Points Champion achievement in Feeding Frenzy

Points Champion

Awarded for earning 300,000 points.

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How to unlock the Points Champion achievement

  • Senor SlurpeeSenor SlurpeeThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    27 Apr 2009
    99 9 15
    On Level 21 (deep seas?) if you eat fish until you are at the biggest fish in the level (the 3rd upgrade) and than get your frenzy meter up and just bite the whales tail, which are constantly going thru the level, again and again the score continues to multiply each time you bite it, for instance if you have the double frenzy meter (red frenzy) the first bite is worth 300 points the second bite is 600 points and so on (as long as you keep the whale on the screen, its not to hard since he turns around everytime you bite the tail) it took me about ten or so tries at this level before i actually got it down but after that i could easily get 500,000 points in one life!!! and of course for every 12,000 points you earn you get a extra life, so in the end I usually end up with around 50 lives or so... very quick and easy way to get points and lives.

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    Reanimated DanThe level ends long before I get anywhere near the required score.
    Posted by Reanimated Dan on 17 May 17 at 19:31
    ShikCause you didn't read what they said to do.
    Posted by Shik on 31 Jan 18 at 22:19
    o Heres Jonny oTook me a few tries, but got it once I got a rhythm going. Many thanks.
    Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 16 Nov 18 at 23:50
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  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry354,842
    02 Mar 2009 01 May 2009
    40 0 2
    Off the main menu you can choose either time attack or adventure. I unlocked mine in time attack, but either will work fine. Grab points. Some tips.
    1) Grab multiplier bubbles whenever you can, especially in bonus levels.
    2) Eat schools of fish, they are worth a substantial amount extra.
    3) Bite the shark's tails, it's usually a breeze and worth an extremely large amount of points.
    4) If you get to the last level, and you, like most people, have about 15 lives, get points, die, get more points, die, get more points, die, repeat, until you have over 300,000 points. I had 280,000 going into the last level and cleared it with ease using this method.
    5) Eat those starfish bubbles. This will also work you towards the eat 1000 starfish bubbles achievement if you don't have that yet.

    And one last thing. If you do die and run out of continues and need to play through the game again to try to get your 300,000 points, start from the beginning. Yes, it's a daunting task, 40 levels of the game, but doing it from any other point will be stretching your luck. You can look at it optimistically as working towards the "Food Bank" achievement(s) listed below. If it does take you a playthrough after you've beaten adventure and time attack, I recommend "Adventure" since the fish eaten there will count towards your food bank. Might as well be efficient.
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    Mike MarcelaisMight be worth mentioning that if you get to the largest growth level on the last level, there's nothing that can kill you (even the oysters couldn't do the job anymore) so do your points/die loop before you get to that stage.
    Posted by Mike Marcelais on 06 Jan 14 at 07:22
    BigWiIIieStyIeYeah I got to the last level and died a few times but when I got to the 3rd level the oysters would eat me a few times but eventually stopped. So best if you need to farm either do it on the next to last level, or don't go stage 3 on the last level. I was 3k away when they stopped eating me ugh.
    Posted by BigWiIIieStyIe on 10 Oct 18 at 06:02
  • KhimarhiKhimarhi434,621
    10 Sep 2008 17 Sep 2008
    37 1 1
    Start at the beginning and play through the whole game. Try to keep your frenzy meter full and eat every x2 bubble you see. A quick way to get points is to bite the tails of the ! fish (the biggest ones that you can't eat with the fish you are using).
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    LeviAJonesWhen you bite the tail of a larger fish, the fish will turn around and swim the opposite way in an attempt to eat you. Simply swim down or up to avoid this and then bite the tail again. This can be done forever because the level won't end until the big fish leaves the screen. For each bite, the amount scored increases. With a little practice, you can easily hit 300k.
    Posted by LeviAJones on 12 Dec 08 at 07:09
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