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Supreme General in Universe at War: Earth Assault

Supreme General325 (60)

Play through 1 scenario campaign on medium difficulty without losing any battles.

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Sniper JZA80
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Sniper JZA80
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Posted on 26 February 11 at 08:13
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Below is the guide I posted on x360a, hope it helps here.

I’d noticed despite many people asking for help and advice there wasn’t a lot of detailed info on the forums as to how to get this achievement, so I thought I would try to help out

This isn't an exact walkthrough, however, I will give you some great tips that helped me (probably obvious ones), as well a guide as to how to approach the Global Scenario campaign. This is not the only way to get this achievement by any means, this is simply how I did it and it does work. I have restarted the scenario a few times to confirm that yes, the bases are in the same locations, and you start with the same territories each time etc so it should be useful to everyone.

I chose the Masari Faction, don’t ask me why, I just did, and it made life easier in hindsight so it was a good choice.

***A few general tips first:

1. Save often and on multiple saves. Seems obvious but it is necessary. Have one default save for the start of any mission and another for your return to the Global Scenario. Make regular saves throughout the Global Scenario and during missions, this way if a tactic doesn’t work, you can reload an earlier save, if this save is too “deep” into the AI’s movements you can go back further. The AI will often change its strategy when you reload an earlier save. E.g. it may not invade a territory as quickly allowing you to build up more troops. This is good!
2. Learn to use your Game Speed. You can vary the game speed, both tactical and strategic in the options menu during the Scenario. At the start of any Global Section set it to the slowest possible speed. Boring, yes, practical, definitely. This allows you to queue your heroes movements, troop manufacturing, structure building or improvements in a shorter space of time. Much like setting up your chess pieces. When you are happy increase the speed to about half and bounce between your heroes making sure everything is running smoothly and there are not Novus or Hierarchy drop ships incoming. During any skirmish have it on fast while you search the map, then slow it down when it battle so you can make more efficient battle selections, or have time to quit and load before you lose a hero!
3. Finish the Campaign first. This will give you the skills and knowledge of the units you will use and need to be wary of, makes the Scenario much easier. I failed about 3 or 4 times, did the campaign and blitzed it. Plus the strategy you use in the Masari Campaign is the strategy you will use here more often than not.
4. You will destroy an opponent simply by finding the territory with its Command Centre. Don’t waste time annihilating every territory, go straight for the main base!

Ok, so those are the general tips, let’s get on to the strategy.

***The Guide***

Select the “Even Split” Scenario and play as Masari. This gives each faction 4 territories and there is plenty of free space for you to capture early and start gathering resources. As Masari you will aim to control Europe/Asia quickly, since you control most of it already give yourself a pat on the back!

Your key targets are Congo for the Novus base and the Midwest for the Hierarchy.

Territory defence is the name of the game; since you only have to conquer the opponents’ main territory you will probably only have to invade 2 territories for the Novus and Hierarchy. Defend your territories to give yourself time to build resources and troops. In the meantime upgrade your Will Processor and give it the Spy Systems upgrade, this will be useful later on. You will find after some early struggling with resources you will suddenly have more than you can handle, when this is a problem give all territories the Basic Defence upgrade and give Atletea (your main base) the Mega Weapon Countermeasures upgrade also. The rest are your choice!

***Set Up***
At first, move Lord Charos to Kamchatka and begin building a Key Inspiration. At the same time Have Queen Altea and Prince Zessus move West and capture territories, building Energy Magnets. Your aim here is to expand and control Europe. Get Zessus to settle around Western Europe, this gives him quick access to other territories in case of an invasion. Queen Altea’s target is Sahara and once you claim it, build another Key Inspiration.

Sahara will be your forward defensive territory against Novus. Zessus and Altea can both build units from here while Charos should be building units in Kamchatka. Build only Inquisitors as you will use the tactics in the achievement guide for the Masari Campaign.

If Sahara is Novus controlled by the time you get there then you will have to play a full skirmish game to take the territory. As you will likely have minimal, if any, troops flying with Altea. This will be the most difficult match of your scenario so believe me, take Sahara quickly before Novus does or you will regret it. If you have to battle for it, Mirabel’s base will be in the South West corner. She will build a black hole generator and tear you apart. She will send a constant stream of troops to your door. Build up a good turret defence; build 5 matter engines, a Knowledge Base and 3 Flight Machinas. Have 2 architects focus on each Flight Machina and churn out inquisitors. If you can hit your population cap before you get black holed then you are in with a chance. Make your way to the South West corner and go across the bottom of the map to their base, this way you avoid advancing troops. SAVE FIRST! Fly in with your troops and don’t bother attacking, get the lie of the land, where the turrets are, the units are, the black hole generator is. Reload your save and now strategically destroy the turrets and black hole generator. Have your Flight Machina’s replenish your units and set their rally points to inside the Novus camp. Go hard and you will take over Sahara. Like I said, just try to get their first, much easier defending!

Every time Mirabel invades Sahara she will try to establish a base slightly east of centre. If you have a Key Inspiration as your global structure you will be able to build Inquisitors immediately. This will be in addition to any inquisitors you already have and a pair of Conquerors and some ground troops you will be given. Take your troops minus Altea to this location (you will learn it well as you will probably defend it repeatedly) and target Mirabel, forget the other units, and destroy her quickly. Then mop up. In the meantime queue some inquisitors to replace your fallen troops and viola, you will be victorious and have a full crew once again.

Once Lord Charos has a full complement of Inquisitors your real battle begins. Move East to the Hierarchy’s location in the Pacific Northwest. Just prior to landing use your Spy Systems on that area and it will show you which Hero and which base you are invading. Not important on a global scale but when you land the base will be highlighted on the map for you. SAVE as soon as the skirmish starts, fly your transport to their base a la the Masari Campaign tips and use your transport to fire on enemy units/structures. When your transport hits the yellow in its health bar dump your troops, have Lord Charos and the architects make a run for it and have your inquisitors begin annihilating the hierarchy units. If possible destroy the units and builders and leave nothing but 1 building, if it must be the command centre then so be it. Now with basically no opposition build a citadel with your surviving architects and build up a base to spawn replacement Inquisitors. Once you have enough destroy the enemy’s last building and viola, you have a full population when you return to the global campaign. Saves you having to waste time rebuilding troops. You may, when your citadel is up and running, want to spawn another architect to sit next to the hierarchy’s base, this way if they spawn another builder you can fly in and destroy it before it builds anything dangerous.

Now move to your objective, the Midwest. Again, just prior to “landing” use the spy systems so you will know where to target. Head in and use the same tactics as above. You should be able to take out the base easily as they likely have no air defences. Destroy the saucers as they will try to heal the buildings and enemy Hero. Congratulations, the Hierarchy are defeated!

Claim a few extra territories for resources and build a mega weapon. You may not be able to use it if the Novus has already but its Mega Weapon Countermeasures in place but you may get lucky. Now to shuffle the “chess” pieces. As you’ve probably realised Altea is good for defence but not for offense, whereas Lord Charos, due to his higher population cap, is very useful on offense! What you need to do is swap Charos and Altea. But DON’T leave the Sahara undefended! So move Zessus to the USA and when he is there move Charos to the Sahara (or close to it, can’t have 2 heroes on 1 map). When Charos has arrived swap him and Altea. Build up your army if necessary with Charos and then invade Congo. Again, use the storming method above and you should win first crack, worst case have Charos and an Architect run off and start building a base while you take out the important units and structures in case you need to begin a skirmish map. Target Mirabel and the main base and if you are successful you are now the proud owner of Supreme General, well done!

I know this is a lot of reading and pretty dense but hopefully it will be useful!
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