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Elevator Action

Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence

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  • AbeLoganAbeLogan309,929
    30 Jan 2011 30 Jan 2011
    102 6 15
    The name of this achievement is "Elevator Action". It is a MISSABLE achievement; if you make it to the top of the large elevator sequence in Chapter 7 where the Tripods are attacking you through the windows and you don't get it, you will need to reload an earlier save. If all of your save files are past this point, you will need to do it on a different playthrough.

    To get this, you need to knock all of the Tripods off of the large elevator that you ride in Chapter 7. By my count, there were 18 enemies that attacked. I got this on my first playthrough on Normal using the non-upgraded Pulse Rifle's Alt-Fire. Just make sure to buy enough ammo so that you won't run out. Each alt-fire costs 25 ammo, and you'll need a minimum of 18 shots. I made sure I had 20 shots just in case. For those of you who don't want to crunch the numbers, 18 shots comes out to 450 rounds, and 20 shots comes out to 500. Once you have enough ammo, just make sure you shoot the Tripods quickly and always reload after shooting one, unless there is another enemy right next to him. You can only fire twice before you must reload, so it's better to reload when it might be unnecessary rather than get caught having to reload when two enemies show up at the same time. It only takes one shot to knock each one off. Sometimes it looks like they're still hanging on, but trust me, if you hit them, they will fall off. Again, I did this on Normal, and my Pulse Rifle was not upgraded at all. Not sure about higher difficulties.

    If you dont have quite enough funds to get enough Pulse ammo, you can also knock the Tripods off with one shot from the Detonator. Between these two weapons and maybe selling some of your extra items, hopefully you can get enough ammo to last through all 18 enemies.

    This acheivement really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Good luck!
  • Erwo the ElderErwo the Elder280,922
    02 Feb 2011 04 Feb 2011 04 Feb 2011
    54 0 10
    I found the Force Gun to be the best weapon for this achievement. The reason is you don't have to aim for the yellow parts, it just blows them off the elevator. Just remember to reload when there is any break because near the end of the elevator ride there are two to three at a time. With this method I was able to get the achievement on the very first try. Good luck and good hunting and bring lots of ammo.
  • MalholioMalholio51,544
    13 Mar 2011 16 Mar 2011
    15 1 3
    One shot with the Detonator will knock them off, even if you don't hit the yellow parts. Upgrade the Detonator's rate of reload, or use Stasis if you are having trouble keeping up.
  • pompeyladbfppompeyladbfp239,685
    07 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011
    15 2 4
    i used the contact beam ALTERNATE FIRE on my second playthrough, by this point you should have fully upgraded it (if not use respec ability and strip something else) basically after the zero g bit after you fix the elevator go back to the save point and make a new fresh save purely for this achievement, then lowerthe difficulty. i found that if you roughly stand in the middle you can affect all the necromorphs... however i did find they come in waves of 4-5 first, then reload, about 5-6 then reload, then the last lot (your 7 ammo should be enough, maybe a last reload)

    took me about 2 attempts as for some reason i missed one while reloading as my first shoot didnt get him

    hope this helps
  • SneakyStabbalotSneakyStabbalot620,032
    27 Feb 2011 28 Feb 2011
    11 1 0
    It took me four goes to get this :(

    But once I realized what I was doing wrong, I got it.

    I used a maxed out Pulse Rifle using Alt-Fire, and I'd stocked up on ammo (I had over 700 rounds).

    My mistake was I was not in the center of the elevator, I had my back hard up against the elevator door which gave me a blind spot on my right, by the time I realized there was a tripod at that window, it was too late - he'd hit me and gone.

    What I ended up doing is placing 4 vertical mines on the floor right in front of some windows, that way if something reached in while I wasn't looking, it'd get nuked. I then stood in the center of the room and kept spinning around and around! When a tripod showed up, I'd Alt-Fire, as soon as I knew it'd gone, I'd start spinning again.

    After about the first half-dozen tripods, I think I reloaded only once, maybe twice. I'd keep reloads to a minimum so you don't miss anything.
  • Justify IIJustify II244,925
    05 Mar 2013 05 Mar 2013 05 Mar 2013
    5 1 1
    Uhh not sure if this is much of a solution or I just got lucky, but you need not do any of those things. I was on the normal difficulty with my detonator and just spun in circles until I saw each tripod appear. One shot with it does knock it off, and I just made sure I had plenty of ammo (think I had around 25 shots). None of my weapons have been upgraded yet and this is still my first playthrough. I reloaded the detonator automatically once my cartridge was depleated, so I didn't spam that either. Achievement popped at the top once I arrived and it happened on my first try. Just clarifying that you DO NOT need to have anything upgraded in order to do this.

    EDIT: It may say I have not yet earned it but I did about 10 seconds ago so TA hasn't updated (that shit takes forever to...)
  • TAMB0TAMB0219,106
    02 Nov 2014 02 Nov 2014
    2 0 0
    I did this my second try with the plasma cutter with 16 capacity. I just spun around fast (llok speed setting at 3) until I saw a tripod and shot the arms. Some shots didnt perfectly hit the yellow part and they still fell.

    Other methods may be easier but it IS DOABLE with the plasma cutter! I was going a plasma cutter only play-through on casual.
  • Log4n PLLog4n PL19,651
    30 Jan 2011 04 Feb 2011
    11 10 2
    I did this on "survivalist" diffuculty level using my Force Gun ( I put one power node in dmg upgrade ). It should take only one shot to take out single tripod. It is cheaper using 20-25 rounds of FG instead of 450 rounds of Pulse Rifle.
    Of course you have to buy FG - i get this zealot FG from my collector edition :P
  • IcarneiroIcarneiro138,561
    01 May 2018
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