to unlock his costumes as well.

    8) The only characters you should have left to get up to this point is Nick fury and your DLC characters. That is if you haven't completed act 5 yet. So you can do a couple things here get all of your DLC characters costumes by going into any asgard lvl with a group of DLC characters killing up to their 3rd costume and switching (BEFORE UNLOCKING THEIR 4th) until you run out of time. Then leave the simulator save then get their forth costume 2 times because it will only reset it back to your 175th kill costume (third costume) if you saved in between then end it save repeat with all your DLC characters till they are done.

    9) Or you can go and complete act 5 beat the game without saving anywhere in between then reload back to stark doom tower and beat act 5 again doing so will net you all those achievements and keep nick fury unlocked. NOW Save. Unlock nick fury's costumes on your next play by loading up your save data and boom unlocked... Simple

    10) Note I'm not sure with the update whether or not you need all your DLC characters to have their costumes unlocked I tried looking that up but wasn't sure. This is a solution/workaround for the glitch. If by some reason you cant get a certain locked characters costume you can replay through the story on your 2nd play and unlock that character and his costumes since you wont need any of the other achievements it shouldn't relock on you. Save diligently try not to save over any saves that are in the same act while your playing through until your in act 5 you may forget which one is the right one. If your in the same boat as me and all your unlock able characters are relocked you should be able to use a method stated above to go into the simulator select that character end the simulator and then go into asgard with a party of 4 including that character that was previously locked and get his first 3 costumes. Or and im not sure about this someone posted that if you have all the character unlock specifc achievments you can put the code in to unlock all those characters as well. But regardless to those 2 methods you will be able to unlock all the characters again on your 2nd play through to get your (beat the game on hard) achievement.

    Sorry this was so long I just wanted to be thorough in explaining it if by some reason something is left out put it in the comments ill add it. Read the above solutions to this achievement there is a lot of helpful information.

    11) Good luck
  • Emerald AxerEmerald Axer2,707,754
    03 Jul 2012 11 Jul 2012
    10 0 3
    Just want to add 2 things to these guides that i discovered.

    1) Everytime i unlocked more then 1 costume during a simulator mission, it would relock both the outfits i unlocked. There was a slight pause in the game whenever the 3rd costume would unlock, if there was another slight pause within 5 seconds after the first pause, that would indicate the glitch and the costumes would relock. To avoid this only unlock 1 costume per character per mission.

    2)Silver Surfer, Black Panther, and Daredevil becoming locked after you clearly unlocked them.

    For both black panther and daredevil, you can still unlock there costumes by playing there individual simulator mission disks. Once you load up there sim mission you can quit the mission and as long as you dont leave the simulator you can load up any VS mission and the team will be a 1 man team with the locked character standing there. Just add 3 more team members and you can play with the locked character.

    For Silver Surfer, its a little more complicated. Once you finally unlock silver surfer (getting at least bronze on all missions.) Make sure you dont leave the simulator once silver surfer unlocks. Instead startup a VS mission and you will see silver surfer is available. Use him to unlock his costumes (make sure to unlock only 1 costume per mission) Once you leave the simulator there is a VERY HIGH LIKELYHOOD that Silver Surfer will become unavailable. If you save Silver Surfer for your last costumes to unlock this will get you your achievement for sure before SS becomes relocked. Otherwise be damn sure your costumes are unlocked for SS before you leave the simulator.

  • Reaper050Reaper050141,372
    21 Jul 2012 21 Jul 2012
    6 0 4
    Very good solution. Just Know this you do need to unlock the SILVER SURFERS costumes for the achievement to unlock. Also if the SURFS UP achievement glitches on you like it did me ( I unlocked the achievement but no playable silver surfer ) you can use the code to unlock him and it WILL NOT mess up your achievements. I unlocked Dress for Success after inputing the code.
  • EthigyEthigy872,569
    11 Jan 2020 10 Jan 2020 11 Jan 2020
    3 0 0
    The other solutions are great but this solution will guide you through every step to unlocking this achievement.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to unlock each character’s four outfits with the exception of Moon Knight, who only has three. DLC characters are not needed but do have their own outfit-related achievement.

    There are also a few characters you’ll need to unlock throughout the game before you can start working on getting their outfits. These characters are:

    Doctor Strange - unlocked after helping him in Mandarin’s Palace.
    Blade - unlocked by using the claw game in Murderworld.
    Ghost Rider - unlocked by rescuing him in Mephisto’s Realm.
    Nick Fury - unlocked after defeating Dr. Doom.
    Daredevil - unlocked by collecting 5 of the 11 respective action figures.
    Black Panther - unlocked by collecting 5 of the 12 respective action figures.
    Silver Surfer - unlocked by getting at least a bronze on all 34 Comic Missions.

    The second and third outfits are unlocked by getting 175 kills with the respective character, while the fourth is gained by earning a bronze on their Comic Mission (these are unlocked by finding Simulator Discs throughout the game). So while making your way through the game, be sure to switch character after you’ve reached 175 kills. I’d suggest playing through the game on normal as you need to beat that difficulty to unlock hard.

    Onto the steps to getting the achievement (this will be outlined in the order the steps first become available while making your way though the game).

    Act 1

    Daredevil figure 1/5 - while escorting Dum Dum Dugan, you’ll reach a large room where he’ll inform you you need to disable the primary drive train (text pop-up will appear). After walking down the stairs, proceed down another set of stairs to your right where you’ll find the action figure waiting for you.

    Captain America Simulator Disc 1/29 - after leaving the large previous room you’ll have another brief conversation with Dugan. Go through the door on your right and immediately to the right will be the Sim Disc.

    Project Labs
    Wolverine Simulator Disc 2/29 - after clearing out the enemies and talking with Bruce Banner about the damaged shutoff, go through the previously shut door. Open the first door to your right and the Sim Disc will be in front of you.

    Top Deck
    Black Panther figure 1/5 - after dropping the object onto the glass to break it, proceed inside. Sitting by the railing to the left of the door in front of you will be the action figure.

    Iron Man Lab (Entrance is the waterfall near the save station in Stark Tower.)
    Black Panther figure 2/5 - go down the stairs directly in front of you and underneath these stairs is the action figure.

    Iron Man Lab
    Iron Man Simulator Disc 3/29 - from the entrance, go down the stairs, continue straight forward and you’ll find the Sim Disc sitting on a desk to the right of Iron Man’s suit.

    Dive Chamber
    Black Panther figure 3/5 - after entering, walk straight to the side opposite the entrance and you’ll find the action figure sitting to the right of a large pipe.

    Temple of Negrete (Entrance opens up behind you after talking to Namorita.)
    Mr. Fantastic Simulator Disc 4/29 - to the right of the clam you have to force open is a breakable wall. Break the wall and you’ll find the Sim Disc.

    Atlantean Trenches
    Daredevil figure 2/5 - you’ll reach a large area with a save point and two objectives you need to destroy. Follow the left wall of this area and you’ll find the entrance to Atlantean Throne. With your back to this entrance, proceed forward. After swimming between two columns you’ll come across a clam to force open. Opening this will grant you access to a nearby chest. Swim to the middle of this large area to find the chest (it has a green arrow above it). Inside this chest will be the action figure.

    Golden Court
    Thing Simulator Disc 5/29 - you’ll eventually come to a large room with spinning blades at the bottom of a staircase. When looking at this staircase, you should see a red X on the left of your minimap. Go up these stairs and follow the balcony to your right to find a door. Inside this room will be the Sim Disc.

    Golden Court
    Daredevil figure 3/5 - after exiting the previous large room and proceeding through a room filled with spinning blades you’ll end up on a balcony overlooking yet another large room. Jump down and to the left of the two columns directly in front of you will be the action figure.

    Forbidden Passage
    Crimson Dynamo Simulator Disc 6/29 - shortly after helping Doctor Strange, you’ll come across three spinning blades surrounding this Sim Disc.

    Forbidden Passage
    Black Panther figure 4/5 - right before the entrance to Mandarin’s Court, there will be two large Buddha-like statues. Destroy the statue that’s to your left when facing the entrance. Go through the two now unblocked doorways to find the action figure.

    If you haven’t already unlocked the achievement for defeating Mandarin, make sure you return to the previous save station and save before entering Mandarin’s Court. Doing this will prevent Doctor Strange from locking as a playable character.

    Act 2

    Sanctuary (The entrance is the spiral staircase you see when you first enter the Inner Sanctum.)
    Doctor Strange Simulator Disc 7/29 - from the entrance, turn right and head up the stairs. The Sim Disc is up here atop an opened book.

    Daredevil figure 4/5 - go up the other set of stairs the would be to your left when you enter. The action figure is at the end of this walkway.

    Make sure to save before leaving to Dr. Doom’s Castle. When you first get to Castle Doom, rush past all the enemies to the last Daredevil figure. You’re going to be reloading your last save after collecting it so there’s no need to kill any enemies.

    Castle Doom
    Daredevil figure 5/5 (Daredevil Simulator Disc 8/29) - after passing through the hallway with the moving gates, you’ll come to a large room. Go down the stairs to your right and continue up the next set of stairs to your right. You’ll see two wooden gates, ignore the one directly in front of you and destroy the one to the left. In this small room, destroy the four barrels and the action figure will be to the right.

    After getting the achievement for unlocking Daredevil, load your last save and recollect the last action figure. This time you can proceed as normal and kill all the enemies.

    Castle Doom
    Mysterio Simulator Disc 9/29 - from the entrance to this same large room (after passing through the hallway with the moving gates), now go down the stairs to your left and continue up the stairs to your left. Destroy the wooden gate directly in front of you and in this room will be the Sim Disc.

    Big Top
    Luke Cage Simulator Disc 10/29 - as soon as you enter Big Top, the Sim Disc will be to your left.

    Fair Grounds
    Blade - take the right path and continue forward until you come across a tent to your right. Inside this tent will be a hammer, take it. Exit the tent and head right where you’ll see a blue X to use the hammer. Charge up the hammer with B to hit the X and open the gate.

    Continue in this area and after passing an open purple/white striped tent to your right, proceed forward to find the Claw Challenge. Simply complete the QTE and Blade will unlock as a playable character.

    Maze-O-Death (After unlocking Blade, turn around and head to the left of the open tent. You’ll see another open tent, enter this tent. Proceed to the back of the tent to find the entrance to this area.)
    Elektra Simulator Disc 11/29 - proceed through the maze, pulling the fingers as you come across them to access the subsequent areas. To the left of the fourth finger, you’ll see the Sim Disc.

    Be sure to save your game before entering Fun House to prevent Blade from becoming locked as a playable character, as you’ll be reloading again after collecting the next action figure.

    Fun House
    Black Panther figure 5/5 (Black Panther Simulator Disc 12/29) - shortly after entering you’ll come across three doors. Take door number 3 and follow the path. At the end of this path, in a large room, sitting in front of three toxic blowers will be the action figure.

    After getting Black Panther’s achievement, reload your save and recollect the last action figure. Then return to the save point and save again.

    Mephisto’s Realm
    Blade Simulator Disc 13/29 - from where you first spawn in, turn right and continue in that direction. You’ll see the Sim Disc on a plate with three vases.

    Scorpion Simulator Disc 14/29 - shortly after entering this area you’ll cross a bridge. Follow the path and you’ll see the Sim Disc in a room to your left.

    After collecting this, make sure to save at the save point next to the entrance of this area. If you haven’t already unlocked the achievement for defeating Mephisto, the character you chose to take Ghost Rider’s place will remain locked. After defeating Mephisto and earning that achievement, reload your save and proceed to defeat him again. After defeating him for the second time, you will then have access to the previously locked character.

    Stygian Abyss
    Ghost Rider Simulator Disc 15/29 - from where you first enter, head left and you’ll see the Sim Disc on a small island.

    Act 3

    Bifrost Bridge
    Storm Simulator Disc 16/29 - as soon as you enter, you’ll see the Sim Disc to the left.

    Midgard Gate
    Spider-Man Simulator Disc 17/29 - as soon as you enter, head left when you can and you’ll see the Sim Disc near the edge of the walkway.

    Warriors’ Hall (In Courtyard of the Gods, looking at the statue in the middle from the save point, turn around and head towards the yellow exclamation mark on your minimap. Talk to the Viking Warrior to gain entrance.)
    Thor Simulator Disc 18/29 - from the entrance, go straight forward then look to the left of the campfire you come across. Up some steps in an alcove will be the Sim Disc.

    The Great Forge
    Invisible Woman Simulator Disc 19/29 - after passing through the first room, go to the stairs on the left side of the large lava pit and into this other room. Proceed down the stairs to your left and after passing the second set of stairs you’ll find the Sim Disc.

    Grand Hall
    Deadpool Simulator Disc 20/29 - after freeing Heimdall, talk to him and agree to locate his horn. Now return to the previous room and a door will open up. Enter this newly opened area and after reaching the room with the brief cutscene showing Heimdall’s horn, the Sim Disc will be to your left.

    Shore of Corpses
    Shocker Simulator Disc 21/29 - at the end of this area, you’ll go up a small slope and to your left will be a save point. Turn right to find the Sim Disc.

    Spire’s Ascent
    Spider-Woman Simulator Disc 22/29 - shortly after entering this area you’ll come to a bridge. While crossing this bridge you should see the Sim Disc off to the left.

    Act 4

    Fighter Bay
    Iceman Simulator Disc 23/29 - at the end of the large room you start in, you’ll have to move some boxes out of your way to proceed. Go up the now unblocked stairway and head right. Head up the next set of stairs and through a door leading to another large room.

    Go down the stairs in front of you and then the stairs to your left. Go straight forward to the opposite side of the room and up another set of stairs. Then left up the final set of stairs where you’ll find the Sim Disc waiting.

    Ultron Simulator Disc 24/29 - shortly after entering you’ll come across a door that needs to be opened with two keycards that enemies will run off with. Follow the enemy who ran right and you’ll eventually come to a large blue beam and the option to go left or right. Head to the right and you’ll come across the Sim Disc.

    Outer Hull
    Ulik Simulator Disc 25/29 - shortly after entering and meeting two mini bosses, you’ll have a red X on your minimap. Standing at that X, head as for north (north being the top of your screen) as you can. Once you hit the wall, jump up to the higher ground to your right.

    Continue right along the north wall until you’re atop a glass floor (you should be able to see the Sim Disc in the area below you at this point). Break the glass and the Sim Disc is near the northern right corner of this area.

    Sky Towers
    Piledriver Simulator Disc 26/29 - after crossing through the first room and onto another bridge, Nick Fury will inform you that you’re near some Magnetic Shield Generators. After destroying one of them, proceed through the now unblocked doorway and at the end of the hall in front of you will be the Sim Disc.

    Ms. Marvel Simulator Disc 27/29 - after entering, follow the only way forward and you’ll come across the Sim Disc before heading left again.

    Human Torch Simulator Disc 28/29 - immediately after the dialogue with Galactus, head to the left at the fork and you’ll find the Sim Disc.

    Heights of Progress
    Dragonman Simulator Disc 29/29 - go straight forward from where you enter and very quickly you’ll run into this Sim Disc.

    Now that you’ve collected all of the Sim Discs, all you have left to do is unlock Nick Fury as a playable character, earn at least a bronze on all Comic Missions (I’ll tell you how to actually access these in a bit), and grind out your remaining kills.

    Be sure to save at the nearby save point before entering the green portal to Doom’s Throne. If you haven’t already unlocked the achievement for defeating Dr. Doom, there’s a chance you’ll have to defeat him twice to actually be able to access Nick Fury as a playable character.

    Once you’ve defeated Doom and earned the respective achievements, check to see if you can choose Nick Fury when changing your team. If you can, you’re good to go so save again. If you can’t, you’ll have to reload your previous save and defeat Doom again.

    Now get to the nearest save point and extract to Stark Tower (Act 1). With your back to Iron Man Lab, go up the stairs to your left to find the Training Simulator. This is where you can access all the Sim Discs you’ve been collecting. Now go through them all getting at least a bronze, saving after each successful attempt.

    Make sure to save before the last one and after unlocking the achievement for Silver Surfer, reload your save and complete the last one again. Now you have access to all playable characters and have all characters’ fourth outfit.

    Only thing left to do is grind any remaining kills. A good way to quickly grind kills is load up any Vs Comic Mission that takes place on Asgard (the first being Crimson Dynamo). Then just kill the infinitely respawning enemies until the time runs out. Once you’ve finished getting 175 kills with your last character, the achievement will unlock.
  • The SCHWARTZ 00The SCHWARTZ 00954,655
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    Just wanted to confirm that if your costumes re-lock due to earning an achievement and you don't have a prior save that you can reload, you can go into Stark Tower or wherever and enter the Simulation for a NON-REWARD SIMULATOR (like the one where you fight against Kurse) and unlock the costumes again.

    I had unlocked costumes for Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Human Torch, earned an achievement, and all of them were locked again. So I went into the Simulator and did the Kurse mission where you fight unlimited enemies, got 30 kills with each character, boom, got 'em right back. I left the simulation before the 20 minutes were up, went to the Shield save point, saved my game, and now they're there permanently.

    EDIT: The DLC characters do not count for this achievement, just confirmed it.
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