Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player achievement in NBA 2K6

Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player

You need to grab 20 rebounds in a game with any player for this achievement.

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How to unlock the Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player achievement

  • AdamRawrrAdamRawrr118,536
    03 Apr 2009 03 Apr 2009
    34 4 13
    Play against Hawks, in a 12 minute match to ensure you get it. Also your team should do most of the work if you pass to them.

    Game Sliders:

    You - have them all on full except the following..

    Steal = have half way.
    Injury Chance = Lowest.
    Injury Effect = Lowest.

    Computer - have them all on low except the following..

    Mid-Range Tendencies = full.
    3PT Tendencies = full.
    Drive Tendencies = anywhere near the top.
    Dunk Tendencies = anywhere near the top.


    "Switch on pass" = off.

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    DJinstaDitto to the above, the total seems to be what matters.
    Posted by DJinsta on 08 Nov 14 at 00:31
    PuritanSoulGreat solution. Might be worth also adding to switch injuries and fatigue off in the extras menu and when you start, pause and under coaching swich substitutions to manual.

    That way you can play with the same players throughout to maximise chances of getting one player to 20.
    Posted by PuritanSoul on 08 Feb 18 at 18:43
    Odin WildfireJust to mention that this only worked for me when I had 20 rebounds with the same player in the same match (it didn't work when I had collectively 30 or 40 rebounds across the whole team).
    Posted by Odin Wildfire on 14 Aug 18 at 17:26
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  • ReesRat80ReesRat8027,760
    06 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 05 Jan 2011
    20 0 5
    Here's what worked for me, hope it helps...

    As stated in the solutions above above; drop the opposition sliders, max your own, then pick a strong team to play as like West All Stars & choose a rubbish team for the CPU (Raptors for example).

    Make sure the time is set to 12 mins before you start. I completed this achievement last & needed nearly all of the remaining time.

    During the match, launch a long shot from just inside the opposition's half. Most of the time it will miss, then bounce back into play. Simply collect the rebound, shoot & score. You shouldn't miss, especially with your sliders all maxed.


    ** EDIT 05/01/2011 **
    I've found out from a mate (Dutty UK - not a member here but credit where it's due) that rebounds off your own net count as well. Now I didn't notice this myself but he said it worked for him.

    He described that any shot which rebounds off your own net (which is pretty much any shot the opposition take if you have dropped their sliders) simply collect to earn a rebound. You can check the stats at any point during the game.

    I haven't been able to test this myself as I already have the achievement but I'm assured it works.

    Good luck.
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    ReesRat80Only really noticed the offense stuff myself. Good shout on quitting. I didn't get to test that either as I had seconds remaining when the last achievement popped (because I'm hopeless at basketball games haha)
    Posted by ReesRat80 on 06 Oct 12 at 23:00
    Godfather1504Great solution, thanks.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 02 Feb 13 at 08:45
    ReesRat80No problem at all :-)
    Posted by ReesRat80 on 02 Feb 13 at 09:01
  • SpilnerSpilner946,907
    01 Apr 2011 10 Mar 2012 25 Sep 2014
    17 1 6
    This is by far the easiest and sure fire way to get rebounds, though i did use 2 controllers but you can do this against AI.

    Firstly as you will have already done you want the user sliders set to max (Bar injuries) and the CPU sliders to minimum.
    At the same time go into the NBA Rules menu and turn the following OFF:
    Shot Clock
    Out Of Bounds
    8sec Half Court
    3 In The Key
    5sec Back To Basket

    Now with these rules off pick the player you want to get your 20 rebounds with and get possession of the ball (Getting your steals here would be a good idea so that you can achievement the Get A Triple-Double in NBA 2K6 achievement).

    With possession of the ball run (cn_RT) into you half of the court and behind your net making sure to stand in front of the pole for your basket, press the cn_X button to shoot which 99% of the time will hit the back of the basket and land near you, this counts as a rebound even though it is off your own net. Now run to the opponents net stand in the 3 point zone (Outside the red line) and hold cn_X to shoot (With the sliders all the way up you will always score)

    Repeat this 20 times with the same player and you will have you 20 rebounds.
    (And 60 points with one player, 20 steals with one player, 20 3-pointers scored with one player, all of which will all but complete the game for you, all that will be left is to score 140 points in the game to complete it)

    You can check the stats by pausing, going into Game Stats - Home Team.

    Here's a video showing the method.
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    SpilnerYou're welcome :)
    Posted by Spilner on 29 Apr 12 at 15:06
    Godfather1504Great solution, thanks.
    Posted by Godfather1504 on 02 Feb 13 at 08:48
    Rated Type RBig help- thanks.
    Posted by Rated Type R on 17 May 15 at 23:54
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