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The Flow of Combat II

Achieve a Hit Counter of 20

The Flow of Combat II0
20 October 2019 - 8 guides

Achievement Guide for The Flow of Combat II

  • Dragon Boy AndyDragon Boy Andy218,402
    27 Jan 2008 08 Sep 2008
    69 2 0
    On the first level, before doing anything else, move to the fence on the left hand side of the level. Then keep tapping 'B' and pointing your long range attack towards the bad guys that keep coming. You'll soon get this. I got a combo of about 70, sol there's plenty of chances. This is probably the fastest 1000 points you'll ever get. I managed to get them all within 5 minutes of turning my xbox on!
  • TGC DaZZTGC DaZZ44,163
    07 Aug 2009 18 Oct 2009
    37 3 0
    This and the other 4 achievements for this game can all be done on the first level (and within about 5 minutes). The only button you will have to press is B and then aim the right stick at the on-coming enemies. All you have to do is make sure they don't hit and break your combo and this will be over in minutes.
  • Godfather1504Godfather1504157,600
    13 Apr 2012 03 Feb 2013 04 Feb 2013
    17 1 0
    The ideal place to obtain this achievement is right at the start. After defeating the first couple of guards surrounding you, General Fong makes an introduction that ends with him ordering the guards to increase their numbers. At this point, begin using Ranged Attack (B) against the oncoming guards to Achieve a Hit Counter of 20.
  • iLLuminxteiLLuminxte6,431
    29 Oct 2013 29 Oct 2013
    13 1 0
    Video explains the achievement along with the other 4 for the game.
    Button smashing 'B' is pretty difficult. So is writing 25 words for this guide to the easiest completion ever.
  • TerreThedark01TerreThedark01356,786
    23 Oct 2008 18 Dec 2013
    14 2 0
    NOTE : This is a solution for french players. These three others solutions are really good, but quite hard to understand for french players.

    Solution pour les Français !

    Difficulté > 1/10 laugh

    Dans le premier niveau, avant de faire quoi que ce soit, allez dans le coin tout en haut à gauche. Ensuite appuyer sur le bouton 'B' et pointer votre attaque vers les ennemies qui vous attaque !

    Vous devriez avoir ce succès (ainsi que les autres) assez rapidement. J'ai fait un combo de plus de 80, donc vous aurez toutes vos chances de réussir ce succès.

    Ce sont sans doute les 1000G les plus rapide de l'histoire de la Xbox360 donc pas de panique.

    N'hésitez pas à me contacter en cas de problème wink
  • 20 9 0
    You must only press B and go to a corner this video will show you how easy it is :) many luck it goes under 2 mins belive me
  • fruitshootmanfruitshootman206,678
    16 Mar 2016 16 Mar 2016
    9 3 0
    Don't run away after the cutscene like I did
  • 16 13 0
    Go to gamefly and do a free trial, rent this and and backyard football 10 and you can finish both of them in 10 minutes
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