Getting Up achievement in Saints Row (2006)

Getting Up

Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater.

Getting Up0
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How to unlock the Getting Up achievement

  • SupraDriverSupraDriver485,303
    20 Jun 2010 08 May 2010
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    Watch it

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    TotyToeIt's a known glitch and doesn't stop it adding to your total. If the spray can is gone you must've already tagged that one.
    Posted by TotyToe on 04 Jul 13 at 14:51
    LoonieleeGood guide.
    I also had the glitch where the Rollerz tag at the end of the aqueduct had no spray can but didn't have saints sprayed over it. I finished all the others and got the achievement though, so I must have done that one when I started the game years ago.
    Posted by Loonielee on 27 Aug 13 at 10:47
    Petrolium BearThank you Very much SupraDriver, This was my last achievement, Achievement Unlocked with completion.Thumbs up.
    Posted by Petrolium Bear on 17 Sep 13 at 23:55
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  • CassiopeiaGamesCassiopeiaGames178,068
    22 Jun 2009 16 Oct 2011 15 Sep 2016
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    15. sep. 2016 - image went 404, got an update and text was updated to better language.

    Before you go on a hunt for the sprays, I can highly recommend overtaking the whole city first. If you own an area, you won't be attacked when spraying and you will ultimately save a lot of time. You won't even get police attention.

    Here's a map:

    Thanks to Uber Silk Road who posted the following in the comments:

    (R) - Rollers Tag
    (V) - Vice Kings Tag
    (C) - Carnales Tag

    1.-On the side of the white house on the corner (R)
    2.-On the tall white wall behind the on of the houses. On the shoreline. (R)
    3.-In an ally behind the Technically Legal Club. (R)
    4.-On the freeway off ramp right outside of Rim Jobs. (R)
    5.-The end apartment building on the second floor. (R)
    6.-On the back wall of Rim Jobs. (R)
    7.Second floor of the shopping center. On the northern wall. (V)
    8.-Second level of the parking garage. (V)
    9.-Under a set of stairs in a tall white tower. (V)
    10.-In the park over the freeway. Where the overpass meets an ally wall. (V)
    11.-Between the Science center and Foriegn Auto. (V)
    12.-Top Exterior floor of the science center. (V)
    13.-Southeast side of the museum of palentology. (V)
    14.-On a freeway wall. (V)
    15.-On the back of Stillwater Police Station. (V)
    16.-Behind the music store. Take the stairs down behind it. not far from a lightpole (V)
    17.-Under the bridge entrance close to the bowling pins (V)
    18.-End of the wall in front of Kingdom Come Records (V)
    19.-Wall behind the raised walkway north of the fountain courtyard (V)
    20.- 2 doors west of the loan office behind a building on a bulkhead. (V)
    21.-On apartment wall between apartment and waldo Trade tower. (V)
    22.-Inside the aquaduct near the ultradome (R)
    23.-Freeway support wall facing the aquaduct (R)
    24.-Bay B1 on the ultradome behind a trailer (R)
    25.-Walkway through the middle of an old apartmant building. (V)
    26.-East of Foriegn Auto, on a brick building (R)
    27.-Near the swings in a small playground (V)
    28.-Back Parking lot near a wooden fence (V)
    29.-Behind a building across the street from the Big Picture Theater. (R)
    30.-On the back of the Big Picture Theater (R)
    31.-In an alley on the side of a freeway support way. (R)
    32.-In the entrance to the train tunnel (V)
    33.-On the back of a wharehouse. (R)
    34.-On the side of the Chop Shop. (R)
    35.-Between the second and third floors on the stairwell. (R)
    36.-Wall near the end of the aquaduct. (R)
    37.-Wall close to the shoreline (R)
    38.-On the side of friendly fire (R)
    39.-Outside 2nd floor of On The Ice (R)
    40.-Next to the Asain temples. (R)
    41.-Under the freeway close to brown baggers (V)
    42.-On the side of the **** Cat Strip Club (V)
    43.-On the small overpass wall near the strip club. Across from chicken Neds # (V)
    44.-Alley across from Psychic Readings sign. (V)
    45.-Behind a dumpster on a storage container in a small fenced in area. (V)
    46.-Freeway wall by Cheetah Bus Lines (V)
    47.-Back of the Train Logistic Building (R)
    48.-Corner wall of the green wharehouse (R)
    49.-Wharehouse wall between hijacking and insurance fraud. (R)
    50.-Durden Logistics Loading bay (R)
    51.-Second floor of parking garage near elavators (C)
    52.-Fenced in area south of snatch and insurance fraud. Bend in the rd. (C)
    53.-Northern most water tower in factory yard. (C)
    54.-Near train cars beside the Junkyard. (C)
    55.-End of a road, east of the boneyard junkyard. (C)
    56.-On a freeway support. (C)
    57.-Back of onramps north of Freckle Bitchs billboard. (C)
    58.-On a wall in back of J.J. Brown Textile. (C)
    59.-Northwest corner of shipyard. Behind a boat haul. (C)
    60.-Northwest corner of Durdens Shipping and Storage (C)
    61.-End of the middle dock. Jump the railing. (C)
    62.-1 block south of plastic surgeon on the side of a brick building. (C)
    63.-Behind the shops under the freeway (C)
    64.-North side of Durden's (C)
    65.-In a court yard across from the no-vin used cars. (C)
    66.-Alley between Vinos y Licores and El Jarocho. (C)
    67.-Freeway support column near a large pipe. (C)
    68.-Back of Forgive & Forget (C)
    69.-Under the small bridge. You have to get in the water. (C)
    70.-Small wall north of the large crain. (C)
    71.-Go between shipping containers to the south side of a warehouse. (C)
    72.-Wall near Clayton and Veil Whare on a brick paved loading dock (C)
    73.-Last container on the peir. (C)
    74.-Side of the road wall. You must jump off the wall into grassy alley. (C)
    75.-South side of the first warehouse on the peir. (C)
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    Bewick UKGreat solution.
    I had a issue where i missed one, rather than going through them all again, look under activities and you can find which gang tag you are missing, instead of going through them all again like me. facepalm
    Posted by Bewick UK on 17 May 19 at 22:21
    BIONICxTIG3RExtremely useful, got them all in about an hour and a half
    Posted by BIONICxTIG3R on 14 Jun 20 at 08:15
    HolyHalfDeadCredit should go to aPerfektFlaw who posted that in 2006 -
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 01 Jul 21 at 20:16
  • DwarfalDwarfal118,452
    03 May 2009 04 May 2009 30 Dec 2012
    45 7 6
    Each gang has tagged 25 locations on their territories, so you need to tag 75 locations troughout Stilwater. To tag, enter the trigger Field and press Y. You must input commands showing up on screen, don't make mistakes or you'll have to start again. If you haven't finished the game yet, your gang notoriety will increase as you input commands. You can see if you already tagged a location if there is a Saints logo on it. When you complete the 25 tags of a gang, a screen show up telling you that your sprint gauge increased.

    Update (thanks System of a Dom) :

    The quickest way to find all the 75 tag locations is to use this map :
    Choose to display only Tags then click on the tag you want on the map. You can mark which tags you have done/checked.

    Edit (3 years later...)
    Unfortunately msxbox-world seems to be closed so you can't use its interactive map anymore. I didn't find another interactive map so if you're still trying to get this achievement check this page but sorry there're no screenshots to help like with the old map... You should download the map and edit it with paint to check the tags you did if you dont want to have to go back to all the locations because you're missing just one tag.
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    KrAageBrilliant map, helped me alot!
    Posted by KrAage on 07 Dec 09 at 22:08
    ToPNeeK SnaTchYwhat a great guide. so easy top marks
    Posted by ToPNeeK SnaTchY on 15 Sep 11 at 21:05
    Clawed Fishgreat tag. used it to find last bunch. probably use it for cds too.
    Posted by Clawed Fish on 01 Jan 12 at 06:43
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