King Of Bling achievement in Raskulls

King Of Bling

Collect every Medallion in the Mega Quest.

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How to unlock the King Of Bling achievement

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    There are 67 medallions in total across the three chapters. Certain stages within the chapter have either an extra one or two more challenges within the same stage that will open up when you complete it. An example of these bonus challenges would be beating the stage within a certain time, complete level without the falling blocks landing on your Raskull, don't run out of energy, or keep some charges in your wand leftover.

    There are some extra stages within chapters that are not required to play through to complete the story but are required for obtaining all 67 medallions. Here is the medallion total for each chapter:

    Chapter 1 = 20
    Chapter 2 = 23
    Chapter 3 = 24

    Most important tip for these are to be patient, develop a pattern, and try to think a couple moves ahead. If you get frustrated and believe me some levels are seem ridiculous, turn off the game and take a breather, come back later with a clearer head and try again.

    Personally, I was stuck on the Pomp and Circumstance stage, had to replay it over and over. Finally was able to finish it and decided to look if they have some run through on YouTube. If you are having trouble, check YouTube with the name of the level on seeing just exactly what to do and which blocks will help you obtain the medallion, hopefully someone nice uploaded a tutorial. Here are a couple for some of the tougher challenges:

    **Pomp and Circumstance - No Squash Credit to MaxlockMark
    Cinder Certificate Credit to MaxlockMark
    Antique Antics - Timed Credit to MaxlockMark
    Boom Town (@1:44 into video) Credit to Nave360
    Triple Shroomie Trouble / Soggy Falling Exit - Timed (@3:00 into video) Credit to Nave360

    (**) Currently, it seems the block layout has been changed since the update/addons, haven't been able to find a recent video upload of it. ATCS suggests to clear the Xbox cache and play the game offline so that it will revert to the old block layout if you don't mind obtaining an achievement offline.

    What clearing the cache does is that it basically erases updates/patches to games, for example you may have been disconnected upon starting a game up so that you could download its update. To clear cache, while on dashboard, press the guide button and go over to Settings > System Settings. On the next screen select Memory and with the Hard Drive highlighted press the Y Button. Then simply select Clear System Cache to do so. Again if you do this method, you need to play offline, so decline the update and play the game as usual.

    I don't make the videos but I can try and update the ones that are tougher for some people to get through. Feel free to request or recommend videos that help and I will update the solution.
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    KanjiKokaTiming is EVERYTHING!
    Posted by KanjiKoka on 10 Apr 11 at 05:17
    techie76all worked fine except pomp no squash, as i had a different map for some reason
    Posted by techie76 on 10 Apr 11 at 16:11
    ll sider inc llYep that's true but the guide stills helps a little :)
    Posted by ll sider inc ll on 11 Apr 11 at 21:58
    demont101i must say cinder certificate was the hardest 1 and it only took me about 4 hours to complete this, a good tip is on the wand zapping ones u can have 0 zaps 4 approximately 3 seconds so u can quicky get to the finish line or grab another one thats how i completed a few of those
    Posted by demont101 on 15 Apr 11 at 22:16
    PanicButton16hey since the last update at least the video you have posted for Pomp and Circumstance-No Squash is inaccurate I"m not sure about the others
    Posted by PanicButton16 on 19 Apr 11 at 00:33
    RaajTMHmm not sure if they have deliberately changed the Pomp and Circumstance block layout or not, but there are a few stating that they don't have the same level.. I'll update the solution to reflect that and see if there is a new one. I apologize - no idea if the blocks are randomized every time or just changed within the updates.
    Posted by RaajTM on 19 Apr 11 at 14:04
    SerdenNLHad no problems with cinder certificate at all but Pomp and Circumstance (1!) is doing my head in, can't figure it out for the life of me.
    Posted by SerdenNL on 28 Jun 11 at 14:16
    RaajTM@SerdenNL - Yeah, I cannot find an update run through this level on YouTube. I will keep an eye out so it will be up to date. All I can really say is that try and take it slow, plan ahead, and remember your routes.
    Posted by RaajTM on 28 Jun 11 at 21:37
    ATCSHey, to the guys having trouble with the new block layout, just go clear your cache and play it offline. This way you can still follow this YouTube video and get the achievement.
    Posted by ATCS on 06 Sep 11 at 02:01
    RaajTM@ATCS - Updated with your suggestion for clearing cache as I haven't found updated videos with said stage.
    Posted by RaajTM on 06 Sep 11 at 08:42
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