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Game 100% complete. achievement in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Game 100% complete.

Complete everything in the game!

Game 100% complete.0
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How to unlock the Game 100% complete. achievement

  • BloodngunsMrphyBloodngunsMrphy
    24 Jan 2012 24 Jan 2012 23 May 2012
    Completing the game to 100% will basically mean buying and completing everything. This means:

    - Complete all missions
    - Complete all super missions
    - Complete all bounty hunter missions
    - Complete Lego City
    - Collect all power bricks
    - Collect everything from the store
    - Collect all mini kits
    - Collect all gold bricks
    - Build the spigot outside the cantina

    The minikit+power brick guide I used:

    My recommended roadmap:
    1. Complete the story levels, doing your best to get True Jedi on all of them (unfortunately, you need to fill up that meter in both Story and Free Play). If this happens to be your first Lego game, this means smashing, shooting, building, etc. everything you see and collecting the studs you find. Silver are 10, Gold are 100, Blue are 1,000 and the rarer Purple ones (which I've never seen on regular story levels) are worth 10,000.

    2. Complete Super Story for each of the three movies, which basically means playing them all back to back i.e. one movie at a time, and getting at least 100K studs (which should come naturally) once again. You cannot use extras in Super Story, so it makes no difference when you play them. You do not have to complete all 6 levels in less than an hour to earn a gold brick, just get the 100K.

    3. By now, you should have close to a million studs. For minikit collecting, you'll need: one short character (Jawa or Ewok), anyone with a blaster (most bounty hunters have one), both R2-D2 and C-3PO, a bounty hunter (Leia in her disguise from Jedi is the easiest), any Stormtrooper (they come in varieties for different movies), and a Sith (Force objects come in both "light" and "dark" varieties. Darth Vader costs less studs than The Emperor). You can start doing that right away, or:

    4. Find the x2 multiplier power brick asap and buy it once you hit two million studs. It is found at the very end of the first Death Star level (New Hope), in a little area to the right you wouldn't normally realize you can fly in. The following grind method is SUPPOSED to work, but I have reports that it doesn't - give it a try...

    - Find a double score zone (there is one right at the start of Mos Eisley Spaceport)

    - Plug in the second controller, and kill your main profile until the dummy account has a decent amount of studs (or all of them).

    - Kill dummy account numerous times with your main character, collecting the studs they drop until you have all of them. Repeat as necessary. Every stud you pick up in these areas will double in value, so the benefits should be obvious.

    Why get the multiplier now instead of later? Two reasons: 1) It will make getting True Jedi in Story Mode and Free Play very easy, and 2) will start the proverbial snowball of acquiring studs faster (You'll need a combined total of 68 million for all the multipliers alone - try not to freak out. It will require no effort eventually!...)

    5. Provided you have all the characters you need and the x2 multiplier to get studs quicker, start gathering all the minikits+power bricks from levels and getting required studs for True Jedi. Go back to any story mode level you didn't get True Jedi in and get that.

    6. Once you hit 60 gold bricks, you can build a door outside the cantina and complete Lego City. It basically requires you to use Force on everything you see, then smash, build and ride everything.
    Here's a great walkthrough on written by user Marx0r:

    ---- Every gold brick acquired after you have 60 will add 100K to your stud total. Hopefully, by the time you have just about all 99, you'll have the 4 million required to buy the 4x multiplier. Turning this AND the 2x on will give you a multiplier of 8, making stud collecting go that much faster.

    (The following two steps can be done in any order)
    8. Buy both Invincibility and Greedo. He's the faster moving character in the game, has a gun, and a thermal detonator for blowing up metallic objects. Both will help for completing the 6 bonus levels (3 "Character Bonus" ones and 3 "Minikit bonus" levels, the latter of which will have you operating minikits you have completed). My general strategy for each was finding a circuit/path for each that includes some purple studs (metallic objects have these), and moving in a square/oval/whatever so that objects you can destroy will "respawn" by the time you're back near it, firing constantly. You need to get 1 million studs within the time limit, but once you find an optimal path and have Invincibility it's not too hard.

    8.5 Buy all 6 bounty hunters (total cost: about 500K) and complete the bounty hunter missions. Chris1984uk wrote a great guide here on TA:
    LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyBounty Hunter missions completeThe Bounty Hunter missions complete achievement in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy worth 74 pointsComplete all of the ten Bounty Hunter Missions.

    9. Do you have all 99 gold bricks yet? If not, you can see what you're missing by first entering the "lounge" for each episode, then going near the door. If you do, congratulations! You can now go outside the cantina and build a fountain/spigot that will constantly give you studs. Switch to a ghost character, turn on all the multipliers you have, and leave your controller. Assuming you have at least x8 (i.e. the x2 and x4 ones), studs will come quite quickly. After I built the spigot, it took about 30 minutes or so to reach the studs required for the next multiplier, and after buying it and turning it on, the same amount of time to get the next one.

    10. Buy everything at the store, and you should have 100%!

    Questions you may have:
    "There's one vehicle I can't buy. What is it?"
    -- It is Slave 1 (Boba Fett's ship), and is acquired by collecting every minikit. Some people recommend going for the undefeated achievements with Slave 1, because its lasers do double damage, and the ship is rather quick (just like Fett).

    "When should I do the undefeated achievements?"
    --- I would recommend doing so after getting 100% - you can't have ANY extras on, which includes stud multipliers, so studs acquired are basically spare change relative to buying everything. It's up to you, but you'll get to 100% quicker if you wait.

    "Any other methods for getting studs faster?"
    --- Besides the double score zone glitch and going through Mos Eisley Spaceport in it's entirety? (there's another x2 zone near the end like a movie theater which has a LOT) Each time you boot up the game, go outside the cantina, turn on any multipliers you may have, and destroy all the barrels/trash cans. Even with just x2, you'll get about 46K, which is pretty awesome for about 30 seconds of work. If you aren't going to play a level afterwards, either go to the store and buy something cheap, or go the character creator, change a few features, then press B to SAVE and exit.

    "I have 100% completion and the achievement hasn't popped! What gives?"
    --- Some people have this problem. Go complete any story level again, and you should get it. (credit to user techie76)

    If I left anything out or you have questions, let me know in the comments!

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    iiAssassinXxiiI was worried the achievement was bugged as I had 100% and no achievement. Replaying a story mode made it pop thanks.
    Posted by iiAssassinXxii On 08 Jan 21 at 10:27
    NamcoPlayerIf you bought the LEGO Star Wars II DLC, you can use Droideka for the Character Bonus levels. Droideka, along with Greedo, is one of the fastest characters in the game.
    Posted by NamcoPlayer#9871 On 29 Jan 22 at 22:57
    Drazer76If you missed some story level true Jedi bars.
    Do you need to do the whole level again or just collect enough studs and exit level?
    Posted by Drazer76 On 20 May 22 at 17:10
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  • drewdogg77drewdogg77
    03 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013
    BloodngunsMrphy wrote an excellent guide, but I found and easier way to grind the final studs.

    Once you have 99 gold bricks and built the spigot, use Boba Fett (with invincibility on), hover right against it and go do something else. By hovering, it tends to "catch" more studs before it spreads. With a wireless controller, if your controller stops vibrating, it probably powered off and stopped collecting.
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