Widowmaker achievement in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)


Threw 500 enemies off a ledge.

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How to unlock the Widowmaker achievement

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    There are also some spots in the story where this is possible:

    In the opening area of Mephisto's Realm there are five trials you have to do before entering the next area. And enemies keep respawning in most of these trials until you have achieved the goal.

    My choice is where you have to kill some demons in a center circle to continue.

    Instead just throw them off the ledge. The easiest is to do this with two characters in Arcade, but kill off the other one, and keep it in backup if you mess up. If you play normally with four there is a chance that the others kill the demons before you get to throw them off. Plus you don't have to think about that the other characters can be possessed.

    Easiest with the buffiest characters. Hulk or Colossus.

    The plusside here is that the enemies don't carry weapons and can be quickly tossed off the cliff.

    The backside is that it is boring beyond belief to do this in the same location for almost two hours. (They move slowly)

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    blood eruptionI found the easiest way is to do it here but with doctor strange, use levitation, you fling em off so fast....
    Posted by blood eruption on 25 Oct 12 at 02:47
    IDUKE NUKEM64Ican u not get this in arcade mode? i have probably thrown more ten 800 ppl over the ledge and nothing lol or do u have to do it with one character? or do u have to do it in campaign?? either way this achievement is annoying lol
    Posted by IDUKE NUKEM64I on 01 Mar 13 at 16:45
    IDUKE NUKEM64Invm just got it after unlocking 6 ppl's costumes which is more then 1050 ppl lol wtf
    Posted by IDUKE NUKEM64I on 01 Mar 13 at 17:05
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    Taking from both of the people above and not to discredit them and using also, here is what I did to make it go by very quickly if you have already passed Mephisto's realm with the infinite imps.

    1) get invisible woman and use her invisible and telekinesis skills put all points into telekinesis first as some of the enemies may be "heavy" im unsure

    2) go to one of the asgard sim missions, I kept doing piledriver myself.

    3) get to the bridge and use invisible womans invisibility and telekinesis and throw them off the bridge. This will keep you healthy and practically mana full as all the enemies will be focusing on your team making them easy targets.

    NOTE: I tried using dr. strange for this as well but his levitate ability seemed harder to throw enemies over the edge as inviso womans seemed to glide over the railing for the ledge easier
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    LanEvoIXThanks! Worked beautifully, got it with 1 and a half playthroughs on easy in the first comic mission you find that is in Asgard (Crimson Dynamo).
    Posted by LanEvoIX on 12 Jan 12 at 01:04
  • IveABrownThumbIveABrownThumb234,058
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    Go to Mephisto’s puzzle area and you’ll have these little creeper things. They’ll spawn infinitely and won’t stop coming until you’ve done the objective. Do not do it and just throw them off. Once you’ve throw over 500, you can then start just killing them to go towards your 4000 kills.

    And the second best place is load up Sepulcher and walk to the back over the bridge and there is an an awful lot of enemies you can just throw off, enemies are near infinite on this level as they will respawning throughout the level for a certain amount of time.
  • Clint TorrisClint Torris23,772
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    I also recommend that this be done on Mephisto's level. Go to the area with the book that reads "Thy way shall be lit by the flames of impure souls" and just to the left of the book there is a demon leaper spawn. I recommend that you use Hulk, if you have him, because he carries these guys around like rag dolls.

    Grab a demon from the spawn, carry him to the edge, and toss him off. Then grab the new spawn. They spawn infinitely as long as you don't throw them in the center fire pit.

    I recommend hulk because you can also unlock Gamma Garb this way.

    Remember, save right before going in here. Every achievement you get will lock those items that you've unlocked since your last save.

    For example, you will get the achievement for unlocking all of Hulk's outfits, and getting the achievement will re-lock the outfits. Grind out all your achievements then go for the outfits again before you save. Do not save after your outfits/hidden characters have re-locked, I'm not sure if they can be unlocked again.
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    This one was a pain to grind out because there's really no way to know where you are in the process.

    I played the game through about 4 times (for other achievements). In my fourth play-through, when I got to Mephisto's Realm, I used Dr. Strange and told myself, "Well, since I'm here, I'll just find a good spot and use the levitate method posted on TA." I did just that and I even counted the guys I threw off. I stopped counting around 550. Something was definitely wrong and I was a little annoyed that I just wasted about an hour.

    So I finished up the game, got all the other achievements I needed (Sims, outfits, etc) and decided I was going to go for this one again. I used Taku's suggested method involving Invisible Woman and her levitate ability. I went to an Asgard sim mission, got to the bridge and got to work. I had Dr. Strange active also so many of the bad guys were concentrating on beating him up while I just grabbed them one at a time from a distance.

    Long story short, after a little over 100 levitates, the darn thing popped. I was pretty happy about that.

    So the achievement MUST carry over for each playthrough. However, the bunch I did with Dr. Strange earlier must have either glitched a lot or not counted somehow. Maybe it was the spot I was in. Maybe it was something with the saved games. There's just no way to know.

    So I have no idea how to really advise anyone to get this, but if I had to go back in time, I would probably go for this one early, before even completing the game. I'd use one of the Asgard Sim missions and whatever character I wanted. Then I'd start throwing dudes and keeping track of when the other achievements popped that might give clues. There's one for throwing 50 off a ledge or killing 100 enemies, etc. At least you'll have some idea of where you are.

    Good luck. Hopefully this experience will help you a little.

    Now if they'd just release a GOLD version of Ultimate Alliance 2 with the DLC on it that I missed! Ugh!
  • A Dreadful ShotA Dreadful Shot601,090
    08 Jan 2020 08 Jan 2020 08 Jan 2020
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    The best place to grind out this achievement is in Act 2 when you first arrive in Mephisto’s Realm. I’d suggest using Hulk (DLC character) as you also need 250 kills with him for another achievement. Jump to your death with the other three characters so they don’t get in your way.

    Important: be sure to save at the save point before starting this to prevent having to get more than 500 kills.

    As soon as you spawn in, head left and take the first branching path to the left you come across to reach one of the “trial” areas. Head to the back end of this area next to a striking upgrade. An enemy will infinitely spawn here after clearing out the initial enemies. Now when getting the kills you’ll need to keep track of how many you’re at.

    Throw off 5 for the first achievement. Earning this achievement will reset you back to 0. Keep throwing them off until you’ve thrown off 45 then jump off to kill yourself. Choose to retry from checkpoint and save again when you’ve loaded in. Now in five more kills you’ll earn the achievement for throwing off 50 enemies, which will then reset you back to 45.

    If you’re playing as Hulk, kill yourself again when you reach 240 kills. Reload checkpoint and save again. This way when you earn the achievement for 250 kills as Hulk, you’ll only be reset to 240 instead of 45. If you’re not playing as Hulk, this part isn’t necessary. Either way, continue throwing the infinitely spawning enemy off and you’ll eventually reach 500 and unlock this achievement.
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