Real Ultimate Power achievement in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade

Real Ultimate Power

Defeat Shredder in an Xbox Live CO-OP game, and live to tell the tale.

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How to unlock the Real Ultimate Power achievement

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    This achievement is a little tricky.

    To make things easy, make sure you have 4 people total playing this game. You will need to help each other out in order to get through. Also, take note that everyone has 20 lives and only 20 lives.
    Pizzas don't come up very often, so healing yourself will be tricky. Don't snag pizzas if you don't need them, but be careful: it is possible to get knocked into a pizza unwillingly.

    Now, the achievement doesn't require you to just beat the game over Live. You have to beat the game ans still be alive after Shredder is defeated. This means if you ran out of lives and everyone else didn't and they beat the boss you won't get the achievement.
    To save lives, try going for the other achievements while doing this. What I mean is when you fight the first boss, try to do it without dying. Try dodging all of the ice traps, don't get lit on fire when saving Splinter, and try taking care of the third to last boss w/o losing 2 lives.

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    Blazing Nobleoh shit I didn't think of that. 4 of us played today, 1 died at shredder, the other 3 beat him and no achievement. I am pretty sure it was private
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 06 Jan 15 at 03:44
    Manb3arSquirrelJust went for it for the tenth time or so, and it didn't unlock for me, and only me, and I had four lives left. Two others got it. No idea why it didn't work. I was in the game the whole time and everything. I recently unlocked an achievement for this game, so it isn't that. Bummer.
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 26 Jan 15 at 23:29
    Manb3arSquirrelUPDATE: I deleted the game, redownloaded it, and had my system cache cleared, then all the achievements started unlocking again after the requirements were met once more. :)
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 27 Jan 15 at 06:10
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  • ZymoticZymotic918,100
    28 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010
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    Use Ralph and/or Mike on:

    Bebop - Hit him once then move up, down, or away to avoid his hit.

    Rockstead - Hit him three times then move up or down to avoid his hit.

    All other bosses - Get right on top of them and hit them repeatedly. As they move up and down move with them.

    Don and/or Leo on:

    Krang - Hit him from the side, then move away from him. If you do it right you can hit him, move away, hit him, move away until he fires his arm at you.

    Shredder - There will be two shredders. Hit both until you see the helmet come off of one, then try and avoid him and go after the other shredder. If you kill him the real shredder will duplicate himself again. Once you knock the helmet off the real shredder kill the other since he can no longer duplicate himself and then finish off the real shredder.

    Use (a) and (x) for the turtles special move. It's powerful and if timed right can be a great solution for the foot soldiers.
  • BasanakinBasanakin171,213
    28 Jan 2013 25 Apr 2012 13 Dec 2013
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    If you're going for this achievement, then be sure you watch these videos first! There are some CRUCIAL GLITCHES you need to know! In the sewer level, it shows that you can walk ON the edge of the walkway. If done correctly, nobody can hit you. The most usefull glitch is one the bridge level with the choppers bombing you. Pay attention to the video. It will tell you how to skip the hard part of the level, These are perhaps the most useful glitches which are shown in the videos below.

    Also, I discovered that Mikey works pretty well on the General and the guy with the flamethrower. Mikey seems to be pretty quick, and I just spammed the special-attack (X + A) on the dudes, and they couldn't hit me. You might want to try that out first, otherwise, follow the strategy of the videos.
  • NamcoPlayerNamcoPlayer#9871136,995
    26 Sep 2022 26 Sep 2022
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    Here is a strategic level guide to help you survive through the game. Cooperation is the key to make this achievement a bit easier! If you don't have a mic, you can PM the boosting players about this guide before the boosting session so they can study it. Remember you have 20 lives, so use them wisely to beat the game without dying. Levels will often have pizzas you or your other teammates can grab if they/you are low on lives or health.

    Level 1 (April's Loft):
    This level is the easiest in the game. Just watch out for the boulders that come down after passing the stairs and be careful when attacking the enemies, so you won't waste 2-4 lives here. While fighting Rocksteady, a strategy to use is attack, then go back, then attack, then go back to avoid losing more health here.

    Level 2 (Streets):
    This level has more enemies than in the previous level, as you might notice in multiplayer. There is a sign which can drop down and hit you, which spawns in two more enemies to deal with, so be careful where it lands. Use the same boss tip from Level 1, but when Bebop uses his laser gun, go up or down to avoid his shots.

    Level 3 (Sewer):
    This level can be much easier to complete by using a glitch. On the sewer sidewalk, stand near the edge. This glitch would allow you to become practically invincible to enemies unless you make a different step up or down. As you notice you are on the edge, rockets don't come out of the sewer to attack you. The only thing that will hurt you during the glitch is the spiky wall. Baxter can be defeated in two ways, by defeating all his robots or defeating him while using the glitch by doing cn_A+cn_X attacks or cn_A then cn_X attacks while still on the edge without moving your control stick/D-Pad.

    Level 4:
    This level has now more enemies with weapons (such as spears and guns), so keep a bit distance from them before they fire and wait until the good moment to attack them. You can use the cones and barrels which one-hit kill enemies within the barrels' explosion radius to help you defeat some of the enemies. The level's boss includes a rematch with Bebop and Rocksteady together, so it's recommended to split up the players to defeat the other two.

    Level 5:
    Best to stay up at the very top of the highway throughout the level since most vehicles won't damage you and your teammates. At the end of the level, avoid the spikes when battling the three final Foot Soldiers (that throw tires).

    Level 6:
    Like Level 3, there is a glitch which makes this level easier to complete with losing less health and lives. When the red choppers come at the start of the level, destroy them. When the enemies on skateboards spawn, DO NOT attack or kill them, or the glitch won't work. Just jump over and avoid the enemies for about 5 or more minutes (depends on the connectivity and speed of the game) and then kill them after 5 or more minutes has been passed.

    Level 7:
    Remember how I suggested to split up while defeating Bebop and Rocksteady for Level 4? Well, you kinda do the same at the start of this level, where one team defeats the robots and the other one defeats the other Foot Soldiers. You can do the same glitch in level 3 (standing on the edge) near the area with the set of lasers. When you get to the robot flies' area, quickly destroy them using cn_A+cn_X attacks or cn_A then cn_X attacks as they are very annoying and can make you lose a lot of health while struggling to fight with them. A tip for the boss fight is to attack him from the up/down of him when he gets close, so he has a lesser chance of striking his flamethrower at you. Grab a pizza if you need it here.

    Level 8:
    Since this is the last level of the game, you have a less chance of your health being healed, as there are only a few pizzas at the end of the first area before you fight Krang and Shredder. Avoid the Freeze traps as they take a bunch of health and destroy the laser cannons as quickly as possible. Jump over the boulders after the Freeze traps. Before the boss fight, Traag will slam the door which would make it go flying, which can lose your health, so watch out for that. Use the same strategy with Level 7's boss (attacking him from the up/down of him when he gets close).

    Level 8.1 (Krang):
    This is the final part of the game where you have 0 chances of getting your health healed by pizzas or completing a level. Don and/or Leo is recommended for this fight since they both have long-ranged attacks so they can attack, step back, attack, step back, and vice versa.

    Level 8.2 (Shredder):
    This is it, the final boss of the game. Shredder uses his clones to confuse the players, and he has two attacks; his beam which one-hit kills you, or a sword slash attack. To identify the real Shredder, after all but one Shredder's helmets came off. Plus, Shredder's clones can have their helmets knocked off in several hits. When he charges his beam attack, you have only about a second to dodge it.
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