Bulletproof achievement in Contra


Complete the game in Arcade mode using only 1 credit.

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How to unlock the Bulletproof achievement

  • OwenPaige1OwenPaige1This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    18 Jul 2009
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    Another solution that you can use is log in a second offline gamertag as player 1 (we'll call him player 1) and then log the gamertag that you want the achievement to go to in as a second controller. Begin the game regularly starting with only player 1 playing use him to get as far as possible. You should be able to use him to get to at minimum the start to middle of the last level. As soon as you are down to your last life and are near death press start on your second controller and finish the game with the gamertag that you wanted the achievement to show up on. So in essence doing the game this way you basically start with six lives. This method works I have seen it done but I just can't quite get far enough into the last level and I am always just 1 life short of killing the final boss. Given another week of practice this achievement will be mine.

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    Moldy Tacos5000Hah, I played so well with the dummy controller I got to the end boss with 3 lives, almost got it for my offline account and had to switch mid-boss fight. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 17 Oct 18 at 02:41
    Callsign ReconGreat solution, though it still takes mastering the game up to the alien head.
    Posted by Callsign Recon on 26 Jun 21 at 10:38
    ShikDang all you fakers
    Posted by Shik on 10 Jun at 01:06
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    Always keep the Spread Gun, try to stock pile lives so the end boss can kill you a few times. Watch where to stand for some of the bosses. You might have to adjust but the locations are decent. Learn a path that is good for you. The last level do not get any pickups so you can get the barrier about half way through the level it is a big help.
    My video helps showcase a good path, the barrier thing, and beating the game in under 12 min also. Please enjoy and i hope this helps you
    ***UPDATE AS OF 6/21/11***
    The Barrier in level 4 requires at least 1 death in the level before the area that it shows up. Also the video is done with out a turbo and I just tested the achievement as of 6/21/11. The achievement is not glitched. Maybe the way with two controllers is but my current guide is not glitched.
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    ChucklestyleI personally used the spread gun (at least up to the snow stage where I died and lost it) and the Rapid after that since no more spread guns were available, but I think the laser is good too if you put in the time to master it. Basically if you don't have autofire the laser will be much easier, but you absolutely have to get the final barrier powerup and haul ass to the alien's head.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 11 Jul 17 at 04:38
    Moldy Tacos5000Don't listen to Phoenix C64's comment about increasing the lives, it doesn't work. The game even warns you it doesn't count.
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 14 Feb 18 at 01:57
    Killer SMBNice guide ++
    Posted by Killer SMB on 01 Nov 19 at 10:36
  • MMMDIMMMDI1,027,292
    19 Apr 2009 20 Apr 2009
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    The other two solutions have solid advice, but some of us just aren't that good. If you're like me and want a solid 200/200 on this game but just can't get this achievement legit (and if you have plenty of free time), there's a way to make it a whole lot easier.

    On the last room of the second tunnel, crouch directly in the middle of the room (your bullets should be hitting directly below the target) and just keep killing stuff. Don't exit, just keep crouching and pushing A as fast as possible. The time will run out and you will die, but for each full run (from the time the clock resets until it runs out), you will gain about 80,000-85,000 points - enough points to give you +1 life and a little over. Repeat this long enough, and you can get as many lives as you need to beat the game.

    I did this for about two hours and got up to 15 lives... plenty to beat the game with and get the achievement. Like I said though, it will take a lot longer and your hand will be killing you towards the end, but it makes the achievement so much easier.
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    Epsilon ThetaI tried it and, unfortunately, one lucky shot of the enemy ruins half an hour of doing this. I am not sure I like the method.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 21 Jun 13 at 20:28
    KanchanaburiI agree, one false move and 12 minutes of time is gone. Takes about that to get one extra life. Also, it should be mentioned that you need to destroy the barricades in order to stop the enemy gernade toss, and then they start rolling the bombs which net you 2000 points for each one. This is the only way you can get 80K plus for the 1min50sec.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 14 Sep 13 at 20:44
    I have tries this method with a turbo controller, every time I crouch down I get nailed by a grenade immediately
    Posted on 07 May 14 at 22:42
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