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Hyper World Champion in Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

Hyper World Champion95 (25)

Complete single-player arcade mode without losing a match.

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Posted on 27 August 10 at 18:29, Edited on 16 July 18 at 12:26
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Here goes, the "Blanka Strategy". This is my original strategy and if anyone else would like to use this on any site for any reason you must contact me and have my permission before you do so. I already have this achievement and I used this method to get it.

Perfect World Champion (30g)

Ok guys this is a tough achievement but I'm going to try to make it a lot easier for you. 1st off use Blanka and only Blanka as your character as this will seriously help you in the long run. You can master the roll technique and be able to perform it with 100% efficiency and accuracy with very little practice. First off set the difficulty level to 0 stars, the easiest. Next don't start the game unless E. Honda is the first character that you fight. He is one of the tougher character and your toughest 4 will be your first 4 that you fight. These include, Ken, and Guile. Use the jump kick, sweep, jump kick combo, this is a guaranteed daze on the opponent if all 3 attacks are consecutively connected and not blocked, always works, unless they block. That should get you through most of the game, just remember to roll a bunch and timing is everything.

Blanka's Move List (These are about the only moves you will need to know for this strategy) : Horizontal Roll= Hold back for 2 seconds then press forward and the Fierce hit button. (This is the only Roll that you should need to do with Blanka. Also, during fights like with Vega, Dhalism, and Ken, try to Bite at the end of your roll, which is just being close to the character and pressing the Fierce hit button, the more rapidly you press all of the buttons on you controller once in the Bite mode, the more damage you can deal. The Jump Fierce Kick with a follow-up Fierce Sweep is very important too.

#1 E. Honda, hes your first guy, just jump sweep jump kick sweep, own him like hes your dog.

#2 Blanka. For the twin battle, Blanka vs. Blanka, know this, anytime you use your electricity, he will not advance towards you, he will simple get tense and all and just crouch right where he is, so if things get tight, then electricity until you have control of yourself again, this will not usually hurt him as he is smart about his own moves. The best strategy is to let him roll at you, you block and instantly roll back at him, which he cannot block if your timing is right. He can be a toughie if you give him a chance, don't give him a chance.

#3 Guile, hes nigh impossible on the latter levels so luckily using my method he will be in your 1st 4 matches, you will take serious damage when fighting Guile mostly likely, take it, but keep jump kicking and sweeping him and roll when need be, don't counter his Sonic Booms and they give no warning and he can do them faster than allowed, the computer Guile can cheat, seriously. So take advantage when he does a double sweep as he cannot get out of that move till its finished, plenty of time to combo him, be very very wary of his sonic kick as it is Blanka's worst nightmare. Since he's early on it will be an easy fight.

#4 Ken, know that he plays aggressive, Do not use the jump kick sweep on Ken he loves Dragon punches and can do them faster than Ryu, Simply do the sweep, and occasional roll, but if he gets aggressive, which he always does, then just wait for him to dragon punch you, block it and hit him on the way down, with like a roll, this one can be tough and Ken is spontaneous, he has no set method of killing you, so rip him a new one. Ken is the toughest dude you have to fight I think.

#4 Chung Li is tricky, don't get too aggressive on her as she owns the sky, use the Ryu strategy on her, it works pretty well but you can incorporate your own flavor into your moves too as you don't have to be too careful as Ryu is much smarter than her.

#5 Zangief: For fighting Zangief, you will want to let him come to you, just simply do a jump kick but do not advance forward, he will fall to your jump kick 95% of the time, and follow up with the sweep directly after-wards and he only falls for the sweeps about 10% of the time. Do not let him get close, also your jump kick will over-power his if he tries to get by you that way. He will use his spinning "close line" on you a few times with superb speed, do 2 consecutive sweeps and the 2nd one will always knock him down. 2 perfect victories here, easy.

#6 Dhalisim: perform your rolls on him when he is in the air, continue using the masterful jump kick, sweep, jump kick combo with the fierce kick button. Bite him when he gets close. He is very easy, pretty much do what ever you want on him, its hard to lose when fighting Dhalisim. I've tried multiple strategies on him, they've all worked with flying colors.

#7 Ryu, just him make the moves, you want to let him go crazy with fireballs as he always does and each time he fireballs you, instantly jump over it and do a jump kick sweep combo on him, works every time. Only jump in on him when he is in his Fireball frames, otherwise he will dragon punch you, and that is bad news. Once he gets low on health we won't play so defensive so be careful. The key to beating Ryu is being patient, don't be afraid to block his fireballs so that you can get close enough to jump kick him.

#8 Balrog, just use electricity, he will fall for it every time and will not get one hit in on you. Very easy win.

#9 Vega: Just roll fast, across the screen, he will likely use his invincibility move and a strong roll will put you right behind him, perfect spot for a bite, do that about twice a round for extra damage, not too hard.

#10 Sagat, hes a toughie if you think of him as such, here is an easy strategy for him, wait for him to double jump kick you, roll at him when hes in mid-air, we always does this and will always get hurt as his first move (free damage!), then just jump over his fireballs and use the Ryu strategy on him, if he throws a low fireball you will always get jump kick sweep combo in on him, if not you will just get jump kick in on him. Just stay focused and the win is yours.

#11 M. Bison is one tough cookie, best advice is to roll really fast again and again, if done right M. Bison will not get a chance to pull of a single move. If done wrong keep on the move and be prepared for him to throw you once you are low at health, so don't let him just walk up to you and finish ya off after getting so far, I had that happen to me twice. M. Bison is by far the toughest foe while your using Blanka, but just keep on him and if things get hectic use jump kicks a lot as they will disrupt his air power. Just remember no to let up on him, if you give him and inch, he'll take a yard.

That is it, just follow this as your guideline and the single player achievements for beating this without losing a round and match should be yours after three tries or less.

Hint: you can still get a Double K.O. and the achievement will unlock, I had a Double K.O. on Ryu and still got it.

Please give me feedback before voting negatively explaining why you voted negatively. Be as hard as you want on me, but be honest.

My Guarantee!!! Lastly, if anyone tries this guide and is not able to get the achievement, let me know, message me on this site or Xbox Live and I will personally give you a lot more pointers, find out what your doing wrong and help you get this achievement. So far this guide has been 100% successful for all 8 people who have tried it and messaged me back saying so. Good Luck.
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