Survived 1,000,000 achievement in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

Survived 1,000,000

Earn 1,000,000 points without dying

Survived 1,000,000+0.1
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How to unlock the Survived 1,000,000 achievement

  • Xx NTARelix xXXx NTARelix xX38,068
    31 Dec 2008 18 Jan 2009 18 Jan 2009
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    This achievements will just require lots of practice. When starting the game, try to make a habit for yourself to rotate the right analog stick with about a 10 degree range of where you are aiming. Make your path a counter-clockwise(easter egg?) circle. When enemies get really dense at higher scores, this method will help eliminate any enemies that may not be directly at your path but still able to hit you. Also, make sure when things get dense, you are always shooting directly ahead of your ship or something will probably hit you. Always stay away from the walls. Enemies are programmed to spawn away from you but when snakes spawn, they can kill you instantly without giving you any time to get away from the wall. If you are not planning to get 1,000,000 points for that single playthrough, don't use many bombs; You need to practice for many different situations. When jacks spawn, keep doing your circular path. Plan where you want to go through the jacks, shoot there (increasing that right analog stick range to like 2x) to create a gap that you can go through. For the red things (magnets? clones of your ship? something like that...) Continue your circular path until they get close. Then, do a swift turn while retaining your main path.
    When you get good enough to survive more than 600,000 points, start using bombs whenever you think you may be close to dying. Points will increase so quickly that the time between 600,000 and 1,000,000 will not seem like much due to high multipliers. Make sure you are concentrating and have no distractions because this can lead to losing your first life at 900,000 points, or when things start getting crazy. If you have never survived 1,000,000 before, try to not look at your score very often or things might seem more intense than they really are. When surviving 1,000,000 points, you will probably need to use bombs almost constantly when you get past about 700,000 points. Try to save bombs for difficult parts while still using them if you think you are even slightly close to dying.

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    Lonewolf470just hit 994 surviving...ragequit after that, should of just got the 1mil standard but forgot it existed...
    Posted by Lonewolf470 on 24 Apr 19 at 03:16
    Silver Salvolaugh
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 05 Oct 19 at 14:36
    Silver SalvoIt took me 2 weeks of practice before I was able to achieve it. 1,010,000 is what I got.
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 05 Oct 19 at 14:37
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  • HardAppleCiderHardAppleCider45,676
    16 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011
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    Something that helped me is utilizing the vortexes. I usually pop them, as done in SCOTTLAND1986's vid, but sometimes I use them to give myself some breathing room.

    Early on I decided to use them to get to x10 multiplier faster. Pre 100K you can control exactly what pieces go into the vortex. I think it takes 9 to make them explode, and they spit out I think 15 little blue guys. It nets you 6, which isn't a lot, but it can make a difference (that's 6 kills per early vortex that you don't need to stay alive for later). Don't let reds get sucked in. Reds are actually 4 pieces, but they only count for 1 when sucked into the vortex. You can usually net an extra 50 kills or so before 100K by using the vortex this way. Be careful of snake spawns when doing this. If you're hanging around a vortex trying to make it explode, a snake spawn right before an explosion can ruin your day. Listen for the sound, and if you hear it, pop the vortex so you don't have to use a bomb, or at least shoot it down one and take out the snakes.

    Between 100K and 250K, when the 4 vortexes spawn in the corners, I would activate one, and let the shapes that spawned get sucked in. I'd go to the nearest one, and activate it. By the time I activated it, the first one would explode, sending blues my way. If you skim the counter-clockwise edge of the next vortex 9 or so blues will get sucked in and make that one explode. The explosion slows down all the approaching shapes, giving you some breathing room. Don't approach it's clockwise edge, as that will often send shapes crashing into your back (that means, if going clockwise around the map, skim the inside edge of the vortex; if going counter clockwise skim the outside).

    After 250K or so, I stopped using the vortexes this way. I would still use them for breathing room every now and again (especially against snakes, and the red guys with reflectors) but I never try to chain explosions after 250K.

    In any case, using the vortexes like this early on, and likely with a few lucky spawns, I was able to get x10 multiplier at around 680K. The jump from 680 to 1 mill is about 20-30 seconds. At that point, I went bomb happy.

    That's another thing, try not to use bombs before 500K unless you really have to. I still use them for the corner spawning reds, but that's because they are juiced up when they spawn from the corner.

    Also, don't use the two guns the same way:
    The rapid firing one is best used by jiggling the stick wide, I'd say about 75 degrees. Jiggling the stick is good for the slower one also, but don't jiggle as wide. I'd say about a 35 degree motion is good.
    Don't jiggle against the buzzy small blue ships that spawn only from corners (they sound like flies), when trying to cut through them. Fire in the direction you are going to cut through.
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    TatamiGeishai heard that the longer you survive without dying and using bombs the more bearable the game is is this true? . the AI spawn ALOT more aggressively when I get to about 175,000 without dying or using bombs and im gettin damn near finite spawning. i seriously had a friend count once spawning started and he ended up counting for about 3 whole minutes before spawning cut me some slack. I feel like my game is way MORE aggressive than people i've seen do videos online. I watched the videow where the guy got ALL 12 achievements in one go his spawns seemed easy he had a huge spawn then itd stop he'd kill it then hed get another then the spawn would stop again allowing him time to kill it. while im sitting here with like 200k a 4corner black hole spawn a 3 corner worm spawn a 2 corner green spawn mixed with a 3 corner pink spawn and as i kill ish keeps spawning. the sound of spawning drowns out other game sound effect just about. I've mastered Geometry Wars pt 2 but 1 has been haunting me for years. T_T any advice besides these\?
    Posted by TatamiGeisha on 06 Dec 11 at 20:52
    McGubbaloThis achievement still haunts me...
    Posted by McGubbalo on 09 Sep 14 at 18:13
  • SCOTTLAND1986SCOTTLAND1986477,780
    09 Mar 2014 03 Sep 2019 08 Sep 2019
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    The biggest advice I could give for this achievement is to not get obsessed with scoring 1 million without a death. Make it a goal to reach a high score of 3 million and if you haven’t got all the achievements in the game by then, I’d be surprised. Even if you didn’t then you’d certainly be close. Quitting out when you die and starting again is preventing you getting better at the game.
    I’ve made a video where I get all 12 achievements in one run. Watching a video isn’t going to make you suddenly able to do it but it helps to see the strategies for the different waves of enemies.
    I personally go clockwise (unless there’s something making me temporarily change direction) but if it feels more natural for you to go anti-clockwise then do so. It’s 50/50 for preference amongst the top players. Also make sure to practice wiggling the right analogue stick when firing to spread your fire. Good luck:
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