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Complete 30 Years of Franchise achievement in Madden NFL 06

Complete 30 Years of Franchise

Successfully complete 30 years of Franchise mode.

Complete 30 Years of Franchise0
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How to unlock the Complete 30 Years of Franchise achievement

  • elSmitmysterelSmitmyster1,231,796
    22 Feb 2008 01 Sep 2008 10 May 2013
    98 13 34
    When I did this, I simmed EVERY season. Be prepared for ultimate boredom and it takes at least four hours to complete.
    It does not have to be done in one session and you can save your progress (credit goes to MissJaded for this info).

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    Masta Skor 16JRE #383 - Jim Norton ; , if you don't know what to do
    Posted by Masta Skor 16 on 13 Aug 13 at 20:01
    Masta Skor 16The system will "run out of years" in the year 2035, which is when you get your achievement.
    Posted by Masta Skor 16 on 14 Aug 13 at 00:14
    WorknAtTheCrwshSo the Browns went to the Super Bowl. 5 times in a row. And won. Every. Single. Time. What kind of world is this?! shock
    Posted by WorknAtTheCrwsh on 16 Jul 14 at 14:04
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  • PlayerOneAFKPlayerOneAFK114,631
    12 Feb 2008 22 Aug 2008 15 Dec 2008
    44 6 0
    its best to sim through ALL of these it will take about 3 1/2 of hours to complete so if you can bring a book have another tv handy because it get very boring, but dont give up but you will get there the way i did it was i SIMed about a half hour each nigh so it didn't bore me to death

    also the cheevo will pop up before the 30th season
  • DRUNKonROOTbeerDRUNKonROOTbeer58,222
    10 Jun 2010 10 Jun 2010
    39 2 0
    Just simulate every game until Year 2035.Just an idea on how long it takes

    6:05 minutes to complete a year=365 seconds
    30 x 365 = 10,950 seconds to complete achievement

    10,950/60 = 182:30 minutes

    3 hours 2 minutes 30 seconds if staying attentive the whole time

    Dont play the whole thing....Im warning you
  • prokopprokop224,879
    26 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2010
    38 3 0
    This achievement is just brutal to sit through. I'm currently still working on it, doing it bit by bit while watching videos and listening to music on my laptop which kind of makes this easy 400g not so bad...

    this achievement also helps you get every other achievement in the game. Before you start your franchise or go for any achievement you should go to the options and change the sliders for the user to full (100) and everything except kickoff power and maybe punting power down to 0 for the cpu. Also change the rules to how you want ( i got rid of roughing the passer to make the sacking achievement not cost me time stoppage and negative yards) and set the quarter time to 2 minutes.

    * note- achievements will not pop until the end of the game

    Start up your franchise ( i chose the steelers, great receivers, BigBen has a great arm in madden games and Willie is great in the game ). Before u start go to the record books which is in the franchise menu and click on i think nfl records, that should pop a 10g achievement.Play the first game and you should be able to get:
    activate any RS card: i think this is for looking at the stats in a game by clicking right stick.
    Score a TD: simple enough
    Four sacks: if you don't do it in the first game, do it in the second
    Pass for 350+ yards or rush for 200+ yards ( you might be able to get both) * you should return punts and kicks back to your 1-4 yard line to give u more yards when u run/pass the ball
    gain a first down ( i just ran out of bounds after the 1st down marker )
    complete an offline game
    and of course win a user controlled franchise game.

    it took me 2 games to get 9/11 achievements.

    now save your game and u can sim every game ( i saved after every game and made sure i went 16-0 ) do the same through the playoffs make sure you sim that playoff week only and do not sim to the super bowl. Now u can set the quarters to one minute and win the superbowl game ( you may be able to sim but i lost 3x in a row so i just played a 4 minute game ).

    so thats 10/11 easy achievements that should take u no more than 25 minutes.

    And back to this last achievement... you just sim the rest of the seasons and there you have an easy 1000G and 1,115TA score.
  • i am m0j0 j0j0i am m0j0 j0j034,742
    27 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011
    21 3 1
    this achievement is easy to do but takes 3-4 hours
    choose your team you want to be and then you have to do the following: -

    - sim pre-season - 4 weeks - takes a couple of minutes
    - sim regular season - 17 weeks - takes about 5-6 mins
    - sim super bowl & pro bowl - takes 2 mins

    - then in my opinion what takes the longest is (off-season)
    sim this, this is where retirements, new signings, and other things take place i found as i got further through seasons that this took longer and longer as lots was changing about 10 minutes.
    achievement will pop at the end of pro-bowl 2033 prepare for lots of waiting about.
  • HealingwandererHealingwanderer121,394
    15 Aug 2010 16 Aug 2010 16 Aug 2010
    19 8 0
    I simmed every season as well, and this only took me about 2 1/2 hours. If you're paying attention the sim will only take about about 3-5 minutes per season. The lengthy portion of the 3-5 minutes is for off-season signing of free agents.

  • JēmusurobātoJēmusurobāto539,612
    23 Feb 2019 23 Feb 2019 23 Feb 2019
    1 0 0
    From the Main Menu, select Franchise. Choose a team. Simulate everything.
    (Off-Season, Pre-Season, Regular Season, Playoffs, Super Bowl, & Pro Bowl.)
    The Off & Regular Seasons take the longest to simulate.

    Once the Pro Bowl has finished, the year will go up by one.

    Simulating 30 years will take you 4 hours, BUT you can come back to it at a later time.
    Your progress does save.

    You WILL occasionally have to hit the A or Start button to advance.
    This is mainly caused by coach firings, which are arguably natural in the NFL.

    The Achievement popped once I reached 2033, deemed as The End of Franchise Mode.
    Hope this helped!
  • Vman0922Vman0922178,196
    12 Apr 2020 12 Apr 2020 12 Apr 2020
    0 0 0
    It unlocked for me after the 2033 season. Even though that only makes it 28 years of franchise, I’ve experienced it popping a little early in Madden 07 as well.
  • V PustoteV Pustote365,345
    06 Oct 2010 17 Sep 2018
    0 1 0
    I can't believe this is my achievement worth the most. Insane. Of the 200+ games, and 6,000+ achievements. This is worth the most. Crazy.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    14 19 2
    Very boring one, just simply sim 30 seasons. It takes around 3-4 hours to do. I was watching a movie at the same time.
    400 GS - "just like that" :)
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