Chain of Jewels… achievement in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Chain of Jewels…

Perform a 7 chain combo in X or X' Arcade Mode (Normal or harder).

Chain of Jewels…+0.3
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How to unlock the Chain of Jewels… achievement

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    There are several ways to get a 7 chain combo but here is how it worked for me.

    What I did was make a column (I did mine on the right side of the pit) using the following pattern of gems (colours do not have to be exactly the same, and you can put crash gems on top if you prefer).

    YELLOW (crash gem)
    GREEN (crash gem)
    BLUE (crash gem)
    YELLOW (crash gem)
    BLUE (crash gem)
    GREEN (crash gem)

    Once you've managed to make the same type of column (all crash/normal at the bottom, "Key" block in the middle, then matching normal/crash gems on top) you need to break the "Key" block (marked as **RED** in the list above) without breaking anything else in the column, then just wait for the achievement to appear! smile

    It's also very wise to keep 1 column empty for any diamond gems that appear.

    The key point is patience! It may take several games to get the exact number of useful gems (crash and normal) required to achieve this.

    I've linked a video that shows this technique in action (pretty poor quality but it shows the general idea). Video belongs to "rayjay2"

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    rob25XVery tricky and luck based achievement. Got it eventually after trying this method many, many times. +1
    Posted by rob25X on 20 Aug 16 at 09:35
    Legohead 1977Sorry, got to agree with fbsarts. This is a highly luck based achievement, and I got to the stage where I just needed to add the top gem a number of times, but it was ludicrously difficult.
    Posted by Legohead 1977 on 22 Mar 18 at 11:09
    Eva LiThat's solution it's useful.
    Posted by Eva Li on 10 Oct 19 at 13:44
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  • fbsartsfbsarts264,557
    15 Aug 2011 15 Aug 2011 12 May 2014
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    This technique is an "improved" version of AraknidX's. As you may've seen from comments there, to me it's hightly improbable putting 13 gems one over the other when the usable game grid is 6x12, so I divided the chains into 3 colums.
    As for the other method, luck, ability and flexibility of mind are at the ESSENCE! As Valerius SFE pointed out, it's better enter "settings" and put 1 as speed in X mode, so you'll have more time to think (sort of).

    So, start X mode (not X' otherwise you'll not have slow speed), normal difficulty, and choose Akuma (go under Hsien-Ko and press down again; select with A or X for the alternate costume), so it'll be harder for the AI to fight back.
    Create the following 3 columns ("g" are gems, "B" are bombs) starting from left to right, LEAVING THE 4th COLUMN EMPTY, so you can put the first diamond down there without destroying anything. After that diamond you can use the column as you want, but remember: THE DEADLINE TO FINISH YOUR PREPARATION IS THE SECOND DIAMOND!!! It'll be your detonator to use on the "g4" color and unleash your anger! :-D
    If you manage to end the columns and there's no diamond around, you can try to destroy the "g4" manually. it's the same, obviously.

    g4 <----color for the detonator! Remember it!!!
    g3 ------- B2
    g2 - g1 - g1
    g1 - g1 - g2

    I put numbers instead of colors, 'cause you can use the ones you want, the important is just their order, expecially at the base (that g1 "S" is key!). NOTE: I put bombs in the upper part because usually they come later in the game, but remember you can also use them instead of gems, 'cause two of the same color together explode as well!

    GOOD LUCK!'re gonna need it...
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    fbsartsMine too, I remember. But I guess this game has been made for that! X-D Cheers!
    Posted by fbsarts on 25 Oct 15 at 17:05
    ZSquared8080I've been working on this achievement with your solution for a few days now, and finally got it tonight. Upvoted!

    Luck is definitely a key factor, there's a nice sweet spot where you are breaking just enough stuff in your two dump piles, without overwhelming the opponent, while still building the tower correctly and efficiently and hopefully not getting counter pieces thrown in by the opponent.

    You don't explicitly say it, but building on top of columns 2 and 3 is often necessary, but can really screw you up. I often did this when I got a piece with only one part that I wanted to put on the tower, so I'd dump the second one on column 2. I was always careful not to drop anything obviously problematic, but there were multiple times that I broke what should have been a 7 chain, but the chain process got messed up with some of those junk pieces in columns 2 and 3. When I finally got the proper 7 chain, I had almost nothing in columns 2 and 3 (besides your configuration), and I carefully built up to manually trigger the detonator since I was well before the 2nd diamond. Again -- being in that situation was mostly luck.
    Posted by ZSquared8080 on 27 Apr 16 at 03:49
    Legohead 1977Upvoted, got this on the second attempt after failing the other method a fair few times on the final crash gem!
    Posted by Legohead 1977 on 22 Mar 18 at 11:11
  • Valerius SFEValerius SFE88,860
    03 Sep 2010 03 Sep 2010 14 Sep 2010
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    To make this even easier set the tile drop speed in the options menu to 1. Then start a game in X mode (not X' !) on normal difficulty. That way you do not get as many counter blocks while trying to stack the blocks for the chain.
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    Chino SkeletonGreat help, I'll try it tonight and hope that will work =)
    Posted by Chino Skeleton on 08 Dec 10 at 18:46
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