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Black Bear Award achievement in Cabela's Alaskan Adventures

Black Bear Award

Take a Black Bear in any difficulty level in Adventure mode.

Black Bear Award0
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How to unlock the Black Bear Award achievement

  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny
    15 Oct 2010 14 Oct 2010 04 Aug 2013
    The first black bear you come across (and which you can take as a trophy) will be in South Central Alaska, during the "Special Hunt 5". The Special hunt requires you to take down a Trophy Legend black bear with a bow from 30 yards distance. If you shoot the bear and claim the trophy, the achievement is yours.

    [edit] It's easier to hunt for the black bear on the "Special Hunt 5" in the Southeastern Alaska region. But you can choose either way.

    Ps. if you downvote please let me know why so i can improve the solution. Don't just downvote without giving a reason.

    ==Hunting the Black Bear==
    ===South Central Alaska===
    This event requires you to hunt a Trophy Legend Black Bear from 30 yards with a bow. The best weapon to use would be the composite bow. When you spawn, follow the road ahead until you find a river. Follow the river to the left until you come across the black bears. There should be several in the area. Check tracks to find the Trophy Legend. Trophy Legends are always the biggest creatures. When you have found the Trophy Legend, hit it once with an arrow. When damaged enough by the arrow, it should run away being scared. Let it run a small distance and then make the killing blow with your second arrow/third arrow. The reason to this is to make sure the black bear is 30 yards or more away from you. If you kill it while it attacks you there's a great possibility that it will be less than 30 yards.

    === Southeastern Alaska ===
    Coming soon!
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    monkeyboy3009I downvoted because I'm stuck with this challenge for more then 2 hours.
    Sorry for not letting you know this before.

    You don't tell how to hunt him you just tell the things I already knew.

    If you can give me a good explanation from where he would be that would be awesome!
    Cuz most of the people say westsideof the map at the red square but I can't find him :/
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 02 Aug 13 at 21:15
    KennyannydennyI'll see what i can do. Its been a long time since i played this game.
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 04 Aug 13 at 13:56
    monkeyboy3009This will help I hope :)
    Also if I check the tracks it normaly says trophy legend but with me it says swallow or something like that, I don't know what it says but it don't say trophy legend.
    I found it ones then he ran away and I shot him and I got a warning because I was aggresive.
    I'll try to do it then :)
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 04 Aug 13 at 16:36
    KennyannydennyNormally if you check the footprints, it would say Trophy Legend at the right hand side of the screen, and then below a No or Yes. This would indicate if its a trophy legend or not. I've never seen something like "swallow" there.

    If you got that warning, then it wasn't the bear you were supposed to shoot. If it attacks you, and you attack it back, and it runs and you kill it, you should never get a warning or fine. Thats only if it was not the Trophy Legend or if it wasn't attacking you and you didn't have a license to kill that kind of animal. I hope this helps.
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 04 Aug 13 at 21:39
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