Cleared Yellow Turban Rebellion. achievement in Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires

Cleared Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Cleared when you gain control of all 25 areas in Empire mode scenario, Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Cleared Yellow Turban Rebellion.0
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How to unlock the Cleared Yellow Turban Rebellion. achievement

  • FafhrddFafhrdd257,878
    13 Jan 2007 25 Jun 2009
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    In order to unlock this achievement you will have to finish the empire mode of "Yellow Turban Rebellion". The achievement will unlock on any difficulty.

    The goal is to take over all 25 pieces of territory. If you want to finish this off as quick as possible you will want to do the following things:

    1. When starting the game, you will want to pick the easiest difficulty setting which is NOVICE. Your foes do less damage and die MUCH quicker. They rarely attack your main base which allows you to RUSH.

    2. When selecting a territory pick either Ping Yuan or Xu Chang. Why? Because they start with Speed Scrolls. You will want to produce and update them right away (of of course use them in every battle) so you can RUSH better.

    3. Zhen Ji, Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, and Da Qiao are some of the fastest officers. Pick them so you can speed your way through a level!

    4. When selecting a territory to attack you will want to attempt to either attack the territory the main general is in or you will want to attack a piece of territory that will get you to the main general for that area. If you defeat the main general you will win ALL of his territories.

    5. Place at least one officer in each territory that enemies can attack. That way they are defending from attacks. If an enemy attacks an empty territory they will obtain it right away.

    6. When each battle starts you will want to RUSH the main camp as soon as possible. You will want to right away rush to the enemies support camps and defeat them and once they are no longer supporting the main camp you will want to defeat the main camp once the leader appears.

    7. If you have enough Speed Scrolls I suggest raising your weapon type to maximum and then get 500 kills in the next battle to unlock your level 4 weapons. You will also want to start producing the Tiger Amulet to increase your strength (killing 15-20 people in one blow rocks!).

    WARNING!! When you are prompted to SAVE at the end when you win, make sure you do so. You MUST save in order to get the achievement.

    I hope this helps!
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  • Eric FiltroEric Filtro493,869
    23 Jun 2011 06 Aug 2011
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    To do all these battles really fast, try to develop any kind of harness as soon as you start (conquer the territory that has it or start with a ruler that is occupying a territory with the ability to develop the item. This will give you a horse right from the start. If you can manage to produce Unicorn Hoofs, they will speed up your horse and you can go faster. Here are some tips (these apply mostly after your 2nd or 3rd campaign, when you have unlocked most of the tactics and Assign options).
    * Go straight for the territory the Ruler is in. All his territories will be yielded to you once you defeat him.
    * Use the Neutral base tactic always. The game will start with neutral bases and you just have to run with your speedy horse through them and they are yours. You can build a supply chain faster on every battle this way and you won't have to fight most of the troops.
    * If you are getting attacked (Defend option), just take your horse straight to the main camp and defeat the boss or Guard Captains. The battle will end.
    * When Invading, if you go straight to the main camp without building a supply chain, the ruler won't appear. You have to conquer a string of bases from your camp to the enemy's, which will have a blue color throughout. This is easier with the Neutral base tactic.
    * My preference: Zhou Tai and Taishi Ci.
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