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Earn A-ranking in all missions achievement in Ninety-Nine Nights

Earn A-ranking in all missions

Earn A-ranking in every mission of every character.

Earn A-ranking in all missions0
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How to unlock the Earn A-ranking in all missions achievement

  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy
    22 Oct 2008 22 Oct 2008
    Not that tough to do really as long your character is level 7 or over. The main factors seem to be number of people killed vs time taken vs combo count.

    The three toughest levels seem to be the ue-war forest for Inphhy, varrgard castle for Asphar and the phylota flatlands for Dwingvaart and all three are quite achieveable at A grade if you can hit a 1,500 + combo.

    For Inphhy, just after you have warped to take on the Pwuck king, equip your level 1 blade and wear the cursed choker (-50% attack power). This is about the only part of the level that there are enough baddies to rack up a monster combo.

    For Asphar, the same principle applies but head out to the top of the map through the narrow passage, when you get nearly half-way along there are some powerful baddies which should allow you to get to a 1,500 combo.

    For Dwingvaart, concentrate of retaining as much health as possible until the end of the level. When Asphar and Inphhy appear they bring a massive army with them, equip the level 1 blade and the cursed choker a 2,000+ combo is easily achieved.

    Just remember to switch back to your power weapons and items once you've reached your combo!

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    GodLike499So I just completed Inphyy with a B. For the record, my failing stats were:

    Time: 00:21:33
    Kills: 1049
    Standard Attack: 959
    Orb Spark: 90
    Orbs Obtained: 9082
    Max Combo: 1680
    Guard Survival Rate: 80
    Successful Missions: 6
    Bonuses: 600

    I've got to do better! Hopefully that will happen tomorrow night...

    I was hit half way through my combo run on the Pwuks and it interrupted my combo, so it shouldn't be too difficult to {{{hopefully}}} double my combo.
    Posted by GodLike499 On 24 Apr 19 at 03:09
    GodLike499So I tried it again, and got interrupted again during the Pwuck battle. I saw the other solution on here about trying to get a huge Orb Spark on the last battle, so I gave that a shot since I already had the blue bar filled. I got an A using this technique. My advise is try for an either/or method. If you fail at a huge combo with the Pwucks, continue the mission and gather all the enemies in the final section for a ginormous Orb Spark. My final results were:

    Time: 00:20:14
    Kills: 1047
    Standard Attack: 647
    Orb Spark: 400
    Orbs Obtained: 6282
    Max Combo: 1051
    Guard Survival Rate: 84
    Successful Missions: 7
    Bonuses: 600

    Which resulted in an A rank!
    Posted by GodLike499 On 25 Apr 19 at 01:53
    WarnedArc5When I was playing as Aspharr for the first time, I chose to go to Castle of Varvazarr instead of Fort Wyandeek and I achieved at least A rank in all of the missions and this achievement popped for me. I hadn't even played Fort Wyandeek so I assume this achievement will pop if you achieve A rank on the level you chose.
    Posted by WarnedArc5 On 21 Sep at 12:14
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  • DenXDDenXD
    27 Dec 2009 27 Dec 2009 14 May 2014
    I'd recommend to equip yourself with the level 1 weapon + Cursed Choker item (-50% att.). Try to train your characters around level 7. You'll achieve an easier combo, especially with Aspharr on the Varrvazzarr Castle level which might be the hardest mission of them all. I'll explain this mission in a little guide :)

    Aspharr - Castle of Varrvazzarr
    - Turn around and walk all the way to the north (best is to leave your army by pressing LB + RB).
    - Don't attack the enemy, just lure them all the way to the north.
    - When you gathered them all, start button mashing the Y-button. If you have equiped yourself with the level 1 staff + cursed chocker you'll get a nice combo. Try to aim for a 4,000 combo (at least).
    - Then just finish the level normally, easy A-rank I'd say.

    Also don't forget that Aspharr has 6 missions, not 5. At the Eaurvarria Mountains you have to decide where you're headed. You can pick either Fort Wyandeek or Castle of Varrvazzarr. Both have to be A (or S) for the achievement.

    Good luck :)
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    APOLLO2342is the secret mission also included for this achievement? i think that might be the case with Akkonshinigami
    Posted by APOLLO2342 On 08 Dec 10 at 21:06
    DenXDFor all I know it does. Check if you got 6 A+ rankings with Aspharr. If you do, check if you finished Imphy's special mission with A+. Good luck :)

    (noticed AkkonShinigami got the achievement, solution for other people dealing with this problem)
    Posted by DenXD On 08 Dec 10 at 21:58
    APOLLO2342thanks man. im having trouble dealing with things not equipping on the final level and im about to break the game in half. but hopefully i'll finish it this weekend.
    Posted by APOLLO2342 On 10 Dec 10 at 21:22
  • Razgriz LeadRazgriz Lead
    20 Dec 2013 20 Dec 2013
    Inphyy - Ywa-Ue-Uar Forest

    (From the attached video for those, like myself, who hate videos.)

    Kill everyone until you can use your Orb Spark attack. In the final section when you can fight Dwakfarrio, gather all the enemies in that section into one place and unleash the awesome!

    It pushed me up to an A rank after multiple attempts at the 1500 Combo with the Pwuks (They kept interrupting my combo). I did get a combo of 1086 there though..

    My Statistics for the record:

    Time: 14:50
    Kills: 1166
    Standard Attack: 736
    Orb Spark: 430
    Orbs Obtained: 5737
    Max Combo: 1086
    Guard Survival Rate: 63%
    Bonuses: 800

    Points: 458

    (Not my vid, credit to the creator)
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    Vandel BusterGoing to add my A run results for just a general range.
    Time: 15:20
    Kills: 1076
    Standard Attack: 709
    Orb Spark: 367
    Orbs Obtained: 7246
    Max Combo: 668
    Guard Survival Rate (%): 61
    Bonuses 700
    Posted by Vandel Buster On 04 Aug 16 at 20:13
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