Nothing to See Here achievement in Universe at War: Earth Assault

Nothing to See Here

Using Altea, Unmake 30 enemy units during a skirmish game session.

Nothing to See Here0
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This achievement can only be unlocked with the Games for Windows Live release of the title.

How to unlock the Nothing to See Here achievement

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    This achievement is unattainable on the Xbox. This achievement is also unattainable with the PC. When the game 1st came out, it was unattainable. They released patch 2, and it was attainable. Then they released patch 3 (current), and it is unattainable again.

    Thus, to get it this is what you have to do. On PC, if you have been playing the game, you have to re-install the game. When you launch the game, you will be on patch 1. When you log into live, it will tell you that there is an update to the game (this way then you know for sure that you have an unpatched game). Decline, and then quit out. There are many places to get patch 2, this is where I went :

    Run that file and your game will now have patch 2. When you re-load the game and 'sign in'. Decline the update. You will be signed in, but you will not be connected to live. You can then get this achievement.

    To get the achievement, make a 8-player skirmish game. Pick Grand Canyon. Pick 2 Novus allies, medium difficulty (on hard, they kill the enemy to fast). Pick 5 more Novus easy opponents, but all on different teams. Pick Masari as your faction. You can either have your base surrounded by your two allies if you wish, but I actually found it better to be closer to the enemy. At the most you can put a turret or 2 next to your base to protect it.

    Next you will need to research Dark Matter Suite 2 (middle one). You can build a few Matter Engines if you wish while waiting, but you should have enough money to research and build Altea. The reason you need more money is because it would be better to research up to suite 4 for more armor.

    Along the way switch to Dark mode. You get extra shields. Altea has 2 powers. One is shield, and the other is Unmake. She moves slowly, so you have to move to the enemy base and use her unmake power on the resource gathers. You can also use them on Ohm robots. There are some material cashes around the map that have massive resources. What happens is that many resource gathers from all the opponents will eventually go there. On Grand Canyon, there is a military base, and there are many structures in the water. The trick is to be fast enough and try and unmake as many as possible before they start building tougher units. It takes about 1 minute for the power to regenerate. Unmaking structures should work, but takes to long. Also, your allies start to kill the enemies which becomes a bit of a pain.

    The description says that it has to be during a skirmish game session. The 1st time I played, I did not get the achievement. I know I was close, but missed. I decided to try again, and within a couple of unmakes I got it. Thus there must be a continuous counter over several games which will help.

    Some IMPORTANT notes.

    1. You will get the achievement, but there will be no date stamp
    2. DO NOT re-install your game if you are doing other achievements 1st. You will loose all progress in your campaign and apparently your online stats will also get reset. Thus consider doing this as the last achievement if you have been working on other achievements.
    3. If you have access to another computer, then you could load the game on that, put patch 2 and then get this achievement. The only problem is that you will not be able to download your gamertag to a new computer without getting the update to the game. The easiest workaround would be to download Tinker (free), and then download your gamertag. That way it will be on your computer 1st, before playing this game. This way your on-line stats and campaign progress will not get reset. Just remember that you eventually have to log into live for your achievement to get recorded, so go back to tinker, and sign into live. Play on tinker for a few minutes to make sure that the information gets 'official'.

    Hope this helps.

    As others have mentioned, it seems that it does not work on resource gathers. I cannot for the life of me remember, so I stuck out that line above. I am glad the solution is still working for others. I will add the new link for patch 2 if it helps others.
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    CrandyI don't think that is really necessary to include in the guide. That is something that is generally required for any modern PC game and not at all specific to this achievement.
    Posted by Crandy on 05 Jul 14 at 07:19
    XerostomiaFor the last 20 years or so, all PC games have a 'key' that activates the game (which includes steam). In the past they would try to make the disks unpayable if copied. The reason is because piracy is so rampant in the PC world, they need some way to try and curb it. Even then people have been able to crack the games and/or find the keys in the game and piracy still exists. I never buy a PC game used for this reason as the key is most certainly used, though sometimes if there is no on-line authentication, the key can be reused (but not with Steam/GFWL). The one thing that was good about GFWL was that you did not need a Gold membership play on line multiplayer (when compared to Xbox). That being said, you should be able to find the game new for $5-6 (Amazon has it for that price, and free shipping if you have Prime). Sorry it did not work out for you, but I think it is unfair that you gave a negative comment for this solution because of that.
    Posted by Xerostomia on 06 Jul 14 at 16:47
    Stoisslink is dead
    Posted by Stoiss on 03 Nov 15 at 16:17
    StoissIf it helps people i can tell you all that i did 100 unmakes in one game and got nothing.
    I read that most had that problem when they unmade collectors, but doing buildings and ohm bots counted as normal.

    So i think collectors do not count.

    Cause after i had unmade 100 things most being collectors, i unmade an ohm bot. And just before it died i saved the game. Then i reloaded the game 11 times, and got the achievement :)

    Hope it helps :)
    Posted by Stoiss on 04 Nov 15 at 02:06
    Anno MundiThe original link appears to be broken, however I found Patch 2 here also:
    Posted by Anno Mundi on 01 Apr 16 at 15:27
    VahliyaAdding another link from the new FileFront site:
    Posted by Vahliya on 03 Apr 16 at 18:08
    BAD T0ASTI can confirm that as of today this still works. I do want to clarify that you have to unmake actual UNITS. The little guys that float to collect resources from the recyclers DO NOT COUNT as they're not technically being built. So go into your opponent's base and unmake his actual workers (the humanoid-robot looking guys building buildings) or other solider units.
    Posted by BAD T0AST on 15 Oct 16 at 03:54
    Stealth DavidCan this work on windows 10 im having trouble signing in to live?
    Posted by Stealth David on 11 Mar 17 at 13:22
    AlyssonSouzaWBCan be unlock in Xbox360 or not?
    Posted by AlyssonSouzaWB on 26 Apr at 17:57
    arctroop01Anyone know how to download Tinker again?
    Posted by arctroop01 on 07 Jun at 01:23
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