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Clear BOSS RUSH MODE in Raiden IV

Clear BOSS RUSH MODE315 (30)

Clear BOSS RUSH MODE (Continue unavailable/higher than NORMAL/DUAL unavailable)

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Achievement Guide for Clear BOSS RUSH MODE

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Achievement won on 10 Feb 13
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Posted on 28 September 12 at 20:16, Edited on 17 March 15 at 03:29
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I'm still in the middle of obtaining this one, but I can say this for sure, getting through 1-7 will not cut it, you have to make it all the way through 2-8 (which if you guys have practiced means going through a whole stage essentially; the plus side is that it gives you a whole bunch of powerups throughout the lead up to its boss).


I plan to edit this as I get a general strategy on each boss and maybe a general plan for 2-8.

Also, do not forget to set lives and bombs to max, I always reset if I could not make it past 1-5 or 1-6 unscathed. This is because 1-6 and 2-6 do not give the 2 wep powerups and missile powerup that every other stage would.

Basic boss strategies:
1-1, shouldn't really need to say anything since the walkers are usually fairly easy and don't need much skill to trash them, even better, there's a spot where you can just sit there and shoot at him the whole time and he won't touch you because he doesn't have many attacks that aim right at you (keep an eye out for the 2 tanks from the side)

1-2, 1st phase - stay to the right of him as he makes his first move and you can send that part of the ship to the scrap heap
2nd phase - the only real tricky part to this fight (at first for me anyway), you can just drop a bomb between the 2 guys here and hammer away at them at the same time. Start on the left side and move over once they unleash their attacks. If you're trying to conserve bombs for later be aware of the scatter shots they release.

3rd phase - really easy, can just move a little to the left or right for each wave of bullets from the main ship, after a couple rounds of that, move to the middle and stay there for a couple waves of bullets and then watch where you go (if it drags on this long) because the last batch of bullets aren't as straight as his first waves.

1-3, this guy is usually the 1st round boss that makes me reset (him or 1-4).
Pre-1st phase - this will be the longest phase since you can't destroy this part until it joins up with the main portion of the boss. He has 4 turrets that fire at you from himself, then 4 more that come from the side as it gets ready to hook up, the 4 turrets on himself rotate in sets of 2, having 2 types of attacks. Hang around on either the left or right edge of him. Assuming you're using the blue laser, once he's at the top and firing, you can actually scoot the laser so it's hitting the back turrets (the ones firing at you first), because if you've been firing at him as he moves back, you'll notice that the laser twitches back and forth on him, that's because it alternates between hitting the front target and the back (I think you can only hit one of the 2 at a time), this makes things easier because then there's only one back turret and it only fires 2 shots at you for every bunch (as opposed to 6 when both are alive), the front turrets are easy, they just keep firing straight lines, so just move slightly to the side as necessary. The 4 turrets that drop in from the sides are just a minor nuisance, you can take them out quick.

1st phase - once he's hooked up, he has a couple new things to throw at you, first off he's got a couple secondary guns that take a quick shot at you (they'll do it every now and then so heads up), then he'll fire basically a shot gun blast 8 times (seems to fire from his other side every 2 shots), so just scoot over a little for 2 shots move over a lot for the next set and so on.

2nd phase - oh so easy phase, you can just sit still for the first couple shots, scoot a little for the next 4. If it gets past that, he starts firing shots that get closer to the middle, should be able to see it coming right before it hits you if still in the middle.

3rd phase - now the minions come in... starts out with destroyable bullets from the sides and some turret fire down the middle, then he starts firing some missiles and a solid line of turret fire down the middle that starts sweeping the sides, somewhere in the middle of this, he'll fire 2 circles of bullets, 2 layered each, after the circles come out, you can get close enough to him to evade the solid line of fire (used to think he was invincible for that portion), his last line of defense is another shotgun blast basically, easily avoidable, and then he starts combining EVERYTHING from this phase, so take him out before he gets that far.

1-4, this one's usually pretty hectic for me because you gotta keep an eye on both guys for the whole fight until one finally drops.
1st phase - Just my preference, but I go for the red one first here. These guys alternate fire at first, the turrets on their backs firing 2, 3, 4, and 10 bursts of fire, the other guy will start around the start of the 10 burst. There will be a short pause and then they'll fire a couple of spread shots together. For this phase you only have to take ONE of them down, so focus as much as you can on just one of them.

2nd phase - This time I go blue at the start. They open up with another spread shot, and (for me) red for fire a barrage of constant shots that turn into randomly firing in your general direction. Don't get too comfortable as these might nick you pretty good. Shortly after that I would have blue destroyed. Red then fires a 360 degree range of burst bullets, alternating angles, you can sit in between two lines of bullets and hammer the boss, but watch out for the 2 stray shots every now and then. And once again, red would be destroyed shortly after that attack.

1-5, about as annoying as 1-3, but that comes in 2nd phase
1st phase - First attack is a crossing bullet pattern, stay out of the middle and you will only have to deal with one batch of bullets at a time, next up is an alternating patern of 3 shot bursts, along with flower bursts. Assuming he's still in this phase after that pattern he'll fire a burst of 6 bullets from the middle while his sides blast you , just stay between the lines and watch out for the small burst.
2nd phase - This is where I would use 2 bombs (only 1 if I had managed to get the extra powerup for the blue laser). He has 4 portions to destroy here and only 2 of them are available to hit at the start, once again he'll blast you from the portions so that you have to go between them along with a smaller burst. Then he'll begin shooting continuous bullets from all 4 parts (3 for me since one's usually dead by now) that have SOME shootable bullets in them, as he starts to turn drop your first bomb and then drop the 2nd because the spinning doesn't put the remaining parts at the front, so the bombs wreck both of them in time.

1-6 is another 2-phaser, 1st one's relatively easy at this point in the run
1st phase - Starts with a simple barrage, at worst you're going between 2 of those shots, does it a couple more times, with each one more complex than the last but still easy to dodge, from there he goes into a spread shot mode with 2 bursts coming from the middle, copies 1-3's 2nd phase, but more spread this time around, so you will need to move more than a smidgeon, should be about dead after that one.
2nd phase - Goes into damaku mode, with some extra shots to boot. Then the left and right portions alternate their shots Next up we're going through the fire and flames! *shot* Ahem, the sides fire circular bursts at you, just nudge over to stay out of each one. Afterwards, he'll limit your space and fire what I call the "raiden lights." Just keep nudging, you should kill him before this is over.

1-7 Ah, the final battle gotta save that for later.
1st phase - This gets easier as you destroy more of him. Just a bunch of spread shots to start things off, then goes damaku while the centerpiece just throws some spreads. It's basically the same attacks on all the sides, only difference being which direction they come from, so wail away at each target, miss the asteroids, and then you get the tiniest boss form in the game (2-8's crystals cumulatively are bigger than this I think).
2nd phase - Unless you can get this done quick, blue laser is not exactly the best choice (though it is definitely doable). Spread shot to start, same nudging tactic as always, try not to panic as layers get thick. Some more of that and he'll start moving around, giving a constant barrage, keep it up and he should be retreating by the time he stops.

Onward to Round 2!
2-1 Shots are a bit bigger and faster, but should still be a cakewalker *shot again*, and his 2nd phase spreads are a little bit tighter, so just less room for error.

2-2 my, I think he's come down with the blues (thank you I'll be here all week).
1st phase - same, like all round 2 bosses his shots come faster.
2nd phase - This is the big difference between round 1 and 2, as you destroy each part they'll flip over and come back for more with different patterns, though it's not really harder. Dodge the first wave, and stay right in front of one to hammer away (they have less health then their flip sides) and watch out for the other guy's bullets. Rinse, lather, and repeat for other guy.
3rd phase - same as before, just be aware of looping since bullets come faster.


pre-1st phase - same deal as before, just faster bullets.
1st phase - slightly different pattern here, if only because his shotgun blast doubles down on the bullets fired.
2nd phase - again slightly different, in that during his 3rd stream of bullets you can stand still for that one (to catch you off guard for the last one maybe).
3rd phase - Remember how on Round 1's version I said get close to this guy, do not do so this time! It starts out the same (destroyable bullets, some turret fire aimed at you), but instead of the sweeping line of fire he uses shotgun blasts again that can be a little bit behind on aiming at you, still not hard to dodge, just you can't get close this time around. Everything else including minions, stays the same.

2-4 Same tactics still apply here
1st phase - You know, this does kinda get boring when the only change is the bullet speed XD.
2nd phase - Read above (I mean seriously no pattern change by the time I shoot them down, did Moss forget about these guys).

1st phase -

(work in progress)
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