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How to unlock the Ace achievement

  • salut allosalut allo439,688
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    Okay, so this massive book isn't really a guide for 'Ace', but it's many tips, glitches and also some lag issues that I found through my many years of playing Aegis Wing. I tried to make titles, so you can read what you are looking for. Be aware that I can help you out if you join one of my 3 weekly sessions, every saturday, this guide is just to give you some info on the game to help you get better at it.


    Using the EMP for more points:

    Pro: gives 20% more points

    The EMP (it looks like a yellow box, and makes the screen blurry) gives you 20% of the total points for deactivating enemies, and still offers the points for killing them afterwards.
    Example: the large green ships give 100 for deactivating them, and another 500 for killing them after, giving you a total of 600 for one enemy instead of the regular 500.

    Con: can potentially leave you vulnerable

    The main problem about that is running out of power ups and not being able to take out the disabled enemies before the new ones spawn. That can be potentially deadly; pay attention to the screen, and make sure you don't crash into the disabled ships as it will most likely instantly kill you. If you feel like there are too many enemies for you to kill, try and make a path through them as fast as you can, while still killing the new enemies.
    Being in multiplayer here could help a lot simply because you get more firepower to ram through the enemies and avoid being overwhelmed.

    Pay attention to red's score as I'm disabling enemies.

    Temporary invincibility:

    Attaching or detaching from someone will grant you about 2 seconds of invincibility to bullets, enemies and meteors. Use this to your advantage to get out of heated situations.
    The only thing that it does not work with, are the lasers.

    It works in local multiplayer too.

    In this video I quickly show you just how much you can escape by detaching/attaching!

    Destroying meteors:

    Destroying meteors will give you an extra 30 points for every meteor destroyed. They also occasionally give new power ups, so destroying them is a lot more useful than most people would think. Try to destroy meteors if you have lasers and get an opportunity, but don't keep your lasers only for that. Again, those are bonus points.

    (The meteor HAS to be destroyed with the laser to earn the points)­.

    Destroying enemies faster:

    Moving towards a target at max speed will make your bullets reach the target faster. I tend to use this to make short work of tough enemies. Moving the opposite direction of a target will make your bullets reach it slower, keep that in mind.

    In this video, I show you just how fast you can take out one of those frustrating laser guys, and then I compare the damage dealt by staying still VS moving forward on a boss. (Listen to the sound of the bullets hitting it)



    Lag when attaching in multiplayer online:

    So when you attach to someone that is not using the same console, you are most likely going to lag. Here is how the lag can get you killed;

    Depending on how much it is lagging, your ship won't be synchronized on your driver's screen, even tho you are attached. That does mean that you can get hit on your screen, but it won't appear as tho you did on your friend's screen. Now this can be confusing, as your driver may appear to make you crash in a meteor, but this is only delay in the connection. Also, the host tend to have less lag if they're the one driving. Attaching to someone who is not the host will most definitely end in your demise.

    To counter this, the driver will have to pay attention to his teammate's bullets, because the spot from where those bullets spawn on his screen, is the real location of the other ship. Just to understand what I mean, start up the first level, have your friend attach to you, and have him shoot straight, then move up and down repeatedly. You will realize that his bullets are not totally synchronized with his ship. His actual location is the spot from where the bullets are coming from! NOT the ship that is attached to you! This is something you'll have to get used to when playing multiplayer. Sometimes it gets so bad that it's impossible to stay attached for more than 30 seconds without dying.
    Same thing goes with the power ups: if you try to give a power up to your attached partner, you'll have to check from where his bullets are coming from, then try to make him hit the power up.

    Yellow Ships:

    You know those yellow ships that move around and shoot you? Well those are most of the time lagging when playing online. They won't be synchronized on both screens, and even sometimes are totally at different spots.
    Now this isn't a problem if you're not attached to someone. But if you are, then the best way to counter this, is having the driver killing it as fast as possible. Because, since it's not at the same spot on both screens, the enemy WILL eventually crash right into you, even if the driver thinks he's dodging it (and he is dodging it... on HIS screen, not yours)...

    A few tips I will add for this kind of enemy. They tend to rush towards you, and if you don't pay attention to them, they will run straight into you. They most of the time go in straight lines. So just go up or down to dodge them, and always try to kill them as fast as possible, because they can be really dangerous.

    Giving a power up to 2 people

    It is possible to use that delay in the connection to give the same power up to 2 people at once. To do that, make sure you have someone attached to you, and simply put the nose of the ship above the power up, and quickly move down in a slight angle to the right.



    So there are many ways to go for ace. It would be better on Insane, as there are many more enemies. I think it is possible on Normal, I've never tried it tho. The best thing you could do is combining some of them into your playstyle.

    -on Normal (I never did it on Normal. I eventually will try and post my score here)
    -alone with one controller (hardest way)
    -alone with 2 controllers
    -playing multiplayer
    -using the glitch of going under the screen
    -using the boss of level 5

    Single player

    Going on Normal:

    Like I said I've never tried it, but trying it out can't hurt. I'd suggest using the EMP frequently and the laser on those meteors for extra points. Play aggressive for your 2 first lives, then try to play more defensive for your last lives (as you don't want to have to restart). You can also use the boss glitch described somewhere below to get more points before going to last level. Like I said, I never tried it on normal, so I don't really know how many points you need to have at the beginning of the last level to be able to get Ace.

    Playing alone (with one controller):

    There is not much to say about this... Just keep trying, you will eventually remember the spawning points of the enemies. You will learn how the game works and get better much faster this way... But expect a lot of Aegis Wing playing, as it is the hardest way to play this game and you will probably have to restart many times. Read the first part of this guide for some tips.

    Playing alone (with 2 controllers):

    Playing with 2 controllers by yourself probably is the very best way to play aegis wing, as being combined gives you a higher rate of fire for the gunner, the ability to shoot in angles, stronger power ups, a good mobility/firepower ratio, and, since you're playing in local, you don't have to worry about any lag at all.

    Take the controller of the ship you will use to drive(the guest or account that does NOT need Ace) in your left hand and the other controller in your right hand.
    When the level starts, press cn_X with the right controller. To shoot, use cn_RS with your right controller to shoot in angles. You can also hold cn_A to simply shoot in front. Use cn_LS on the left controller to drive. You should shoot with the right controller only, but there are times when there are just too many enemies, so you might have to shoot with both controllers for more firepower. To do that, I use my right pinky to hit cn_RT on the left controller.

    You can see this as one controller: With you left thumb; cn_LS on the left controller and with your right thumb; cn_RS on the right controller, just like when you have one controller so the controls should be fairly easy to learn.

    Also you should always have a backup power up with the driver, in case. The best should be EMP or shields.


    !!!!!!! Before attempting anything in multiplayer, make sure to read and understand the ''Lag when attaching in multiplayer online'' part, near the top of this guide. !!!!!!!.

    So there are multiple ways you can do it on multiplayer. You can be 2 and attach together, or be 3, attach to a friend, and the third one stays back in case you guys die. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to choose good teammates, because if they arent serious about it and/or keep dying, you won't be able to get new power ups, due to the fact that you'll keep getting the little ships to revive them, and in the long run, it's going to kill everyone.

    Attaching together

    Roles: Gunner: Person who needs Ace.
    Driver: Person who does NOT need Ace.
    Person flying alone (optional): Person who does NOT need Ace.

    So you can attach to someone and be the only one shooting and using the offensive power ups. I cannot stress you enough to use your power ups extremely frequently, borderline wasting them. That way you'll destroy the enemies before they get a shot at you, and get new power ups. I would suggest not detaching from your partner to go get a power up he didn't see, or at least warn him that you are going to do it. Don't try to shoot enemies that are behind you. Always, ALWAYS, shoot the ones in front of you as they have a chance of hitting you, in other words, pay attention to what's going on in front, not behind you.

    That being said, the gunner is the eyes of the ship - always look at the far right of the screen to see where the enemies are spawning and for the purple enemies and warn your driver of their location in case he did not see them. Also warn your driver when power ups pop up.

    Power ups kill enemies. Enemies give power ups. Power ups are good. Using them is good. Saving them up is bad.

    Driver (practice makes better):
    For the driver, first tip would be not to rush too much. Always watch the bullets that are coming towards you and try to find the safe spots as fast as you can. Note that the enemies come in groups of 3, 5 or 7 on Insane, but they all follow each other, so the bullets may seem intimidating, but they all go through the same path, making them easy to dodge. Don't panic, stay focused and the game will be a piece of cake. For the sperm looking things, there are some parts where they spawn on the entire screen. If it happens and none of you have power ups, again, don't panic. Just move at the top or bottom of the screen and kill at least 3 rows of them and rush through the hole you made. Some will follow you. What I do is simply make a circle around them to get behind their back and shoot them. In these times, you should also shoot.

    For the power ups, try picking up the EMP or the shields, and use them wisely. Make use of the glitch to give a power up to 2 people, described somewhere above in this guide.

    There is also a lot of lag in multiplayer, so be careful with that. That's where the attach/detach glitch I described above becomes useful. If you get stuck in front of meteors, or there is a huge wall of bullets, just detach and rush through everything as fast as you can, and then you can get back together and keep going. Try experimenting with the glitch before the Ace run to understand it fully.

    Person flying alone:

    So this third person is totally optional, but can really help. The only thing this one does is stand back and occasionally assist when there are WAY too many enemies on screen. They can also pick up the EMP and disable enemies to let the guy who needs ace kill them. Playing with 3 people like that is the technique I use when I make sessions for Aegis Wing to get Ace to some people.

    Playing in multiplayer but not attaching

    You can also stay on your own, as described by x athiktos x in his solution, just you shoot, and the other player is just there to revive you. Although a thing I will add with that, the second player can pick up the EMP and deactivate enemies around you, and let you kill them. You can try with 3 players that way; the 2 other players attach together, and pick up the EMP, since they are attached, their EMP is going to affect a lot more enemies, but like I said, make sure they don't keep dying. (You can also attach to them to get more power for your lasers/missiles).

    Going under the screen

    This only works between local players.

    This is a glitch I found out years ago, and I think there are other solutions about it, but I'll still write it in here.

    Using 2 controllers, you can go under the screen, making you invincible to everything. To do that, plug in two controllers. Take the controller with your main account (one that needs ace) in your right hand, and the other controller in your left hand.

    Right when the level starts, you will want to bring both ship at the bottom of the screen, and hit cn_X on the controller in your right hand, then wait about half a second and press cn_X again on the same controller. Do the exact same with the left controller, then repeat with the right controller again, and as you do this, you should see your ships slowly going under the screen.

    (To make sure you are completely under the screen, do it around 2 more times when both ships are out of sight.)

    When both ships are under the screen, you will want to be able to shoot.. Try pulling up on cn_RS on your right controller.... If you don't see your bullets coming out from the bottom of the screen, then it means this ship is the driver. To switch to the turret, just press X twice with your right controller to switch places. Also make sure your cn_LS isn't stuck upwards or you will go back on screen.

    As for boss battles, I would recommend not getting back on the screen (at least not on insane). The battle will last much longer, but you'll be sure to survive and keep your points. This is up to you.

    There are two things that can cause a problem. At the beginning of level 3 (Hive and Seek), there will be 10 kamikaze enemies near the bottom of the screen. Take those out before attempting to go under the screen.
    Secondly, during the boss of level 5 (Re-entry (first level with the sky background)), you will want to go to the right of the screen, because this boss can kill you with its lasers.

    Here's a clip to show you what it looks like.

    Using the boss of level 5

    This is the boss I was referring to in the previous paragraph. It's the boss that throws meteors at you and then uses a laser to destroy them (and possibly you at the same time). When you are against it, every object you pick up (power ups, health or ships to revive you friends) gives you 50 points. You can sit there for as long as you want and pick up as many things as you want, so you can play through the game on normal, and when you get to that boss, use this glitch to get to at least 120k and [if you don't die] you should be able to get Ace on the last mission. This, by the way, is how the people on the leader-board got their huge scores, including myself. I did this for like 4 hours and got totally tired of it.

    When you get a laser, try destroying the meteors for extra points (30 each) but be careful not to shoot the boss, as this is the weakest of the game.


    Here are the points each enemy gives (same amount of points for insane and normal):
    ------------------------------- Killing --------------------- (disabling with EMP)
    Blue fighter:------------ 50 points-----------------------------(10 points)
    Red fighter:-------------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
    Blue kamikaze:-------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
    Red kamikaze:--------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
    Purple ships :---------150 points-----------------------------(30 points)
    Yellow fighter:---------200 points-----------------------------(40 points)
    Green ships:----------500 points-----------------------------(100 points)

    Power ups, health and ships to rescue another player: 50 points
    Meteors: 30 points (must be destroyed with laser to get the points)

    First boss (level 1; Turning point): 5000 points
    Second boss (level 3; Hive and Seek): 5000 points
    Third boss (level 5; Re-entry): 10,000 points
    Fourth boss (level 6; Gigantomachia): 15,000
    Fifth boss (level 6; Gigantomachia): 20,000

    With that being said, you should concentrate your fire on the bigger enemies, and also try to deactivate them, before killing them, to earn extra points!

    SCORE DIVIDED BY LEVELS (my score on insane using 2 controllers)

    Here is my score divided by levels using everything I said up there:

    Level 1: 19 000
    Level 2: 55 000
    Level 3: 90 000
    Level 4: 120 000
    Level 5: 193 000
    Level 6: 290 000 without EMP
    310 000 with EMP


    Boss of level 1
    Ideal power up: Shield
    Attacks: Shoots 2 groups of 15 bullets then moves and repeats.

    One of the weakest bosses. What I like to do is pick up a shield, and go straight in front of him. The boss shoots about 15 bullets at once, and you should also know that the shield reflects bullets and doubles the amount of bullets while making them yours. Making 15 enemy bullets, 30 of yours.
    So just stand in front of the boss with the shield. Every two times you hear the sound of bullets hitting your shield, back up or the boss will run into you. You should try it on Normal before trying it on a play-through for Ace, even tho it does not really matter since it's only the first level­.

    If you don't have a shield, I would recommend standing as much to the left as possible, focus on dodging while still shooting, and wait for offensive power ups.

    Not a really hard boss, good to practice the dodging skills.

    Boss of level 3
    Ideal power up: laser
    Attacks: Goes up and down shooting bullets

    This is a really simple boss. You will meet it twice during the level. All it really does, is go up and down shooting random bullets. Just find a path, usually on top or bottom of the screen. Best power up for that one is the laser.
    The first time you meet it, it will shoot and sit in the center while spraying you, then will go down and up, shooting the entire time. Second time it attacks, it will stand still and shoot, then stop shooting and go down. This is your chance to hit it. Laser is your best offensive for that one.
    Only thing - try to keep some of your power ups for after the first encounter, because when you defeat it the first time, it will run away and the level will go on and a huge wall of kamikazes will show up. Use the power up you kept to defend yourself through those enemies.

    Boss of level 5
    Ideal power up: lasers
    Attacks: Vertical lasers
    Diagonal lasers

    Weakest boss of the game health-wise. If playing multiplayer, one player should keep lasers for that one. 12 lasers is about enough to kill it. If not, it will be almost dead.
    If you don't have lasers, the boss might become a bit trickier.
    It's attacks are lasers going straight up or down and lasers going in angles. The boss takes about 2 seconds to charge the beam, which is about how much time you have to go to a safe spot.

    Now if the boss goes up or down, go at the top or bottom of the screen as fast as possible. Don't stay in the middle - or the laser will kill you.

    If the boss stays in the middle and starts facing you in an angle, go to the right of the screen, under or above him.

    You should always go the opposite way the boss is facing, it will give you more time and won't get you killed due to you panicking and hitting a mine.
    (Example: The boss is going up and charges its beam; go down.)

    Attack it when it just finished doing it's laser. Then when the new meteors come in, stop shooting, focus on dodging the meteors, and then wait for the boss to take a position and finally search for safe spots. Rinse and repeat until it blows up.

    First boss of level 6
    Ideal power up: rockets
    Attacks: Shoots bullets
    circles the screen
    charges from right to left of the screen (after 3 attacks)

    Fairly simple boss. Make sure to count the number of times he attacks, because first it will randomly alternate between the bullets and the circling; 3 times.
    For the bullets, simply go up or down. For the circling, as scary as it may be at first, stay in the middle of the screen - you'll be safe.
    Once you counted 3 attacks, the boss will ram straight from his position to the left of the screen, so make sure to move out of the way.
    After that, a wall of red enemies (shoot one bullet each) will appear. There are 2 power ups available in that group, so make sure to clear as many of them as possible.

    Your best offensive is the rockets. Wait for the boss to start a run around the screen, and as soon as he starts moving, spam your rockets. They will follow him around the screen and all land on him once he stops moving, so no effort required on your end at this point.

    Other than that, straight forward boss. Takes a while to take down without rockets, but is in no way a problem.

    Last boss of the game (second boss of level 6
    Ideal power up: Rockets or lasers
    Attacks: Shoots bullets (lots of them completely randomly)
    Detaches parts
    Randomly lasers the screen (Evil)
    Once almost dead: Sprays the entire screen with bullets

    Easily the hardest boss of the game, you'll have to give it everything you've got to take it down. His main attacks are random bullets in no specific path, random lasers, again, in no specific path, and an attack where he detaches the little parts of his ship and tries to hit you with them. The number of attacks before new power ups is also random. Enemies will come in 2 groups, one line above and one under the boss. The amount of power ups available in those 2 groups can be 1 or 2, also random.

    First, for the bullets, usually going up or down does it, but otherwise, your dodging skills will be tested. Shields would be good in a team of 4, where one player uses the shield and the others hide behind them, but I would recommend having offensive power ups to take him down as fast as possible, as this boss is a very big pain in the butt.

    For the lasers, there's absolutely nothing I can say other than good luck. Those lasers are glitched, and will often just kill you out of nowhere. If playing in multiplayer, perhaps hiding a player at the bottom right or top right corner of the map would be an option. That way, there will always be a way to revive the other players and defeat him. Using the outside of the map glitch is also a VERY good option for this last boss, and I often will do it when helping people beating the game on Insane, just to make sure we don't die.

    For the detaching parts attack, you'll hear a different noise, and you'll see little parts detaching from his ship and rushing towards you, make sure to stay in front of him, as much to the left of the screen as possible. This is basically the only attack that uses 3D perspective in the game. What I mean is, the parts will circle around your ship, and not hit you. This attack is the easiest to dodge, and is a very good way to deal lots of damage to the boss since you can stay in front of him spraying him while he does it.

    Once you destroy all the little parts, the boss is going to start spinning while shooting bullets EVERYWHERE on the screen. This part may seem intimidating, but stay completely to the left of your screen, and focus on the dodging more than actually hitting him, and keep your finger on the trigger. The boss will eventually die from you randomly hitting him while dodging. A good option here is to wait for a shield before destroying the last ball-looking part, meaning you'd have to stop shooting and wait for enemies to appear to get the wanted power up, and use it to take him out fast once it goes nuts.


    If you are still struggling to get that achievement, you can try sending me a message over TA, but I'm really not as active as I used to be.
    I may reply or not, I'm sorry if I don't reply, just means I'm too busy at that moment. I'm also slowly stopping to take requests for aegis wing, but you still can message me, you may be in luck and I may actually have some time to reply!

    If there is something wrong, missing or not clear, or if you simply have a question, feel free to message me or leave a comment!

    (I wish I could underline my text or change the size of some words... oh wait...I now know how, THANKS Redodua :D)

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    IBeTwitchen+1 Salut Allo actually has to be a legend after this many years, they were an excellent help! (:
    Posted by IBeTwitchen on 13 May at 22:45
    PrattalmightyFantastic, well written guide and an excellent help
    Posted by Prattalmighty on 19 Jun at 22:25
    The HeapeAny chance you are still doing the sessions?
    Posted by The Heape on 28 Jun at 22:35
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  • OG BakerOG Baker177,811
    18 Apr 2010 18 Apr 2010 18 Apr 2010
    121 8 32
    1. Make sure to have 2 controllers signed in.
    2. Start the game on INSANE.
    3. When the game starts, immediately bring the 2 ships to the bottom of the screen. This can be the most tricky part as you are using the 2 controllers.
    4. Click on the 1st Controller this will attach the first ship to the 2nd one.
    5. You will need to quickly click Twice on the 2nd controller( what you are doing is - Deattahing and reattaching again)
    6. By now you will see that both ships are "Hidden" under the black area at the bottom of the screen. You can no longer see them
    7. Start shooting with the 1st controller using the Right Stick to guide missles to enemies on top (they can no longer hit you)
    8. You will have to repeat this process in the start of every level.
    9. It can get very tricky in level 3 to do this, because enemies coming at the bottom fast on you, they might kill you before you "disappear", So quickly shoot the bottom line of enemies and the start the Attach de attach process.

    You will be simply shooting invisible all the way to the final boss.

    Credit goes to ZenithMarth............... There is a couple of things i will add.When your attaching your ships you will have to attach and reattach 4-6 times to get low enough that you wont get hit by anything.And dont forget you shoot with the profile your getting the cheeve with and move acrosss the bottom with 2nd contoller. You will need move kinda close to the bosses in level 5-6 because there lasers can reach you still.
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    VigormasterWorks good.
    Posted by Vigormaster on 12 Feb 13 at 01:23
    Mike WaldronSalut Allo is the man he can freaking beast it on coop!!! Thanks for the help!!
    Posted by Mike Waldron on 05 May 13 at 17:50
    xShoot4WarAmpsxWas this patched? I have enemies going off screen to crash into me
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 09 Oct 21 at 01:20
    15 Sep 2008 13 Jan 2009 02 Sep 2012
    72 5 1
    I found an even easier (yet more time consuming) method.
    If you have a guitar hero controller, it will make this easier.

    -Start up a local multiplayer game. Make sure you are an easy color to find in a huge firefight (just a general tip).
    -Have your second controller attach to you so you have control (if you have the guitar controller, it will fire backwards constantly, covering you). Having the second controller increases the power of your lasers, special attacks, and does not sacrifice your mobility. On bosses, you can hold down the whammy bar with your foot or something and it will always fire straight ahead.
    -Play the game normally, making sure to pick up as many power-ups as possible and use them to destroy as much on the screen as you can.
    -When you get to the meteor boss, get comfy. Avoid the meteors and his laser, and just collect the powerup that come across. You get 50 points a piece. You could stay here a good hour collecting points slowly. If you die more than 4 times, use your second controller to scoop up the extra ship. Remember that you want about 165,000 because the last boss will give you 20k. Merely survive and get the achievement.

    -The metor boss unleashes a power-up every 2 throws.
    -Memorize the patterns of bosses and levels. If you fail enough times, you'll know where they will come from eventually, making you a better player.
    -You don't need guitar hero, just a good buddy who doesn't mind being bored for a couple hours no doing much.
    -Edit 2012: The boss you are looking for is at 5:13 in this Youtube video (thanks to hipoopyhello aka zackj191)
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    DragonFangDanGood idea, but if u get the laser u can blast the mines he throws out for more points.
    Posted by DragonFangDan on 24 Jul 10 at 15:42
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