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Hexic Addict

Complete 100 games of Hexic.

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How to unlock the Hexic Addict achievement

  • zr122zr122519,170
    02 May 2009 25 Jun 2009
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    The first thing I suggest you do is ignore this Achievement. The counter for this Achievement runs behind everything you do, so if you ignore it at first, you make progress without trying. In this way, you get this Achievement faster.

    Start off by getting the Achievements related to points in the three modes (Marathon, Timed, & Survival). Unless you are crazy good at this game, or very lucky, you won't get these Achievements on your first try. As you attempt them more, your total game count goes up, getting you closer to Hexic Addict. At the absolute least, you'll have 3 games already completed, taking off a small percentage of time you'll need to play to boost.

    You can also play Marathon games while trying for the Big Cheese of the South Seas and Oyster-Meister Achievements. These are extremely hard to get (unless you're really good, which I assume you aren't for the purposes of this solution) and so each attempt will get you closer to both goals.

    If all you want to do is get this Achievement as fast as possible, you should do what others have already suggested, which is start a Timed game and make one point-scoring move. This will start the 50 second timer, and then the game will end, giving you one more completed game of Hexic. You'll have to do this up to a maximum of 100 times, and factoring in the time it takes to set up each new game and make the first move, it will take roughly 100 minutes, or 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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    Yeah, I’m ignoring it
    Posted on 02 Sep 20 at 07:27
    Posted by IceeLady on 14 Jul 21 at 18:09
    dan0wnzThis is my last achievement then I can shelve this game for good
    Posted by dan0wnz on 22 Aug at 00:41
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  • DefiantZeroDefiantZero342,697
    25 Mar 2013 25 Mar 2013 13 Jun 2013
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    Just another small thing to add to zr122's post above is if you are actively playing too start a Timed game and choose the hardest mode. Keep making moves till you get a bomb and then just rotate peices till the bomb goes off.

    Each game for me only took half the time as it would of running out. Also it helps if you got quick eyes to see these moves quickly otherwise you feel like this way takes forever.
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    Elliot PiersonThis isnt entirely true. The fastest I've been able to do it is 0:50 compared to 0:58 for waiting for the timer to run out. But because i'ts based more on luck of the draw it averages out at the same amount of time taken. You definitely weren't doing it in "half the time", more like 9/10ths of the time wink

    But the fastest possible way to complete 1 game is indeed this way.

    Also an extra note; the bomb arrives on expert after exactly 10 successful spins. Not combos, and it's regardless of size. You could have a successful spin with 100 combos all going off after the other and the bomb still wouldn't arrive until you've spun and created a new cascade 10 total times.
    Posted by Elliot Pierson on 07 Nov 18 at 09:34
  • Firebird22xFirebird22x430,881
    12 Nov 2016 13 Nov 2016
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    This achievement is obtainable with backwards compatibility on the One, and it does keep track of any games you have completed on any console. I played around 70 games over a few days, so the original 30ish I played around 10 years ago still counted!

    To confirm what the others said, Timed mode on the hardest difficulty is the way to go. If you want to be passive, making a move and letting the time run out, it took on average 58 seconds from game to game (First move, timer countdown, kill screen, menus, start new game, first move).

    Going off of DefiantZero's solution, actually playing the games can be quicker...or can be much longer. A bomb will appear after every ten moves that drop tiles down. (For example, rotating a star does not count to this ten). Once you do have a bomb drop, your best bet is to rotate tiles that will not form a match. This counts as a move and is quicker and safer than making actual moves.

    My range for this was 41 seconds at the quickest, but averaged in the low 50s from start to start. Accidentally clearing a bomb will force you to make another 10 moves or let the remainder of the timer run out, and that could easily push it to the two minute range per game.
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