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Explorer (Multiplayer) achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Explorer (Multiplayer)

Win 5 Team or Solo matches on each original MP map with at least 5 different gamertags in the room

Explorer (Multiplayer)0
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How to unlock the Explorer (Multiplayer) achievement

    27 Dec 2012 27 Dec 2012 27 Dec 2012
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    One of the fastest ways that I know of for trying to obtain this achievement is by having a group of at least 5 players (our session had 6; 3 players on Red team and 3 players on Blue team). Using the settings listed below. Then once the game has started have one team just use a grenade or a grenade launcher attachment to kill themselves; rinse and repeat this process 5 times and then switch and let the other team do this process as well; then switch to the next map and continue doing this. Going through all 10 maps and getting 5 wins for each team took us close to an hour if not a little over.

    Please make sure someone from each team is keeping track with the number of times a team has killed themselves, no need in going back trying to figure out which map you may have cut yourself short a win on.

    Mode: Team Elimination
    Type: Last Man Standing
    Map: Win 5 times on each of the 10 maps
    Time: 5 minutes
    Kit: No Restrictions

    Advanced Settings: Leave all options as is BUT CHANGE: Method for Player assignment from Random to where you can switch teams and not be moved around. and change Game Start timer to OFF. Our group did not change anything else so feel free to play with other options.

    Player Options: Change as you wish.

    The idea of killing yourself along with the team goes to DEMANDINGURLIFE

    Any feedback or ideas on how to make this solution better please leave a comment and I will try and add or make a reference to the solution. Hope this helps.

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    YOOPER 906Can this be done in private matches?
    Posted by YOOPER 906 on 01 Feb 18 at 06:00
    haugse23So just curious, why is this achievement flagged as an offline/online when you need to be online for this?
    Posted by haugse23 on 05 Jun 20 at 19:20
    Oriole2682probably cause you can do it using system link
    Posted by Oriole2682 on 23 Jun 21 at 18:41
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,849,903
    05 May 2013 14 Aug 2012
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    The MP maps are
    Desert Gulch
    Dry Docks
    Fishing Village
    Old town
    Rocky cove

    10 maps in total which therefore requires you at least 50 games
    In any team or solo games. Coop doesn't count towards this achievement.
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    itsamultipassNot sure why 2 people voted negatively. No reason to punish you for the other guy not providing this basic info in his solution in the first place. The other solution is good regardless but thank you for posting this map list! Voted you up!
    Posted by itsamultipass on 20 Oct 13 at 19:03
  • LoneSt4r1836LoneSt4r1836606,571
    21 Oct 2015 21 Oct 2015 21 Oct 2015
    8 0 4
    This achievement is possible to obtain using system link and no extra Xbox Live Gold or Silver accounts other than your own.

    You need two xboxs, 2 copies of the game, and 5 controllers.

    One digital copy of the game counts as two copies as long as you have access to the account that purchased the game and the console the digital title is registered to. The account that bought the game has to be used on the opposite console to download the second copy and has to be signed into Xbox Live on that console in order for the game to launch. Otherwise you need two physical copies or a combination of both. I used a digital copy shared between two xboxes.

    If you don't have 5 controllers, Rock Band/Guitar Hero instraments work. I used 4 controllers and a Guitar Hero guitar.

    The game only allows 4-player splitscreen which is why you need a second xbox as the achievement requires 5 different accounts in the lobby. Load up both copies of the game. Go to Multiplayer. Then choose System Link.

    The next step is where you are going to sign in 5 gamertags, one of which is your own. (4 on one xbox and 1 on the other or any combination depending on what type of controllers being used.) These are 5 unique gamertags, NOT guest accounts. You can create the 4 extra accounts before loading up the game, or they can be created in-game on the Identity sign-in screen. I created mine in-game. Hit the Xbox Guide button on the controller not signed in. Go down to Create Profile. Type in a name. Pick an avatar. Then choose "Done". You do NOT need them to be Xbox Live profiles. Repeat for the other 3 controllers. (or less in you have other profiles already that can be signed in)

    Ready-up the profiles. Have one account host a lobby. I used the settings in BATTLE FIELDS's solution.

    Mode: Team Elimination
    Type: Last Man Standing

    Under "Advanced Settings", look at the first two options. Make sure to allow for 5 or more players in the game, and then "Method for Player Assignment" should be set to "Player Control" so that teams are not locked to allow you to have your account on one team, while the other 4 are on the opposite team. All other settings do not matter.

    Create the lobby and have the account(s) on the other xbox join. Swap accounts to the appropriate winning and loosing teams. Launch the game. Have one account on the loosing team shoot and kill the other three and then use a grenade to kill himself. Do this 5 times on each of the 10 maps.

    The 10 maps in order in the game:

    Desert Gulch
    Rocky Cove
    Fishing Village
    Dry Dock
    Old Town

    The achievement will pop without the need for any other Xbox Live enabled gamertags, other than your own. I got this achievement using this method. I used my Gold account, my dummy account which is Silver, and 3 other non-Live accounts created using the method I described above.
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    LoneSt4r1836I do not think this would work for Victor as that one has to be a public player match. A solution for Team Player states that system link can be used. And I would think you could use system link for Crack Shot as it doesn't specify a public match. I however can not verify if system link would work for any of those three as I got them with the help of other people here on TA in a boosting session. It was months later I successfully used system link to get this particular achievement I wrote the guide for.
    Posted by LoneSt4r1836 on 23 Jul 21 at 04:38
    Dokter VThanks for your answer! I am going to try it anyway, somewhere this year. I will keep you posted, if wanted.
    Posted by Dokter V on 28 Jul 21 at 19:55
    LoneSt4r1836That would be great. It would be helpful to other people with the same question.
    Posted by LoneSt4r1836 on 29 Jul 21 at 14:08
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