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Conversationalist achievement in AC


Go through every dialog with Lucy.

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How to unlock the Conversationalist achievement

  • iiM SO N1NJAiiM SO N1NJA
    05 Mar 2009 31 Mar 2009 29 Dec 2010
    A complete list of when and how many times you need to talk to Lucy in order to get the achievement. You need to speak with her all of these times in the SAME playthrough, so make sure you don't miss any or you'll have to start a brand new game.

    First Time – Is right at the end of Memory Block One (the first time you’re pulled out of the Animus). You must talk with her twice; press any button to begin the conversation.

    Second Time – At the end of Memory Block Two (after you have assassinated your first main target). You must talk with Lucy three times here.

    Third Time – Is at the end of Memory Block Three. You must talk with Lucy twice.

    Fourth Time – Is at the end of Memory Block Four. You only need to speak with her once here. Note: This conversation is automatic, you don’t need to press any buttons to initiate it.

    Fifth Time – You need to talk with Lucy once again at the end of Memory Block Five. You have to speak with her three times.

    Final Time – The last time you need to speak with her is after you have slain your last target, or Memory Block Six. You must only speak with her once.

    You should now get the achievement!

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    demon jonzeyYeah Mnuys, I had the same problem and figured the same method would work, and did.
    Posted by demon jonzey on 07 Feb at 21:43
    CarbonitexThank you
    Posted by Carbonitex on 07 Apr at 18:41
    The S bot 9000You'll need to wait until the jerkwad doctor leaves the room to do a few of these conversations. Also If you do mess up and miss one interaction: you could potentially wipe your local save and use the cloud save on BC as a sort of backup save, I had to do that after memory 3 because I accidentally missed the conversation there
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 08 Apr at 16:18
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  • CalacaDeMuertoCalacaDeMuerto
    Locked 30 Apr 2009
    For the Conversationalist achievement you need to talk to Lucy after every time you wake up, until she tells you "I think you should go lay down" or something along the lines of that statement.

    Here's a breakdown of the conversations to make sure that you have :

    AFTER Memory Block 1 (this is after you drop the logs from the tower):

    Desmond - "ran away from farm"

    Desmond - "motorcycle license" (talks about how they found Desmond, by running name through DMV)

    Memory Block 2:

    Lucy : "we have a deadline"

    Desmond : "why do they talk like they're from the future?"

    Desmond : "Tell me more about Abstergo"

    Memory Block 3:
    Desmond : "why's he always yelling at you?"

    Desmond : "what do you mean, you're a prisoner?"

    [This is where you go into your room, DONT go to bed. Get access code from closet that is now open. Go to sleep, wake up next morning, and walk up behind the doc while he's standing facing the window. This is when you steal his pen so you can access computers]

    Memory Block 4:

    Lucy : "assassins coming to rescue you"

    [Go to your room, DONT sleep, instead turn around and get out of your room. Go check computer and read all the emails. now zzzzzzz]

    Memory Block 5:

    Desmond : "problem with the animus"

    Desmond : "using me to find the templar treasure?"

    Desmond : "what's that mean, everything's Denver?"

    [Go to room, dont sleep, check for more emails]

    Memory Block 6:

    Lucy : "I'm sorry Desmond" (Achievement unlocked after this lengthy dialogue)
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    Ultramarine360finally...after 4 playthroughs and 14 years
    Posted by Ultramarine360 on 30 Aug 22 at 12:14
    ElectPlayer2644Why am I now reading about the email’s I thought you just had to talk to her here comes another play through woo
    Posted by ElectPlayer2644 on 17 Jul 23 at 08:44
    JohnnyRiverYou don't need to read any emails.
    Just speedruned the game, only talking to Lucy between missions - that was enough to get an achievement.

    iiM SO N1NJA's guide, basically, mentions every single needed conversation.
    Posted by JohnnyRiver on 26 Aug 23 at 12:53
    22 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2010 09 Jan 2012

    At the end of a squence before returning to your room you will need to speak with Lucy, all in the SAME playthrough, so make sure you don't miss any or you'll have to start a brand new game. Now keep talking to her untill she keeps saying something about going to bed, or getting rest, or she has to go. I always just kept talking to her till she was repeating herself

    These maps show the rough location of each mission so that following these will allow you to play through the game without climbing any View Points, except the mandatory one in the Kingdom.

    Since you only have to do 2 or 3 investigations you can go the whole game without doing a single Informer mission. In most opinions the easiest ones are Eavesdropping and Pickpocket. Interrogation is really easy too but will require patience so many suggest the other two if you really want to get it done quickly.

    External image

    External image

    External image

    I can not take any credit for this just wanted to pass on this great guide for anyone looking to do a speed run for this. All credit goes to Mister Dak
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    fenderbender234This comment is a little late but FYI you do not have to go to the Assassins Bureau before completing these investigation missions, you can just enter the city and complete the missions then go to the bureau and head straight for the assassination, just to make things a little faster.
    Posted by fenderbender234 on 20 Sep 14 at 03:38
    Law ViolationHow long will it take to run through the game following these?
    Posted by Law Violation on 26 Dec 17 at 01:55
    EaSkateVideoThank you so much for posting these maps, it surely saved me some time going on a speedrun for this missable achievement! I hope my positive vote helps compensate those 4 negative ones, as they are quite undeserved.
    Posted by EaSkateVideo on 01 Jan 19 at 12:15
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