Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer achievement in Phantasy Star Universe

Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer

Defeat the last boss.

Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer0
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How to unlock the Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer achievement

  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God103,310
    18 Nov 2009 18 Nov 2009
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    Just some last level tips:

    - you can get unlimited items from boxes and the like, simply destroy a box, leave the area, and re-enter and they will re-spawn; in particular in the last level at the first save point right before the mini boss, there are 3 crates to the southeast, they will give trimates and dimates, and a little further past them is a screen to leave the area where karen says there is a dead end, so spam this area for free healing items

    - the hardest boss in the game is not this final boss, in fact you should beat both forms in under five minutes; the hardest "boss" imo is a mini fight right before the final boss where you will have to fight at the same time two flying enemies with a boat load of hp, the flying guy who uses all types of magic including healing, and of course a group of the bioshock wannabes; the problem is when combined together this is a ridiculous difficult area, at times the the magic user can even do attacks that take off more than 1000 hp, additionally the enemies work really well together, frankly dont worry about losing healing items and scape dolls here, you wont need the dolls in the last fight, and not much healing either go all out; lastly this area is hard because you only have karen with you; my tip is take out the bioshock guys, then the magic guy, with the two birds last

    - my only tip on the actual last boss, get the twin blade S ranked weapon for 550,000 in parnum, and then spam his ass with rising blade; my rising blade was around level 15; his second form is fairly easily and does little damage as long as you are on the side of the tail, his only danger attack is the one where the screen goes to a far away shot and he does a comet attack, just heal up at this point and continue to spam, i killed him a few seconds after i got hit by this attack

    Level recommendations: I was lvl. 56 after the boss, started the lvl at 50, honestly there were harder parts in the game that if you have survived you should be okay here

    Weapons: i prefer twin blades or the like weapon, either twin daggers, swords, assassin blades; i believe these are the best melee weapons

    Skill: Rising blade is probably one of the better skills as to most enemies even sub boss types it knocks them down

    Armour: i could not afford the 900000 armour, or even the 80000 hardline, and i was okay, i had the 45,000 mesta armour

    - last tip, use your pawns, excuse me i mean your partners, as long as the enemy cannot heal himself and you are not timed, you can just theoretically sit back and have them kill the enemies, they are invincible even if they die they resurrect for free, there is no point in using moon atomizers in single player offline just sell these; and as far as i can tell the last boss does not heal

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    Leo AscendentI know this is old, but still gonna comment. I used a dual weapon grade B with skill of 15, and a blade and gun combo, both B grade skill for both at about 30, never died. Very easy fight.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 05 Oct 10 at 20:57
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  • S0cial ServicesS0cial Services90,062
    14 Jul 2015 07 Nov 2015
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    I went about this in a different way. I used the double saber S-Rank weapon, but I also kept a standard one handed blade to spam rising blade. Make sure you have a few star atomizers as well to heal your mediocre help in the event that they fall. I like to have a staff that can heal the area as well in the "ah shit" moments. Give yourself plenty of room, and plenty of variety with weapons. I brought a double dagger, one handed blade, rifle, twin sabres, and the double sword. Of which I only used the double sword, one handed blade and double daggers.

    My personal suggestion throughout this game is to ignore the rewards for S-Ranking time trials because the rewards are not that important. You'll be able to grab the S-Rank weapons right before the last mission as well as some decent armour. I didn't exactly train my bot either, he was mainly used for making weapons that I didn't really use. I spent more time doing the side missions to level up a bit more. Took me 24 hours of play time, could have been completed in 18 to 20 if I didn't mess around with making weapons and armour. Overall, I would spend more time exploring the boxes and reading the actual rewards for time trials so you know which ones that are actually worth your effort.
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