Belmont’s Revenge achievement in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Belmont’s Revenge

Finish the game, including the inverted castle, as Richter.

Belmont’s Revenge0
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How to unlock the Belmont’s Revenge achievement

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    This achievement is deceivingly hard at first. After practice, preparation, and planning, it's actually really easy, and requires barely any time at all.

    {This solution does contain spoilers, but if you are interested in completing this achievement, chances are I'm not spoiling anything for you.}

    ~~ Preparation ~~

    First off, Richter is an unlockable character and must be unlocked by exploring/ completing the Inverted Castle, which first must be discovered/ unlocked.

    To unlock the Inverted Castle, find the Gold and Silver Rings from two optional bosses (one being the Succubus) on any Alucard playthrough to unlock the lower secret chamber that opens from the clock room. Descend into the room to get a pair of glasses from Maria. During the final boss fight of the normal castle with Richter, these glasses make the orb controlling him visible, giving you the chance for the real ending (and unlocking Richter as a character) by killing the orb instead of him. Without the glasses you would get an unofficial ending and fail at unlocking Richter.

    When you reach Richter in Dracula's Lair, equip the glasses Maria bestowed upon you to see the orb hovering behind Richter. Defeat it, and, surprise, the game isn't over. The entrance to the Inverted Castle will appear. And now, Inverted Castle time. Explore as much as possible in both castles for map completion, which is what you're really shooting for here.

    To unlock Richter, I believe you have to had mapped 180% of the two castles (preferably completed before your ascent to the final area for certainty) when you defeat Shaft and then Dracula, and when you do, Congrats. You have unlocked Richter as a playable character. Now enter "Richter" as a character name to get started. You are halfway there, kinda...

    As Richter, you must practice and utilize his two special movement attacks: the Uppercut/ Upwards Lunge (Down, Up, Jump) and the Shoulder Charge/ Forward Dash [can be used in mid air], which uses the same dash move as Alucard's bat form ((Stick Rotation) Up, Up-Back, Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, (A, X or B, -- I forget, sorry)).

    The Slide Kick move helps a lot, making him invincible as he passes through an enemy and speeding up the process, but I have no idea what the combination is. It's the only move that is not necessary, but could help you a lot. You can look it up if curious.

    Used in conjunction, you can pass through most of the areas in the game quickly, easily, and ideally without harm. If mastered, there are a lot of shortcuts you can take that require multiple uses of the Uppercut and Shoulder Charge, include a handful that REQUIRE them, so you should try to sit around for a few moments familiarizing yourself with the special attacks.

    ~~ Strategy Time ~~

    Saving is key for good insurance, although I did this without dying. :)
    *Video included, but it is not mine.

    If you are skilled, and know what you're doing, the execution will be really easy, and might take you 20-40 minutes max. Enjoy.

    This is almost exactly how I did it myself, but feel free to vary:

    At the start, head directly towards Gaibon and Slogra, assuming you know your way around handily. Remember your special moves to get around efficiently. Defeat the infamous duo, and use your Uppercut to reach the top-right most part of their room: I believe there is an area full of sub-weapons to choose from. If not, sorry, I did this all a while ago, but don't worry. If they are in there, you want the *Holy Water*, this will decimate everything in the game if you are in trouble. If I was wrong about the room, you can also get one on the way to the Chapel. A random wall candle in the transition hallway with a magic door to said Chapel should drop one, or just stay stay vigilant, looking for the Holy Water as you run through the game. (The only other one I know of is in the Inverted Castle, in the Clock Area's secret area, directly below Shaft).

    Now, you'll want to head towards the Chapel and Bell Tower. You should head to the left and up first to get there, and then start heading up and right, I believe. In these areas, your special moves are key to success and avoiding easy deaths common on the stairs. Just keep moving right and up. I believe you have one boss fight on the way out of the normal castle excluding Gaibon/ Slogra, but your Holy Water should make short work of him (if you must even fight him).

    I think you can skip the Clock Tower altogether (a shortcut outside starting from a part of the roof parting from the Chapel/ Bell Towers), going straight to Dracula's Lair, and then taking you to the Inverted Castle.

    The Inverted Castle in my opinion was easier opponent-wise because the monsters here seemed stronger but more predictable so as not to overwhelm the player. The shortest, easiest path at some point contains a spiked filled room that requires many uses of your Flying Dash/ Uppercut, which ended up being the hardest room for me to conquer. This room may take major practice and trial and error, so you should want to save before this and be prepared to swallow defeat a few times.

    You may have two bosses in your way to the end, depending on which route(s) you take. No problem, Holy water if you have it, otherwise, spam knife rain/ barrage, rinse, wash,... Be careful, a lot of the enemies near the end can be completely over-powered, so watch your step and don't die. The only obstacle worth noting in your way is Shaft now (no Dracula, as Richter already 'killed' him. Sweet). Receive your Holy Water directly below him in the room of sub-Weapons, and Save.

    I believe all you have to do is use one Holy Water item smash, and strike him 3-5 times. There is absolutely no challenge in Shaft. Be careful as you fight Shaft though. Although it may be a short fight, he is an over-powered enemy. If luck plays its part, 1st time is a charm and you'll kill him easily.

    Congrats, your work paid off, you did it.

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    RunnyCarcass59here's something you should add:
    1. as long as you get the Inverted Castle endng, Richter is unlocked, there's no need to explore up to 190%~ to get him
    2. the Blade Rush's combo is: Up, Down, Down-Forward, X; also the Slide Kick combo is: Down, A
    Posted by RunnyCarcass59 on 24 Sep 20 at 15:43
    KJer25@Shadow Newfie has the best solution. Using the video he linked, I was able to finish the game in 45 minutes. Tops.
    Posted by KJer25 on 02 Apr 21 at 22:06
    GarnitoroI followed the route in the above video, it is eminently doable without mastering the spin attack, just using the uppercut for traversal. It's just a bit more finicky, and takes a bit longer, that's all.
    There were enough save points along this route not to make it too strenuous. For me, the trickiest section was the series of bell towers, but a little patience went a long way there. Once I realised that I didn't need to be too stingy with the Holy Water crash attack (there are enough convenient heart farm spots along the way), I made it through all right.
    Posted by Garnitoro on 25 Oct 21 at 03:50
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    To unlock Richter as a playable character, you must have completed the game with Alucard with over 180% of the game explored (The regular castle houses 100% of exploration, the inverted castle has 100.6%).
    After beating the game with Alucard with 180%+, start a new file with the name RICHTER. When the game begins, you'll be playing as him. Richter plays a little differently than Alucard. He plays more like a traditional Belmont from previous Castlevania titles.

    Richter doesn't have magic and can only carry 99 hearts. Getting the "Heart Up" items gives you 30 hearts, but does not increase your total amount. Magic is replaced by "Item Crashes." By picking up a secondary weapon (such as a knife, axe, cross, etc) and pressing Y, you will perform a special moves at the cost of some Hearts (usually 10-15, depending on the weapon). If you really want to defeat bosses in a sinch: use the holy water Item Crash. It'll work against every boss except for one in particular (Galamoth). That one will require the knife Item Crash.
    Also, Richter cannot equip any new items. He is stuck with his whip, which isn't a bad thing. To make up for this, Richter can slide and do daming air dashes and uppercuts at will. Richter can also increase his health using the HP Up items.
    The castles are exactly the same, but you cannot explore every area. Richter can't transform to get into particular rooms and all of that, but he can still explore a good amount of both castles (I think 195%).

    You can still save as well, so getting this achievement isn't too difficult. It just requires that you beat the game with Alucard first, with a decent amount of exploring done.
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    RadiantViperYou can definitely skip over large parts of the game using Richter's jump move (down then up X I believe). You can use it over and over to get to the top of rooms. Basically head straight for the teleporter then straight for the final boss ... easy.

    I never had any problems with the controller however.
    Posted by RadiantViper on 03 Sep 09 at 05:11
    With richter you only need to complete a maximum of 30% of the game and only a few bosses. It should take no more than 30 minutes if you do it right. not a very good solution for this achievement as a speed run route absolutely works best. perhaps add a link to one?
    Posted on 16 Jun 10 at 07:40
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    Playing through as Richter is TOUGH, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier. Keep the Holy Water, and use its crash (press the Y button) against powerful enemies. Look for places to farm hearts (rooms with many torches, but few enemies). Try to remember which torches drop other special weapons, and avoid them at all costs.

    Save at every possible moment, because the only ways to heal are by saving, or by finding life-ups. Life-up do increase your health, but not by very much. Richter has a lot of health, but zero defense, so as you progress into the inverted castle, most enemies will kill you in about three hits. Luckily, his whip also drastically increases in damage when you go to the inverted castle.
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    I couldn't do the blade dash consistently, but I still managed to get this achievement.

    Richter is a glass cannon. You should grab all the HP that are convenient, as each HP adds 10 to your overall health. Heart containers just add a bunch of hearts. Richter is maxed out at 99 hearts. Sometimes you might need to go back and forth between rooms building up hearts.

    Get the Holy Water and keep it. If you lose it, just reload your save. It one hit kills every boss I came across, even Shaft.

    This is the route I took in the inverted castle:

    edit: I actually did go through the Belmont trio for the HP. Holy water super one hit kills them. I made a mistake marking it. Everything else is the same.

    There's armor lords on either side of the clock room, and my first attempt got stuck trying to get past them with an axe. If you go through the reverse colosseum you don't have to deal with them.

    I died a bunch of times, but you just build up strategies for each section after you save and you'll get through it.
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