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Full Closet

Collect every costume.

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Achievement Guide for Full Closet

  • JayourJayour843,302
    13 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011
    15 2 1
    For this method you'll need a second controller.

    I found it easiest to set up a local game with the arena set to Classic and the mode to Capture The Flag. Set the round timer to 2 minutes and the matches per game to 9.

    In this game mode both players start on opposite sides of the arena with a small pathway between them. So you never need to really worry about blowing up blocks to reach the pick up.

    I found it best to head over and pick up the enemy flag then wait for the clothing pick up to appear (it'll appear when there's about 1 minute left on the timer), grab the pick up and then finish the match by returning to your base with the flag.
    23 Feb 2011 22 Feb 2011
    5 6 7
    nice and easy u can get this while going for ....of all you survey and exploreman for playing and winning on all base levels set a game to 2 mins or more as the costume item appears after 1 min has passed in game i suggest setting to 4 mins giving u time to blow up a lot of the level and so the costume peace wont fall next to ur second controller once it appears it will be a spinning sort of dimond pick it up and u got 1 then make up about 2% of the total costume each so u need about 50 give or take a few
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