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01 Mar 18

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Smugglers Cove completed

Smugglers Cove completed

Smugglers Cove completed0
14 February 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Smugglers Cove completed achievement

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    There's no need to write a step-by-step guide for any of these levels because they are extremely easy and straightforward, but for those of you who want to collect all of the silver and gold canisters, here are their locations on this level (which Toa to use will be symbolized by color):

    Silver #1: Jump using GREEN on the platform, walk forward and turn right to find a wall you can climb with BLACK, jump down to the island using GREEN to get the canister. To return, look down and jump using GREEN again.

    Silver #2: To the left of where you crawled up using BLACK to get the first Silver Canister, break the pile of boulders to reach the next one.

    Silver #3: At the end of the first Hero area you will come to a door, but before you go through it turn right to find another door. Use WHITE to shoot the target in the distance and the door will open. Follow the narrow path until you reach a rock you can break with BROWN. Canister is in this area.

    Gold #1: At the very beginning of the second Hero area, immediately turn left to find a door of weeds you can destroy with GREEN. Canister is within.

    Silver #4: After interacting with the gold bricks in the second Hero area, walk straight forward instead of going through the doors on your left. Break the door in front of you to reveal a room with the canister.

    Gold #2: Similar to the last canister, look for a set of railroad tracks and follow them to the left. Use VEZON* on the black bricks to make a creature which will open the doors in front of you revealing the canister.

    Silver #5: In the second Hero area after getting off the boat walk straight ahead until you come to an entrance blocked by green weeds. Use RED to destroy them revealing the final Silver Canister.

    Gold #3: In the same area as the last one, walk left along the rocks until you find a water tank you can fill with BLUE to open a secret path. Follow the path to find the canister and a ton of golden bricks.

    Gold #4: In the exact same area as Gold Canister #3 use RED to walk on the lava to get the final Gold Canister.
    *Vezon is unlocked as a playable character after completing the game.

    Also, you will need to upgrade your characters at the store to get certain canisters. I suggest searching for canisters on your second playthrough of the game since you will need to unlock Vezon to get them all anyway.
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