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Space Race achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Space Race

In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon by round 8.

Space Race0
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How to unlock the Space Race achievement

  • Fallout JackalFallout Jackal458,808
    30 Dec 2013 04 Feb 2011 13 Jul 2011
    109 2 23
    Note: I have gotten this on another account that got compromised to a point I needed to just start over with a new account. I have obtained this achievement the day before I posted this solution.
    Just wanted to mention this to clear up any possible confusion this may cause.

    This was actually pretty easy to achieve in solo, although it took me 3 tries to get it and I will explain why below. I also provided a video for those that don't like to read much. I do not take credit for this video and also differs from what I have written but follows roughly the same steps. This is how I went about doing it, but first here is the breakdown of the amount of points you will need to have acquired by the end of Wave 7.

    All doors to access the Lunar lander pads: 7750 points.
    To fly the Lunar Lander's to access Launch Protocol: 750 points.
    For the Pack-a-Punch: 5000 points.
    For a grand total of 13500 points.

    Waves 1-2 you will stay in the area the lunar lander takes you to start. First off go buy the Revive, just in case.
    On the first wave let them break through the barriers, so when you kill them you can get the power-ups they may leave behind, shoot twice with your M1911 then stab to maximize your points (150+ each). Rebuild 2 of the four barriers just to be safe. Then just as wave 2 starts rebuild the other 2 barriers to get those points then allow the zombies to break through again and this time shoot 4 to 5 times then stab.(170+ each)

    Note: Only pick up 2x, insta-kills, and max ammo's. If at all possible DO NOT pick up the H-Bomb or the Death Machine. Those will only cost you points. Sometimes as you stab and kill a zombie you may end up picking up a power-up you may not want, so be careful.
    Also try to kill the one's on the lower level fist, if possible, so the spinning machine does not kill the zombies, because this is a loss of valuable points.
    Now by the end of Wave 2, if you did not get lucky and get a 2x power-up, you should have about 2400-2500. If you end up with the 2x power-up you could end up with up to 3100+ points at the end of Wave 2.

    Now Wave 2 is done go open the door for 750 points at the upper level and then go right. Go and pick up the MP5K for 1000.

    First door bought grand total needed by end of round 7 is now 12750 points.

    You will be staying in this area for Waves 3-7.

    For Waves 3 and 4 start off by staying in the corner between the MP5K and the barrier which the zombies will be coming out of. This will give you maximum view of the whole area. If you still have ammo for the M1911 and you are experienced enough go ahead and use that to maximize those points.
    Wave 3 it will take 6 to 7 seven shots to weaken them enough to kill in 1 or 2 stabs. Wave 4 it will take a whole clip and a few extra.
    If your going to use the MP5K then go for head shots to maximize your points. In Waves 3 and 4 they move slow enough to take proper aim, or shoot 2 shots and stab for wave 3 and 4 shots and stab in wave 4. Just watch your back at all times.

    Note: Also during Waves 3-7 I suggest to leave 1 or 2 crawlers or slow moving zombies. This way you can rebuild all the barriers to maximize those points and to also give you vital time to prepare for the next wave. Also do not open any doors till the end of wave 7 and you have at least one crawler. Do not buy any other weapons just use the MP5K for the duration. Before you start each wave and you have rebuilt all barriers, even if they don't give points rebuild anyway for this can give vital time if for any reason you need to retreat to the beginning area because they will have break through and that should hopefully give you time to thin them out before the new ones break through, and you need ammo kill the zombies that are left first before you buy the ammo. This way if they happen to drop a Max Ammo you did not waste 500 points.
    If you end up incapacitated and waiting for the revive you bought to kick in, DO NOT haphazardly shoot your explosive pistols. You do not get points and you can also cost yourself point's. If you need to get a few zombies out of the way that are to close for when you revive just aim directly and shoot to get rid of it. DO NOT go and buy another revive (unless your absolutely sure you can), it could cost you to obtain your goal.

    Now for Waves 5-7 you will still be in same area again in the same corner, but keep moving. This is just to give you a view of the area as a whole so when the zombies do start coming out you will know where to start first. Go for head shots as much as possible use grenades when you need to, such as acquiring a crawler or to thin a mob. DO NOT pick up any H-Bombs or Death Machines this will only hurt you points wise, unless there is only one or 2 zombies left and your sure of it go ahead and pick up the H-bomb for that 400 extra points. As for the Death Machine, avoid it like the PLAGUE.
    Now as for carpenter, use your best judgment. You really can't go wrong with it except for loosing some points for rebuilding barriers, but it can also give you valuable time to thin out the zombies before the ones that got stuck behind the barriers, when you picked up the power-up, break through.

    Now your at the end of Wave 7 and you should have at least one crawler and if you maximized your points without relying on the power-ups you should have acquired roughly 13000 points, this does not include the door you already bought, and if you got lucky with insta-kills and double points then you should have about 15000+ points. That is more than enough to open the rest to the doors and to ride the lander's to access the launch protocol with the 5000 needed for the Pack-a-Punch.

    This may be a small glitch!
    On two occasions I have played and have not bought a perk at all and once I turned the power on I got a monkey wave. Just a heads up on this!
    Now on to why I have not mentioned anything about opening the doors to at least turn on the power.
    The reason for this is, once you turn on the power you risk the chance of a Monkey Wave, and if this happens no matter how much you maximize your points you will not get enough to obtain your goal. This is why it took me 3 tries. There just isn't enough monkey's to get the points needed, unless of course you get lucky and get 2 or 3 double point bonus's the next round or 2, depending on when you get the Monkey Wave before you reach the end of 7. I wouldn't rely on that though.
    So you may as well hang it up and start over.
    And that would suck, all that time just to have to start over.

    Once you have obtained the necessary points, open all the doors and gate's that lead to the landing pads.
    First open the gate (1250) next to the MK5P then head right in to the building. Climb all the stairs till you reach the door (1000) at the top of the last set. Now turn power on then open the gate (1250) next to the power switch, DO NOT use the Mystery Box unless your absolutely sure you can spare the 950, even then I would still wait until you have opened all doors and gate's and have used the lander's.
    Follow the stairs down turn right then forward until you get to an open door to the left, but go right up the stairs instead to open the door (1250) to the first lander. Call it then ride it to the start area. Now go through the door you opened at the end of Wave 2. Turn left open the Gate (1000) go all the way down the corridor until you get to an open area with a Perk Machine. Open the door (1250) to the right then go through all the way to the end of the open area. Call the lander and ride it to the beginning area again. Now all you have left to do is ride the lander where you held off Wave's 3-7. Call it and ride it to the beginning area and the rocket you see should be all green now. Just head up to where you turned the power on, to the right of the power switch, and press the launch button. Now you have lift off. Now go through the gate next to the power switch head down the stairs and go all the way down till you reach that same open door to the left and go through it down the stairs through the hole in the wall and to the right. Go through that big door and to the right is another and the Pack-a-Punch is on the back wall. Just put in your weapon and as soon as it comes out and you pick it up.....Bleep bloop.....45GS.

    Hope this is Helpful.

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    InsaneFlameExcellent guide, thanks. Followed this and got it second try.
    Posted by InsaneFlame on 12 Jul 12 at 05:18
    Fallout JackalYour Welcome! Glad to Hear it worked for you.
    Posted by Fallout Jackal on 12 Jul 12 at 05:33
    AH Howesythis is top i finally have a way of getting this achievement on my own with out people with me cheers.
    Posted by AH Howesy on 07 Jan 15 at 11:51
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  • Operation MojoOperation Mojo134,855
    04 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2011
    39 1 5
    Here is a link to a youtube video of me obtaining the pack-a-punch before the end of round 6, solo. Sorry it's kind of long, it's the full game and doesn't have any commentary, so it's a little boring. It's like a video equivalent of a "wall of text". :D

    Credit for the train/loop always goes to the youtuber Syndicate -

    Here are some pointers:

    1) Don't get quick revive or juggy. In addition to saving money, you won't waste a round on monkeys.
    2) Starting in round 3, run a train/loop wherever you prefer and go for collaterals. I ran mine by the PHD Flopper lander, just running around from corner to corner.
    3) Don't hit the box. Depending on where you want to run your train, get either the MPL or MP5K, that way you can run for ammo if you need to.
    4) If you get Max Ammo, and you should at least once in the 7 rounds, reload your M9 and as you are forming your train behind you, turn around and empty a clip through all of them. It won't do any damage and you'll get a ton of points.
    5) If you get a Nuke, try and pop it off between rounds where it won't kill anyone, but you'll still get 400 points.
    6) Don't bother picking up other power-ups like the death machine or insta-kill. You need the points.

    You have to get it while round 7 is still active (round 7 at the latest, I got mine in round 6), so you want crawlers. And remember that calling the lander near a zombie will kill it. Go do all three landers and pack your gun without killing your crawler(s). Achievement unlocked.
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    CDonnsWorks perfectely got on round 7 bought AK74U and PHD- Flopper with still about 1,000 points left.
    Posted by CDonns on 22 Feb 11 at 12:02
    vG x Madnesswatched the video... now imma try it :D
    Posted by vG x Madness on 27 Feb 11 at 23:21
    vG x Madnessthis is a good guide but when i get to round 6 the zombies seem to chase me faster round the circle then i get trapped :S
    Posted by vG x Madness on 27 Feb 11 at 23:51
  • MIL5YMIL5Y474,587
    01 Feb 2011 01 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2011
    32 4 5
    This is the only achievement that might give people some trouble on the new zombie map, Ascension. It requires you to upgrade a weapon using the Pack a Punch machine BEFORE round 8 (so during Round 7). I'd advise doing this in a group of 2+ people. I managed to do it with only one other person, but it would be a lot easier with four people. If you do attempt this with two people, go for stabs early on, use the pistol on the zombies body to get extra +10s, repair barriers and always go for headshots.

    So there are three parts to unlocking the Pack a Punch area:
    - Opening the areas to the 3 Lander Platforms.
    - Riding each lander to the Core to unlock Missile Authorisation.
    - Launching the missile from the controls near the power.

    So from the start, I'd recommend you organise to have 1-2 people, depending on the size of your group, to go for the achievement. That person will require 5000pts to Pack a Punch a weapon, and also 950pts to acquire a decent weapon from the mystery box. The others should use their points for doors and the landers, after buying a weapon.

    For Rounds 1-3, use the M1911 and knife to take out zombies before moving the group through the bottom door for [750pts]. Follow the stairs up to the roof unlocking the two doors for [1000pts + 1250pts]. Turn on the power on the controls to the right. The controls to the missile are here also, just to keep in mind. Depending on how many there are of you, have someone watching the window here and also any zombies that drop from the roof, and the another watching the stairs. Personally, I prefer being the level below as the zombies come at you on the same level, making headshots easier. Either way, try the mystery box and stay here till the end of round 5.

    At the end of Round 5, leave 1-2 zombies left and move downstairs to the ground level (There's a 1 on the wall). Move out to the left and go through the door here [1000pts] and head straight up the Platform B. Call in the lander and finish off any zombies to start 6. Have one person watch the stairs straight ahead and another to watch the windows to the left and up the stairs to the right. By the end of round 6, there should be enough points to unlock the rest of the map. Again, leave 1-2 alive and from this position, go down the stairs and right, following the path through a door [1000pts] till you hit an area with a pool of water and a Perk machine. Open the door on the right [1250pts] and you'll be at Platform C. Head all the way back to the main building, this time, heading right from the exit. Open the door [1000pts] and go right up the stairs, until you go through another door [1250pts] to Platform A.

    Now that all Platform areas are unlocked, call in the lander to one of the platforms, ride it [250pts] to the core, and repeat this process at each of the platforms. This will give Missile authorisation, so head up to where the power switch is, activate the missile and head back towards Platform A. This time, instead of going up the stairs, follow the path down and right and you'll be in a previously locked area. The Pack a Punch machine is to the right in this room. Pay 5000pts, take your shiny new gun and the 45GS for the achievement.

    You'll need 9500pts to unlock all doors and landers + 5000pts for each person who wants the achievement. If you maximise your points and get lucky with a 2x pick-up, you should be able to get this during Round 6, and comfortable in Round 7.

    EDIT: You can also have your teammates down themselves with frags, and you'll receive points for reviving them if you ever come up short (Credit to DuelFates). Also if you exit the starting room from the top door, you'll save yourself 1000pts as you open one less door (Credit to DarkSlayer00001)

    Best of Luck!
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    MIL5Ytrue, but it'd be difficult to get the kills to accumulate the points without a second gun.
    Posted by MIL5Y on 03 Feb 11 at 07:14
    therealdnazTaking the top area from the starting room requires one less door to be bought
    Posted by therealdnaz on 04 Feb 11 at 00:32
    Liam5426Further point to the one about downing and reviving yourself to get a few extra points - you can actualy shoot a crawler in the arm with a pistol around 20 times, then knife him for 130 points to end the round and very quickly pack-a-punch your weapon as the counter at the bottom is changing from round 7 to 8
    Posted by Liam5426 on 10 Feb 11 at 22:19
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