Lair Slayer achievement in Assault Heroes

Lair Slayer

Complete all underground zones.

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How to unlock the Lair Slayer achievement

  • Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph966,829
    08 Jul 2009 08 Jul 2009 08 Jul 2009
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    There are 4 of these areas during the game. The entrances are these strange star like structures on the ground. While on foot, if you enter the center of the area, you will be taken underground to a foot access only area. You must survive a short segment of corridor shooting until you reach the end where an extra life pickup lies. Below are several tips:

    Play co-op. Play on easy difficulty. Those 2 things are going to make this vastly easier.

    While in corridor areas make sure to pay attention behind you as well. When in the arena like areas, enemies will spawn from all directions for a short period of time. Never stop moving during these parts and focus more on dodging shots than killing enemies.

    Remember that your life regens it you quit taking damage. If you are hurt, stop for a few seconds.

    Avoid hanging out near the edges of the screen. You never know when a red suicide bomber will show up. If they get near you it spells instant death.

    General rule of thumb, if it moves and isn't your co-op partner, shoot it. Some enemies can be difficult to spot when you are first introduced to them.

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    XxSpazemxXSo basically just reply area 3 then play on until you reach the last underground zone and do all 4 in one play through without stopping and not dying in any of them ever?
    Posted by XxSpazemxX on 22 Apr 12 at 09:00
    Crimson DrifterNot as hard as people make it seem, I was able to do it on my first attempt! Just make sure you nuke the electric ball at the end of Zone 4. Use grenades on the mechs and turrets. Take it very slow and watch your back!
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 17 Sep 12 at 07:50
    VCS 2600 AtariI second Xonatron,"bonus points to anyone who lists the areas".
    Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 09 Jan 18 at 16:20
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  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk133,859
    26 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011 11 Sep 2012
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    Thumbs up for the solutions already here! I needed a little more info on the cheevo, since reading "dying once" sounded soo intimidating. I did some research and found a thread on that helped me tremendously, even if I found the achievement really easy (the bark was worse than it's bite)! I give all credits to "Xi blind iX" and "FTICRMS" of! Pasting the thread here:

    "If you are looking for the quickest way to do this then start your game on Area 3 (easy difficulty.)

    The achievement required you to "Complete all underground zones." In all reality what this means is you are going to go through the first 4 zones of the game while completing each underground level that the zone contains.

    Underground zones are easy to spot if you take your time moving through the Level. Drive your craft on the circular marker to get transported underground.

    Once in the underground zone you will maneuver your character through narrow tunnels filled with enemy troops, turrets, and lasers. If you die during any of the underground zones you need to restart your game back at Area 3 because the achievement required you to beat them all in one sitting. You can die on your way to each underground zone but they all must be completed to obtain the achievement.

    To help you tackle these underground zones take your time; if you get hurt stay back and wait for your health to recharge but always be cautious of nearby enemies. Remain calm and focus on the enemies strung throughout the tunnels. When crossing the red lasers make sure to keep an eye that it isn't flashing because the delay between shots can be tricky. The first three zones should be relatively easy to complete without too much trouble. Make sure you save your nukes and grenades for the tunnels so you can use them on bad guys you are uncomfortable with.

    On the last lair which you encounter in Zone 4 continue to take your time. When you get to the open room with the hovering enemy that shoots blue electricity use a nuke. Once you take him out you will be bum rushed by the regular horde of enemies and you should be able to take them out. When you get very near the end you get to a part with two turrets and guys spawning behind you. I preferred throwing grenades to take out the turrets because I felt more comfortable with that.

    After you beat all four lairs without dying inside then complete Zone 4 like you normally would. Once you beat the boss of that level the stats screen will come up and then you will be awarded your achievement.

    I found this previously posted at the end of another topic and found it helpful also; Thanks FTICRMS!

    Originally Posted by FTICRMS
    I had no problems with the underground parts right up until the very end of the fourth one. Putting those rolling dudes in there is just dirty.

    Some tips:

    - Play on easy.

    - Go slowly. There's no rush. Make sure everything in front of you is clear before proceeding.

    - Don't forget your health regenerates. If you are low on health, just chill out until it starts coming back up.

    - The bullets are pretty slow and easy to dodge. They also fizzle out after a short distance.

    - Watch out for explosions. Blow up any barrels long before you get to them and watch out for when the robotic exoskeleton guys explode.

    - Be careful of the guys who come up behind you. Every few seconds I spray a few rounds behind me to catch anyone who might be sneaking up on me.

    - The automatic turrets are easy to blow up. They only shoot a few bullets and then just sit there. Stand still and shoot the turret until it fires, dodge to one side right before the bullets get to you. Move back to the center and resume shooting at the turret. Repeat until it blows up.

    - In the big rooms, enter quickly and immediately take out the first wave of bad guys and blow up any barrels. Next grab the center prize. By this time, the next (larger) wave of bad guys will enter. Run to one side and start circling them while shooting. They'll shoot back but the bullets are pretty easy to dodge. Concentrate on clearing a path in front of you.

    - Use the explosion radius of the suicide bombers to your advantage. Try to wait until they are next to a bad guy to shoot them.

    - The only really hard part is the end of the fourth lair, where some of the rolling electricity-spewing guys come at you. I died here and haven't replayed but when I do, I plan on sending a few grenades their way. They take quite a few bullets to kill.

    I hope that helps."

    "Yeah, the underground zones are located on level's 3,6,9, and 11. Just for anyone who wants to practice them before making their run." Credits to Case Dang It for the tip!

    I played single player on easy and especially used their tips on starting on area 3, blowing up the barrels and the robo exoskeleton guys before they exploded on me, and to use the nuke on on the electric floating robot thing in underground zone 4! Hope this helps!

    Here's the location to the original thread:

    Please comment or msg if you're planning to leave a negative comment.
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    Templar PunkThanks man!
    Posted by Templar Punk on 26 Apr 12 at 05:10
    Case Dang ItYeah, the underground zones are located on level's 3,6,9, and 11. Just for anyone who wants to practice them before making their run.
    Posted by Case Dang It on 11 Sep 12 at 01:40
    Crimson DrifterNabbed it on my first attempt. Not really as difficult as I thought it would be, just make sure you nuke the electric ball in zone 4, use grenades on the mechs, and always watch your back
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 17 Sep 12 at 17:28
  • NahbienNahbien90,405
    20 Sep 2008 19 Oct 2008
    30 10 6
    The hardest achievement in the game. You must do it on one play through, and you can't even die once in the underground or it'll exit you out. make sure to save grenades and nukes for the underground levels, as you can do almost as much as you want anywhere else. Go slow and take your time.
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    BruhfessorGanjaDo you have to go through area 1 to area 17 or can you just pick the area on the stage select? Just in case you do die, will you have to start from area 1 again to get it.
    Posted by BruhfessorGanja on 20 Feb 11 at 01:45
    ziplobthudyou have to start from the beginning of the game
    Posted by ziplobthud on 25 Apr 11 at 16:03
    XxSpazemxXSo basically just reply area 3 then play on until you reach the last underground zone and do all 4 in one play through without stopping and not dying in any of them ever?
    Posted by XxSpazemxX on 22 Apr 12 at 08:59
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