Cleared Flames over Chi Bi. achievement in Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires

Cleared Flames over Chi Bi.

Cleared when you gain control of all 25 areas in Empire mode scenario, Flames over Chi Bi.

Cleared Flames over Chi Bi.0
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How to unlock the Cleared Flames over Chi Bi. achievement

  • Ichya ParadiseIchya Paradise383,429 383,429 GamerScore
    01 Jul 2009 01 Jul 2009
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    For me, this was the last map that unlocked in Empire's mode. If you just want to get this achievement and you are not looking to get the two battle scenario achievements in here, this would be the fastest way to get this achievement:

    When you are setting up, choose Experience, this lets you use all the exp that you gained throughout playing the other scenarios as long as you were doing the same on them as well. Have max officers, annex the ruler, novice setting, just put things in your favor.

    This is what I did and then I chose Cao Cao becuase he already owns most of the area. He is also the best set up to take out the other rulers in a quick amount of time. You can also still trigger the battle of Chi Bi battle scenario if you pick Cao Cao and skip the first round. I triggered it twice and I also overtook one place on the top of his area that was unoccupied just to see if it would work.

    Now if you were playing with Cao Cao most of the game or with anyone on his team, they will still have the stats that you got them from earlier on. So you will be able to run through this play through very easy on. Now, this will not help you get the battle of Si-Ling scenario. You will have to play as Wu or Shu for that.

    If you did not save your Exp and just restarted on each level, you are better off going after the two battle scenarios that are within this map so you can finish off this game.
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  • snake42069snake420691,606,150
    05 Jun 2009 08 Jun 2009
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    Like all the other "Conquer All" cheevies in this game, the best way to get all the territories is to play the first few turns building up however you want, but skip the battle. I usually did it for 5 turns (dont make alliances). After that, youll see who the most powerful armies are because they have conquered a few territories. Then, start working your way through them, the best way to conquer a group of territories is to conquer the one the leader is occupying, the "Capitol" once the leader is dead, all his territories are yours. Do this for the rest of the territories, then when you beat it, you will be asked if you would like to save. Do so, and youll get the achievement.
  • Eric FiltroEric Filtro505,357
    06 Aug 2011 06 Aug 2011
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    To do all these battles really fast, try to develop any kind of harness as soon as you start (conquer the territory that has it or start with a ruler that is occupying a territory with the ability to develop the item. This will give you a horse right from the start. If you can manage to produce Unicorn Hoofs, they will speed up your horse and you can go faster. Here are some tips (these apply mostly after your 2nd or 3rd campaign, when you have unlocked most of the tactics and Assign options).
    * Go straight for the territory the Ruler is in. All his territories will be yielded to you once you defeat him.
    * Use the Neutral base tactic always. The game will start with neutral bases and you just have to run with your speedy horse through them and they are yours. You can build a supply chain faster on every battle this way and you won't have to fight most of the troops.
    * If you are getting attacked (Defend option), just take your horse straight to the main camp and defeat the boss or Guard Captains. The battle will end.
    * When Invading, if you go straight to the main camp without building a supply chain, the ruler won't appear. You have to conquer a string of bases from your camp to the enemy's, which will have a blue color throughout. This is easier with the Neutral base tactic.
    * My preference: Zhou Tai and Taishi Ci.
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