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Case 5 - "The Peacemaker" achievement in CSI: Hard Evidence

Case 5 - "The Peacemaker"

Solve "The Peacemaker" with any ranking

Case 5 - The Peacemaker0
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How to unlock the Case 5 - "The Peacemaker" achievement

  • porschephiliacporschephiliac
    02 Nov 2007 30 Oct 2008 09 Feb 2009
    Thanks to jackanape and x360a for this wonderful guide!

    Crime scene and step on it. Talk to Keith first off and you will get his fingerprints and DNA. Then go and look at the victim, take a photo to start with then zoom in and take another. Next look at his hand close up and grab the fibre from under his fingernails with the Tweezers. Pick up his gun and use a Swab on his blood. There is another gun off to his right so grab that too. Then look at the bullet hole above his head and grab the bullet with the Tweezers, do the same with the bullet hole the right of this one by the postcards.

    Back up and look at the counter. Pick up the two 9mm guns lying there (click on them one at a time), examine each of them and get a print from each using the Fingerprint Brush and Adhesive Tape. There is a bullet hole on the ground in front of the cash register and one in the register itself – so use Tweezers on both of these. Also examine the shattered glass counter.

    Back up and look to your right. Examine the T-shirt stand and move around it until you see a stain on the floor, use the LCV and then the Swab on this to get a sample. There is also another bullet hole in the wall here so grab the bullet just like with the others. Back up and look at the table on the left of the window, there is yet another bullet hole in the window frame here so pick up another bullet for your collection.

    Go to the Mobile Lab and use the Trace Analysis Computer: Keith's Fingerprints >
    Fingerprint from First 9mm (upper left square). Keith's Fingerprints > Fingerprint from Second 9mm (bottom left square). Then use the DNA Database: Keith's DNA >
    Blood from the floor.

    Time for some fun with bullets so go to the ACTUAL lab and use the Assembly Table. Fire each of the gun’s once to get a sample and match them using the Microscope as follows (just rotate them until the markings line up and then confirm): Bullet found in Floor > Bullet from First 9mm, Bullet found in Cash Register > Bullet from First 9mm, Bullet from Victim's Shoulder > Bullet from First 9mm, Bullet found in Wall > Bullet from Second 9mm, Bullet found Near Postcards > Bullet from Second 9mm, Bullet from Victim's Chest > Bullet from Second 9mm, Bullet found Behind Sales Rack > Bullet Collected from Peacemaker pistol, Bullet found in Window Sill > Bullet Collected from Peacemaker pistol. Finally compare the Pink Fibres > CSI Sample B.

    Now you can go to the morgue and ask the Doc to recover the body. Go through the questions to get some fingerprints and some bullets. When he is done just examine the body and look at the nipple ring.

    Next up go back to the Museum and click on all of the bullet holes (including two in the dummy that is now in place) to set up lasers. Refer back to where you found them if you’ve forgotten. Then pick up the glass from the cabinet using the latex gloves. You can now go and question Brass and get a warrant for Keith. Interrogate him and then head to the lab to use the Assembly Table to piece the glass shards together.

    Go to the Casino and talk to Jill about everything and then go to the Recording Studio and do the same with Eddie. It’s the remaining Triplet’s turn to answer some questions so go to their place next and ask everything in order to get both sets of fingerprints from them. Them look at the pool table and pick up the bra and photo. Then look at the laptop case and use the Fingerprint Brush and Adhesive Tape to get a print from it. Talk to both of the guys again before you leave for the lab.

    Use the Microscope: Pink Fibers > Pink Bra. Then the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprints from Laptop Case > Ed's Fingerprints. Now head to Brass’ office and ask everything before getting a warrant for Anthony and Billy. Quiz them and then do the same with Keith. You can then head back to their place and use the USB Stick on the laptop to get a file, go and an analyse this at the lab and then ask Brass if you can question Eddie and Kathy.

    Time for some chat so go to it, interrogate Eddie and Kathy then head back to the museum. Click on the table on the right and turn so you can see the print on it, use the Magnetic Brush and Adhesive tape to get a copy. Then look at the overturned table on the left and examine the scratch on it, using the Mikrosil to get an impression. Then look at the ground near it and pick up the piece of metal you find there with the Tweezers.

    Back at the lab use the Microscope: Metal Fragment > Impression of Scratch Marks.
    Then go to the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprint from Sales Rack > Billy's Fingerprints. Now you can search their place so go to Brass’ office and get a warrant before you head over there.

    At the Apartment enter the bedroom and look at the middle gun case then pick up the gun inside. Look in the closet on the left and examine the jeans (you’ll have to use the flashlight) and then pick them up. Examine them and pick up the mobile phone from the pocket, have a closer look at that and use the Fingerprint Brush and Adhesive Tape to get the print from it.

    Time for your last trip to the lab (don’t be sad now). Use the Microscope: Metal Fragment > Jeans with Broken Zip. Then use the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprints from Cell Phone > Anthony's Fingerprints (bottom left square). Then
    analyze the mobile phone to get a photo. Job’s a good ‘un. Go to Brass and get an arrest warrant for Anthony and Billy then take them down. CASE CLOSED.

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    TSGTDRAGONCould not have done this case without the guide and comments! Thanks everyone! Voted Positive!
    Posted by TSGTDRAGON On 29 Jul 14 at 08:43
    rob25XHad to restart the chapter as the guide was messed up. You must visit the doc at the morgue before doing the gun part at the lab otherwise you can't get the 2 bullets from the victims body. -1
    Posted by rob25X On 29 Apr 16 at 20:42
    JihzNapkin#3 all you gotta do is just interrogate a few more people
    Posted by JihzNapkin On 08 May 22 at 19:21
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    The game itself is not hard at all but if you use these videos and more you'll save time cosidérable, it is not necessary to have all 100% for the successful "do not worry :
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    Fireant68Great walk throughs. They were a big help.
    Posted by Fireant68 On 23 May 11 at 05:03
    d3v11s adv0cat3thanks videos really helped
    Posted by d3v11s adv0cat3 On 25 Feb 13 at 02:54
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX
    31 Jul 2011 27 Aug 2011
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