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The Final Sacrifice

Destroy the Marker

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How to unlock the The Final Sacrifice achievement

    17 Feb 2011 18 Feb 2011
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    When doing this on Zealot use fully upgraded Line gun!
    1) Use AltFire near Nicole and move away - this will destroy her and all Shadows in 1 shot.
    2) When Marker heart opens up - use your fast firing favourite gun (but keep moving, Shadows will start to crawl up). I've used fully upgraded Plasma Cutter. Took me about 12-15 shotsX3 (=3 times) to kill the Marker.

    If all done right, you will not need get hit even once.

    Total ammo count - 3 altfire Line gun shots, 30-40 Plasma cutter shots.

    When starting chapter try to have Grenade launcher (whatever it's called in the game) with 30 shots to run through the stage. Stasis/2-3XGrenades in the chest combo for anyone on your way. Ignore Spitters and other far off enemies - only kill those on your way. When surrounded - StasisX2 (back and forward), altfire Line gun, run-run-run. Also have about 4-5 double med packs.

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    Blues CowboyLine Gun Alt-Fire FTW. This was how I did it- trust me, it's much easier than faffing around with the contact beam.

    Voted up.

    As for the marker heart, I'd also highly recommend the Pulse Rifle. It deals major damage over a short period of time.
    Posted by Blues Cowboy on 09 Mar 11 at 00:00
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  • FiscalCliff2013FiscalCliff2013116,511
    12 Apr 2011 24 Apr 2011
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    I had a hell of a time on Normal, because I entered the fight with 6 detonator mines and NO OTHER AMMO. It took 3 mines to take out Evil Nicole; the second time I took her out (having as yet done no actual damage to the Marker), it insta-killed the shadow hordes, so I was able to dash around and pick up the ammo they dropped...being careful not to run into E.N. and her insta-kill.

    That's clearly NOT the way to do it, so when I went through again on Zealot I had a plan. I stocked up on Plasma Cutter ammo and Contact Beam ammo. (I also had health, but I didn't have to use it -- busted the Marker in 1 playthrough.)

    Upgrade your Contact Beam so that it has all the Alts and the Special node covered. (They're all in one path, so it's easy.) Now, when you fire the Contact Beam's alt, it not only wipes out every shadow around you, it also hits everything nearby with stasis. As E.N. comically flails backwards in slow-mo, use your Contact Beam's primary fire on her. It only took me 1 alt-shot and 1 easy primary shot with the Contact Beam to take out E.N.; then I unloaded on the Marker with the Plasma Cutter (which was fully upgraded, as this was a New Game+, but that's not necessary -- nothing even TOUCHED me.)

    As of this writing, this is the 4th guide for this achievement, and I don't know why nobody else has mentioned the Contact Beam. It is far and away the best weapon against E.N., because it simultaneously annihilates the horde, damages her, AND hits her with stasis so you can get the easy kill shot. I also found that the Contact Beam's alt was great for getting through the prior chapter; any time you get surrounded, hit the alt and everybody freezes and/or explodes. (I used regular-old stasis and Plasma Cutter on the indestructible creature.) Just make sure you load up on plenty of Contact Beam ammo at your last store stop.
  • LuNcHbOxX15LuNcHbOxX1586,393
    29 Jan 2011 26 Feb 2011
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    "The Final Sacrifice" (Destroy the Marker) Achievement

    Nicole is the final boss in Dead Space 2. Here are some tips I found to make the last boss easier. Using the Line Gun's secondary fire is great for making Nicole reveal the Marker so you can do damage to it, once the Marker is vulnerable switch to the Pulse rifle and use primary fire to do damage to it. After the first phase of damage to the Marker is done Nicole will start sending shadow "children" at you I found the Force Gun to be the best weapon to clear them. (while you are clearing the shadows be sure to look out for Nicole, she can teleport right in front of you at any time and instant kill Issac) Continue the Line Gun mine and Pulse Rifle rotation to damage the Marker and keep the shadow children off you with the Force Gun and you will get both "The Final Sacrifice" and "Made Us Whole" achievements.
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