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Eat every food items.

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How to unlock the Gourmet achievement

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    For this achievement you need to consume every food item in the game. There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding this achievement and I hope I can clear some of that up with this guide.

    • You do not need to purchase anything extra that is not a food item, they do not count toward this achievement.
    • For items to count make sure you actually consume them. So when you purchase them from a store do not take the food "to go", eat it there and then.
    • You do not need to complete that level for the food to count, once you've consumed it you can quit back to the map.

    Now with that out of the way, here's a list of the food you need to eat, where you get the food from and how much it costs.

    Level: The Shopping District
    The first 4 stores in this area are at the start of this level, they're in a line at the top of the street.

    Delicious Cup
    • Tea - $1.40
    • Coffee - $1.60
    • Espresso - $1.60
    • Hot Chocolate - $2.50
    • Iced Latte - $3.75

    Dee's Tex Mex
    • Nachos - $7.75
    • Tacos - $9.85
    • Burrito Grande - $11.25
    • Quesadilla - $13.50
    • Fajitas $17.95

    • Chewing Gum - $0.95
    • Chocolate Bar - $1.25
    • Cola - $1.80
    • Grape Juice - $2.25
    • Energy Drink - $2.95

    Sushi Bar
    • Miso Soup - $2.50
    • Avocado Hosomaki - $2.50
    • Salmon Nigiri - $3.85
    • Ikura Don - $4.60
    • Rainbow Maki - $8.75

    Continue through the shopping district until you enter the tunnel. Once you've entered the tunnel walk down the sloped entrance and keep an eye on the wall, one of the wall blocks will have a black star on it. Walk up to that section of wall and an entrance will reveal itself.

    Wallace's Mystery Shop
    • Tlaloc's Feast - $49.95
    • Ambrosia - $59.95

    Level: Casa Loma's Film Set
    This store is right at the start of the level. Once you've defeated the immediate enemies that start on the screen with you progress a little and enter the wagon.

    Fancy Chip Wagon
    • French Fries - $1.80
    • Poutine - $3.50
    • European Hot-Dog - $3.80
    • Buffalo Burger - $5.80
    • Croque-Mineieur - $6.50

    Level: Leo's Place
    From the start of this level fight your way through the enemies until you see something at the top of the screen that looks like a merch stand. There's a curtained doorway and a sign above it that says "Leo's Store", enter the doorway for the next shop.

    Leo's Place Stand
    • Carbonated Water - $0.60
    • Classic Potato Chips - $0.95

    Level: The Frying Tengu
    For this store you'll need to progress quite a bit into the level. Keep working your way through the level until some ninja's burst through the floor, from this point keep working your way forward but keep an eye on the top of the screen. The store is quite obvious, the doors are wide open and there's a rug in the doorway.

    The Frying Tengu
    • Ramen - $5.95
    • Udon - $5.95
    • Tempura Vegetables - $5.95
    • Tempura Shrimps - $5.95
    • Kushiyaki Moriawase - $14.95

    Level: Fire Escape
    From the start of the level you need to move forward a screen and you'll see a welcome mat on the floor, walk through the sliding doors for the next store.

    Scott's Dad BBQ
    • Iced Tea - $0.95
    • Tropical Punch - $2.25
    • Kebab - $4.95
    • Hamburger - $4.95
    • Filet Mignon - $18.95

    Level: The Park
    This is the most hidden shop in the game. Progress through the level and pay close attention to the top of the screen. Not long after picking up the key you'll see 4 NPC's standing around, Walk up between them and you'll be transported to a brick room with a doorway on the other side of the room, through that doorway is the store.

    Mobile's Secret House
    • Herbal Tea - $1.60
    • Wild Blueberries - $2.95
    • Ginkgo Biloba - $9.95
    • Sautéed Shiitake - $9.95

    Level: Techno Base
    You'll need to progress quite a bit into the level to reach this store. Once you've defeated the 4 blue haired girls and the 2 flying guys keep an eye on the top of the screen. As you move forward you'll see a big metal door with a "F" to the left of it and 2 lights above it. Approach and walk through the doors to enter the store.

    Techno Shack
    • Food Pill - $2.50
    • Beef Jerky - $2.95
    • Energy Tank - $3.95
    • Microwave Chicken - $3.95

    Once you've consumed each of those items at least once the achievement will unlock.

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    FFX BrotherhoodThanks, guide was amazingly informative and helped me get this with ease. +1
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 22 Dec 14 at 00:58
    Tanelorn82I know this is old, but you might want to point out that you cannot buy Tlaloc's Feast if you are maxed out on lives (9). It will say 'sold out'.
    Posted by Tanelorn82 on 21 Feb 17 at 14:10
    Bastian ReaderFor Wallace's Mystery Shop, I didn’t have to buy the Ambrosia.
    Posted by Bastian Reader on 17 Jan at 02:35
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  • PlasticTIRPlasticTIR114,554
    26 Aug 2010 31 Jan 2011
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    "Eat every food items"

    Bad grammar aside, an easy enough achievement to gain, but you gotta lookout for secret shops. What you wanna do is enter every food store and eat every food item they sell, I reccomend not getting them "to go" as that threw me off.

    There are a few secret shops that you may not find going through the game.
    Wallaces Secret Shop: After the shopping district area, you'll enter a tunnel, as soon as you enter look against the wall, you should see a star, walk up to it and a door should open revealing Wallace's secret shop.
    Scott's Parent's BBQ: After you defeat Robot-01 you'll be on a balcony, when you reach the end you'll see the only way to go is on a fire escape. Before hopping on hug the top of the screen and a sliding glass door should open with a food shop.

    Mobile's (for those who saw the movie but haven't read the comics he's Wallace's boyfriend) hideout: When doing the Negascott stages you come across two small elfs that look similar to Link from the legend of Zelda. After they leave head directly right, and you should see see people chilling by some trees, hug the top wall and in between 2 of the trees you should enter the secret shop.

    So yeah that's gourmet, a fairly easy one if you put your mind to it. Good hunting!
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