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Case 4 - "In Your Eyes"

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How to unlock the Case 4 - "In Your Eyes" achievement

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    Thanks to jackanape and x360a for this wonderful guide!

    Off to another crime scene. Talk to Mrs Bandereet (Amita) first off and she will give you some clothes. Examine them and Swab the blood that you find there. Then look to the left and examine the answering machine. Quiz Amita again and then go and look at the stairs. Take a photo of the footprint you can see there and then head upstairs.

    There is a fingerprint on the door to your left so use the Adhesive Tape to grab that and then pick up the poker that is laid on the floor. Examine it and use the Fingerprint Brush and Adhesive Tape on the handle to get a print and then use LCV on the blood before taking a sample with the Swab. Now head into the bedroom at the end of the corridor.

    Look at the Dr. to take a picture, then take a sample of his blood using the swab. Then take pictures of the blood splatter on the wall and ceiling (one each). Look at the bedside table on the left of the corpse and pick up the broken teacup using the gloves, then take a Swab of the liquid. Now head back downstairs and talk to Amita again to get her to hand over her slippers, examine than and take a sample of the residue from the bottom using the Adhesive Mount.

    Once more unto the morgue dear friends. Ask the doc to recover the body and then grill him about it before heading over to the lab. First put the teacup back together on the Assembly Table (there is a small piece missing). Then use the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprint from Fire Poker > Civil Result A (bottom left square) and the Photo of Bloody Footprint > Amita's Slippers. Then it’s off to the DNA Database to match: Blood from Fire Poker > Dr. Bandereet's DNA and Blood from Amita's Clothes > Dr. Bandereet's DNA. The last thing is the use the Chemical Analysis machine on the liquid from the teacup and the residue from the slipper.

    Go and harass Brass and then return to the house and talk to Amita about everything. You will now have access to the Driveway so get over there. Look to your left and examine the tire tracks and use the Cast to get a copy of them, then scroll to the blood drops on the drive and use the LCV on it before taking a Swab of the blood. Now look at the big container on the right and pick up the broken shards on the floor next to it.

    At the lab use the Trace Analysis Computer: Tire tread from driveway > CSI Result A. Then use the DNA machine on: Blood from driveway > Dr. Bandereet's DNA.

    EDIT: The trash cans, or "rubbish bins" as they are reffered to do not appear until you talk to the doctor in the morgue a second time after processing all the evidence that the guide tells you.
    ADDED by blomphil2 (thanks!)

    Then go back to the driveway where a mysterious "rubbish bin" will have emerged. So let’s look inside and use the gloves to get the tape. Go back to the lab to listen to it and then back to the house again to quiz Amita about its contents. She will then give you Adya’s house as a location so go on over.

    Talk to Adya first of all and ask all you can. After which you will get a call but don’t leave just yet, turn and look at the door, you should see a footprint so take a picture of it. Then you can go to the garage.

    Look at the broken light on the back of the car and pick up the broken piece. You can then go to the lab and piece together the entire light on the Assembly Table. Also compare the Photo of the muddy footprint > Amita's Slipper’s. Now you can go to Brass and get two search warrant’s – for Adya’s house and the car.

    Let’s deal with the car first. Look at the front seat and pick up the memo you find there, then back up and enter the back seat to use the USB Stick on the laptop you find there to get an Encrypted File. Finally go around to the back of the car and examine the toolbox, but you can’t use it yet.

    Now go back to Adya’s and talk to her to get a fingerprint. Look at the table to your right and get the Fabric from under the chair, examine it and use the Adhesive Mount to get some of the material from it. Then look at the sink and use Luminol on the blood stains before taking the obligatory Swab. Finally examine the laptop and use the USB Stick to get another file.

    Back to the lab now and use the Trace Analysis Computer: Bloody Fingerprint > Adya's Fingerprint. Then use the Special Search to analyse the two encrypted files before using the DNA machine: Blood from the sink > Dr. Bandereet's Blood. Finally do a Chemical Analysis on the residue from the fabric you found under the chair.

    Go to Brass and grill him about everything you can, before asking to interrogate Adya. Once you are done with her ask Brass if you can speak to the Business partner. Grill the guy about everything and then check out the trunk of the car again to pick up the vacuum cleaner. Then go to the lab and use the Assembly Table to move the rubbish from the vacuum until you get the remaining bit of the teacup – go and slot that piece into the gap from earlier.

    Now head to the Pool House. As some as you arrive you should see some scratch marks on the window frame to the left of your partners head, so use some Mikrosil to get an impression. Then look at the main door and use LCV on the blood on the handle before taking a sample with the Swab. Now go to the left and examine the bucket once, then rotate the camera until you can see the residue on the step and use the Adhesive Mount to get a sample.

    Go to the lab and use Chemical Analysis on the residue from the Pool House. Then use the DNA machine: Blood from the Pool House door > Dr. Bandereet's DNA.

    Let’s do some talking now. Speak to the following and ask them everything you can: Amita at her house, the business partner in interrogation and the Doc in the Morgue. Then go and get a warrant to examine the Pool House officially from Brass.

    Go back to the Pool House and go inside, look to your left and get the screwdriver from the counter. Then go into the bathroom and click on the drain at the bottom of the shower to move it so you can pull out the robe. Examine it and use the Swab on the blood stain.

    Off to the lab once more and use the Microscope: Torn Fabric > Silk Robe. Scratch impression from Pool House > Screwdriver. Then use the DNA machine: Blood from Robe > Dr. Bandereet's DNA. Now you can go to Brass and get a warrant to arrest Amita, but her daughter will confess as well. Typical. Speak to both of them and then go back to the main house and into the bedroom, a cut scene will show that you are after a left handed killer.

    Go to the Pool House once more and look at the table on your right, pick up the crossword you find there and take it to the lab for analysis. This will prove Amita is the killer so get her back into the interrogation room and she will spill her guts. CASE CLOSED.

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    boldfoxrdI love the magical bins :) Thanks for the warning. Saved me a bit of time.
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    TSGTDRAGONGreat walk through and edits! Thanks!
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    AGGT002great guide, thanks
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    The game itself is not hard at all but if you use these videos and more you'll save time cosidérable, it is not necessary to have all 100% for the successful "do not worry :
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