Perfect World Champion achievement in Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

Perfect World Champion

Complete single-player arcade mode without losing a round.

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How to unlock the Perfect World Champion achievement

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    You must beat the CPU at their own game. Be cheap as hell... I would recommend using Bison to attempt this achievement.
    The Psycho Crusher is performed by holding Away/Back for two seconds, then hitting forward+LT at the same time. This will do the full-screen crusher. Variations of the duration of the crusher can be done also using X and Y.
    Block by holding away/back when the CPU attacks.
    Always try to grab the CPU after a block. (keep hitting X while pressing away/back to block)
    The CPU reacts based upon what you do, there is a major difference in the way the CPU plays Ryu and Ken. Try to play them earlier on (it seems to be easier, and less time consuming because they're no cakewalk)
    Play very patiently against Ryu and Ken (I always chose Ryu as my first opponent because he gave me more trouble than Ken) and don't loose your cool when it comes to Balrog or Sagat.

    FYI: Double KO's do not void this achievement.

    This video is a good example of how you should play your matches. It's near flawless and if you can play using the strategies I've explained and he's shown, you should be able to knock out this achievement with a lot of practice. I think i spent nearly 50 days playing this game once a night and just getting better and smarter at it. It's not impossible but will take a lot of practice for the majority of people.

    I do NOT take credit for making this video. Job well done "chrismuro"

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    R1KM4NI'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the SNES version was easier. I remember having no problems beating it as a kid, but as an adult the 360 version just kicks my ass.
    Posted by R1KM4N on 23 Dec 20 at 13:32
    Silver SalvoThey really messed up the ai when they ported it to the 360.
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 09 Feb 21 at 19:35
    foodThis is the arcade version, not the SNES version. The SNES port likely has more simple AI as the arcade version was designed to take your quarters. smile

    Thanks for the solution. I'll be giving this a try.
    Posted by food on 16 Aug 21 at 06:29
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    Ok i tried using Bison in the other solution but i just could not get used to him. However i used Ryu and did it.I will try as best i can to describe how to beat each fighter and the bosses you will be happy to know Bison is cake unless he opens the fight with a headstomp you will be good.

    First make sure that the difficulty is set to 0 stars and the timer is on this is extremely important that the timer is on.

    Now you need to keep restarting until you get Ryu as you first opponent this may take a little while but be patient you want to take this route.

    Ryu:Hes cake since he is the first opponent fire ball spam him over and over till he is dead throw when dizzy.

    E Honda:Same thing but keep you distance and always mix up your fireballs slow,med,fast.Again throw when dizzy.

    Blanka: Fireball spam when you can but watch your distance he will try to jump you to a corner if you are to close when throwing a fireball.Dragon punch him if he is trying to jump you into a corner.

    Guile: Mix up lots of fireballs and when you are about a 1/4 of the screen away from him bait him into using his flash kick by using the jab dragon punch he will try to hit you with a flash but wont he can then throw him. When he is down you can hurricane kick spam him over and over.

    Bonus mission: Not sure if this is important or not but dont ever do them just stand there.I found the more of these i did the harder the game got on my perfect game i didnt do them at all.

    Ken:Trade fireballs with him till he hurricane kicks then either block or fireball but he tends to do two dragon punchs in a row so wait for it and throw its his big weakness.

    Chun Li:I had trouble with her for a while but she jumps alot if you can start getting behind her as she jumps she can be thrown. When she starts throwing fireballs jump over them and fierce kick her and try to fierce sweep and follow up with a fireball.Dragon punch her as well if you cant seem to time her jumps and throw her.

    Zangief:Hes pretty much cake but dont underestimate him he can kill you pretty quick if he gets in close fireball and when he is down hurricane all day he most of the time cant handle it.

    Dhalsim:Very easy keep your distance and throw slow fireballs when he teleports get ready to throw him asap.If he trys to sweep you block and fierce sweep.

    Balrog: He can be very dangerous but i have found that slow fireballs and hurricane kicks can be a real problem for him make sure to spam away. If he gets you in a corner dont worry make sure to hold back and block be ready to fierce sweep him and follow up with fireballs.

    Vega:He loves to jump so use this to your advantage when he jumps time fireballs or dragon punches to keep him at bay when he climbs the fence upper fierce punch and follow up with a fireball.When he gets low on health he will try to cheap you with his sweeps slow fire balls him to death and hurricane to get out of his range.

    Sagat:He will try to jump you in a corner you must dragon punch him out of this but dont go to high use a med dragon.Then wait till he starts throwing tigers jump over them and fierce kick follow up with fierce sweep and fireball if you can play defensive dont let him jump you into a corner rinse and repeat.

    Bison: Thankfully there is an easy way to beat him without taking a hit.You will need to have a turbo controller for this last bit if you are like me and could not use the turbo controller through out the game then unplug your main controller so that it doesnt register plug in your street fighter 4 turbo controller and resume now turbo the x button so ryu does his quick jab dont move! Bison will try to do a standing kick the whole match he wont move all you need to do is inflict a little damage and you win to do this tap down on the d pad but dont do it too long he will come out of his stance! Then once he is damaged just continue to stand still holding x the match will end and you will win. Second round do the same thing and the acheivement is yours! The only thing that can mess you up is if he opens the fight with a headstomp if this happens you are gonna have to just get more damage on him and go back to your stance. Unfortunatly this appears to be random.

    For those that dont have a turbo controller you can still do the above method if you press x really fast using your index finger only.If that doesnt work i have beat bison before here is the strategy.

    Ok you might have noticed that bison is cheap extremely cheap,wheres your opening you say well if you jump to the back of the screen and spam the fierce kick, jump up and fierce kick bison this will keep him at bay on the way down if you hit him go immediately into a fierce fireball this will dizzy him if it hits even if doesnt he will block try to cross him up and throw him if you can(in the above video i did this against vega in the second round to beat him).
    Now the reason all the fighters are tough in this game is because once the ai is about to go down usually 3/4 of his,her health. The CPU will spam its best move in this case the psycho crusher. You can counter this with RYU by jumping back and doing the fierce kick it will hit his crusher and not harm you keep spamming this move cuz he will do his crusher bet on it. Make sure that you arent jumping straight up jump backwards. I used this in the vega fight in the first round in the above video.

    Good luck i will be posting a video soon i hope.
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    SwearySeanIMPOSSIBLE ACHIEVEMENT! Ryu method just won't work for me and I keep getting stuck on Blanka with Bison :'(
    Posted by SwearySean on 13 Dec 12 at 00:22
    FunnnkyyyI keep getting stuck on guile with this solution. It just won't work for me
    Posted by Funnnkyyy on 30 Dec 14 at 12:57
    ZensMeatSlabHere's a few tips I've found:
    After you get a dizzy, don't do a throw. Go for st.fp > lp Uppercut. It does more damage, and still gives you a knockdown.

    Against Blanka, when he does his Up-ball, use to hit him out of the air.

    Against Dhalsim, use hurricane kicks when he's on the ground. He'll try to use the hk. drill, but if you block it, you get a free throw.
    Posted by ZensMeatSlab on 13 May 15 at 04:34
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    Hi Everybody, I'm new here.

    I just managed to get this very tricky achievement. I try to explain how i did it:

    First of all, set your stars to 0 and keep your timer on. This can be very useful in tricky situations. I chose Ryu to play with and the best way you achieve this is having your first match against Ryu.

    For the most opponents it goes like BugaJ75 Returns explained above, but i try to add something on special charakters:

    Zangief: Just go into your corner and use your high kick while youre jumping all the time. With this method you beat him in seconds.

    Chun-Li. Take advantage of her wall jump! If she's doing it, dragon punch her out of it. Repeat this mixed with fire balls and the win is yours!.

    Balrog: One of the easiest opponents in my opinion. Just spam fire balls and if he's close to you, block while you crouch and then sweep him. Repeat it several times.

    Vega: There are 2 methods you should learn to implement: If he does the wall jump, dragon punch him (s.o Chun-Li). The second attack of him is the wall climbing. Wait until he jumps off and get him with the dragon punch there. Works every time!. If he's on the ground, do your fire balls but keep distance to him!

    Sagat: Like explained he tries to get you in a corner. Just jump and kick him after the "fight" slogan disappeared. Then keep distance and wait until he's doing his fireballs. This is your chance. Jump over them and press High kick. Then immediately jump backwards and wait for him to start over again. Repeat this several times and he's gone (Try to practice it in the Training mode first)

    Bison: This one is really though. i haven't got a turbo controller so i tried the conventional way: Mix your fire balls and low(!) dragon punch to get rid of him. Timing here is the key to success. If he's jumping or trying his headstomp, keep distance and kick him with a high kick (be on the ground here!). Block his Psychocrusher and dont' get nervous if he pushes you in a corner. Just wait and try to sweet him. The fire ball here can be your best friend too. Practise this in Training mode first too to get used to his fighting style.

    Be patient and don't lose your cool while you're playing.

    BTW: sry for my bad englisch, I'm from Germany.
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    Darth Pastoryour strategy is good. i remembver doing that in the arcades in the early '90s
    Posted by Darth Pastor on 24 Aug 10 at 15:02
    Milamber 5Just some additional points that worked for me (I used a similar method to Buga and DERV):

    Using Ken:

    Vega: you can just spam Fierce Dragon Punch...I usually Perfect vega with this method.

    Sagat: Similar....but using Low Dragon Punch as an opening move and continuing that punch while you have him in the right corner...need to watch timing as he's not as easy as Vega.

    Bison: well-timed Low or Medium Dragon Punch should keep him from ever touching you. He uses three moves: the spinning fire, the jump over / at your head, and the low sweep kick. For the spinning fire and jump over/at you, you should be able to nail him with your dragon punch just before he executes it. For the sweeping kick, just jump over him or block low until he gives you enough room to do the dragon punch.
    Posted by Milamber 5 on 07 Jul 12 at 12:20
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