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Flying Header Hero

Score a goal using diving header

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How to unlock the Flying Header Hero achievement

  • BuckswanaBuckswana1,540,571
    30 Aug 2009 30 Aug 2009 10 Oct 2009
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    The most frustrating achievement in the game. Here's how I did it; 2 controllers, local MP. Pick Barcelona vs. B36 (Faroe Islands). You use Barcelona, 2nd controller is B36. Using Barcelona (1st controller), take the ball into the B36 end and kick it out of bounds to the side about parallel to the 6 yd box (the smaller box around the B36 net). Using the 2nd controller (B36), push AWAY from the net (right or left) to get height on the ball and hold A on the throw in. The ball will bounce into the middle of the field, and there should be a Barca player running in towards it from just outside the larger box in the middle of the field. Hit it straight in with the A button. Timing is everything, and you will miss the ball completely or kick it more often than not, but persevere and you will get it. I tried many different methods, and this was the only one I could get to work consistently. Just keep at it.

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    SeitzzGreat guide! Got it within 5 mins, don't even have to aim the throw in, just hold down A while you've got your other controller in hand, ready to pounce and head in.
    Posted by Seitzz on 11 Jan 21 at 20:27
    Goggs25Rubbish guide down vote from.
    Posted by Goggs25 on 11 Jan 21 at 20:43
    Reabokilling me this!
    Posted by Reabo on 31 May 21 at 16:15
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  • LausDominiLausDomini2,221,124
    09 Jul 2010 09 Jul 2010
    23 4 10
    With a second controller give yourself a corner kick by having Player 2 kick the ball out of bounds behind his own goal.

    On the corner kick three guys should be in the box. Press A to launch the ball towards the goal. As the ball is in the air, press up and then down (down then up if on the top half of the field) to take control of the player closest to the ball and press A once again to head it in. The player that scored on a header for me was the one closest to the corner kick taker.
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    MisterSledgeI had absolutely no luck with the throw in method. Here’s what I did:
    - (Real) Madrid vs Faroe Islands (B36)
    - 4-3-3 formation keeps 3 guys in the box
    - Second controller dribbles the ball out behind goal for a corner
    - Cross the ball in with a half second press on the A button (longer than a tap) launches the ball further and past the post
    - Once kicked, move the nearest player away from goal and quickly back and press A. While pressing A, aim the Left stick into the opposite corner of goal

    I’ve uploaded a few videos of me doing this for reference.

    Good luck!
    Posted by MisterSledge on 11 Nov 21 at 20:01
    Leap Of Faith77Thanks again MisterSledge. This worked for me after about 10 attempts.
    Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 20 Nov 21 at 03:35
    JeeperCreeperMCCame back to this after a year and managed to nail it second time round lmao 😂😂😂
    Posted by JeeperCreeperMC on 13 Mar at 18:18
  • JODAWJODAW308,838
    17 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010 09 Feb 2015
    17 6 3
    Ok just to simplify this cheev a bit as it is very easy to get and it took me 6 attempts to get it and if i can do it you can do it. Do exactly what Buckswana has wrote but here is how made I it a bit easier on myself. Playing as a barcelona player i ran the ball down to B36 goal and put it out for a Goal Kick. Now pick up the 2nd controller and make the goal keeper kick the ball out of bounds directly left or right which ever side of the pitch you are on so it goes out of play directly inline with the 6 yard box ie the small box infront of goal. Now take the throw in as explained before and time your header right. After a couple of goes you will see how the keeper moves and where the ball goes so it becomes very easy to get. If you get any probs i will show you in a game on live how i done it to help you out. please message me tho and Not add me.
    Just a quick update if anyone is still playing this game or is stuck. Just have a look at the comments below for a couple of handy tips that a few gamers have come up with. ??
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    MaseJBit old but nonetheless, I tried your way instead of Buckswana's & my striker would always be waiting too close to the goalie so on my 5th try, I ran back a bit then nailed the header. Easier than expected +1
    Posted by MaseJ on 21 Sep 14 at 06:01
    GREGO McGEEAgreed. Run back then up and HEAD. Should be top solution. Worked on 5th try.
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 16 Jan 15 at 08:39
    JODAWGlad you got it without to much bother, it's just about finding your timing right with the striker. The position of the throw in makes it easier and confuses the goalkeeper. Thanks for the comment lads
    Posted by JODAW on 09 Feb 15 at 15:53
  • pequenyo Misspequenyo Miss377,212
    06 Jul 2020 10 Jul 2020 10 Jul 2020
    9 0 3
    I did this with the help of another player but you can make it as well alone with a second controller..

    You need to use a throw in looking to the penalty center. Throw the ball (hold "a" just a couple of secs) and wait for the first rebound, then head your player to the ball and inmediately hit dpad+a towards goal.

    Note 1. Dont hit straight so the goalkeeper probably will save the goal.

    Note 2. Use a very good team like Brazil against a very bad team like Solomon Islands (Oceania) to enhance your chances.

    Note 3. Works on both sides of the field.

    You need some practice first (so you are familiar with player's movements). Below there is my clip getting the chievo..

  • I darklost II darklost I109,460
    01 Nov 2012 02 Dec 2012 10 Aug 2013
    7 6 0
    A short video with tips on how to score a diving header on SWOS

    Author this video: Nuclearbiscuit
    "The diving header is difficult but once mastered, can be scored with ease. My videos shows how i got my first Diving header and a few of my best ones."
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