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Blimp Buster

Find all solutions to all Zeppelin of Consequence challenges.

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How to unlock the Blimp Buster achievement

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    Here's a walkthrough of each Zeppelin of Consequence challenge. You can get as much or little help as you want. Either just read the bold title of the scenario, move onto the italicized hints, or just read the full walkthrough. Your choice.

    "Get Rid of the Gas" - Air Exchange Room

    1) A Blast of Sweet Air
    -Sweet overcomes stink.
    -Her scent can freshen an entire room.
    -Use Felicity Fowler to pass potpourri into the stink cloud.

    You'll need Felicity Fowler (size 3). She's the lady in the pink dress standing near the Fan Service Room/Air Exchange Room signs in the Dining Room. Just take her, aim her behind at the stink cloud trapping the ambassador, and let loose her wonderful smelling farts.

    2) Opera Sucks
    -She inhales before exhaling.
    -People gather to hear her high note.
    -Wilhelmina can suck the stink from the room by singing near it.

    Go out into the dining room and get Prima Donna Wilhelmina (size 5). She's the opera singer with the traditional viking helmet on, surrounded by paparazzi. When she sings, she takes a DEEP breath beforehand. So, have her inhale the stink cloud.

    3) Override Up High
    -The door can be opened from the inside to allow the floater in.
    -Take Charlie into the fan service room and use the largest maintenance man to open the door.
    -Stack a small maintenance man into the balloon waiter, float up near the fans, and then maintain the panel.

    First, squeeze into the Fan Service Room next to the room where the ambassador is trapped. Stack into the largest maintenance man (size 3) and "maintain" the door open using the panel next to it. Then, unstack to the smallest maintenance man (size 1) and stack into the balloon waiter (size 2) nearby. Head back into the Fan Service Room and "fly to station" while standing on the floor vent. Unstack to the smaller maintenance man and "maintain" the nearby panel to turn off the fan, stopping the offending odor.

    4) Bun in the Oven
    -The stink is a hazard that requires the right suit.
    -In the suit, transport the one who can smash things.
    -Stack the Purse lady into the Hazard Suit, cross the stink, and use her to smash the fan shut-off.

    Across from the Air Exchange Room where the stink is, there is an Emergency Room. In front of the entrance, there is a lady with a purse (size 3) that you need to stack into. Then, inside the Emergency Room is a Hazard Suit (size 4) that you also need. Cross through the stink cloud, unstack to the purse lady, and "purse smash" the button behind glass nearby to shut the fan off.

    "Break Out of the Brig" - Makeshift Brig (Unlocked after getting ambushed near the Summit Room)

    (NOTE: From the comments I've seen below and after some research, it seems this area is glitched if you come back after completing this level, so it's recommended you clear things up before moving on.)

    1) Out of the Frying Pan
    -He keeps his cool in hot situations.
    -The heat is blocking a way out.
    -The Fire Chief can put out the fire and Charlie can leave through the chimney.

    First, stack into Fire Chief Russell (size 2), the nearby firefighter, and "spray hose" water on the fire. Use Charlie to squeeze through the small opening in the back of the chimney. After noticing Charlie's gone, the Baron's goons will burst in, allowing the ambassador to escape.

    2) Birdman of Brig
    -When one falls they all do.
    -Fly away.
    -Knock over the dominoes with the large doll, stack in the bird, and fly up to the nest.

    Start by stacking into the large steward (size 3) near the door. Using his massive bulk, walk into the nearby dominoes, setting off a chain reaction and knocking over some food. This will attract a pelican (size 1) from up high. "Fly to nest" and walk out the hole to send the goons in looking for you.

    3) Slip Up
    -The guard has been known to slip and fall.
    -Roll it in his way before honking for the guard.
    -Push the roller skate with the large doll and then honk the guard horn using Charlie.

    Using the large steward (size 3), push the roller skate into place in front of the door. Unstack to Charlie and honk the horn over near the wall for the guard to come in. He'll run in, trip, and you escape.

    "Stop that Car" - Racetrack

    1) Photo Finish
    -A picture is worth a thousand words.
    -Animals are easily startled by flashing lights.
    -Use the Press Photographer to take a flash photo of the monkey driving the car.

    Stack into a press photographer (size 3) and "flash photo" the monkey in the car as it drives by. The monkey'll panic, crash the car, and the ambassador will be freed.

    2) Braking for Bananas
    -The machine is stuck and must be pumped before they can get their food.
    -Once they have their trays filled, why not toss one out?
    -Use Charlie to stack into the banana feeder and pump it, then stack a banana vendor and throw one onto the track.

    As Charlie, go to the banana feeder's pump (to the right of the area surrounded huge bananas), stack onto it, and "pump bellows" a couple times to fix the banana feeder, resupplying the vendors in the area. After they all come running, stack into a banana vendor (size 4) and "toss banana" onto the track. The monkeys will stop the car to have some grub.

    3) Call to Arms
    -To send them into a frenzy, his horn must be amplified.
    -The announcer must be distracted to move out of the way.
    -Use a maintenance man to shut off the nearby power panel and then use the bugle to play into the announcer horn.

    To start, go up to the upper level and stack into the bugle player (size 2) and the maintenance man (size 3) standing near the entrance to the catwalk. "Maintain" the pulley system behind the announcer on said catwalk to shut off the power and distract him from his spot. Next, unstack to the bugle player and "play bugle" into the loudspeaker to freak the monkeys out.

    4) Rabbit Takes Chimp
    -A timed stack with a canine friend will have Charlie on the track.
    -Repeatedly press the button so the dog runs fast enough to reach the car.
    -Charlie can stack in a dog, the rabbit on the back of the car, two monkeys and then apply the brakes.

    As Charlie, go up to the platform on either end of the track. As the dogs come running by stack into dog #4 (size 1), the nearest one. Then, just "fast run" until you catch up to the car. At the back of the car is a bunny (size 2) you can stack into. From there, stack into the monkey (size 3) above you powering the car, and then into the driver monkey (size 4). Just "apply brakes" to bring the car to a stop.

    5) Action Flag
    -From up high, he can be directed to wave.
    -With a wave of his flag, he can be directed to end the race.
    -Use the Silent Film Director to direct the flag bearer on the catwalk to wave the victory flag.

    Over between the banana feeder and the zipline is a silent-film director named Cecil Dumheal (size 5) whom you need to stack into. Go up to the catwalk and yell "Action!" at the flag bearer. He'll wave the flag frantically to impress you, causing the monkeys to stop because they think the race is over.

    "Get Mr. Ruffles" - Outside Summit Room (unlocked after completing the Zeppelin of Consequence adventure)

    1) Needle in a Doll Stack
    -To guess where it is, talk to the right bully.
    -Watch the bear closely when they shuffle.
    -After the bullies shuffle, talk to the bully who has the bear.

    More or less, just guess or watch closely when they shuffle and talk to whomever you think has the bear. If you guess wrong, they'll reshuffle. Straightforward.

    2) Peek-a-Bully
    -Don't judge a book by its cover.
    -Smash, surprise, or feed; it's all the same.
    -Feed the bullies a banana to see which one has the bear and then talk to him.

    First, you must have completed scenario 2 of the "Stop that Car" challenge. Nearby, there'll be a banana vendor (size 4) to stack into. Then, just "toss banana" at each bully to peek inside of them as they catch the fruit. Simply talk to whoever has it and you're set.

    3) Marked Men
    -Their shuffling is easier to follow if you mark them first.
    -The mighty pen or the official seal, either will mark.
    -Use one of the nearby ambassadors to mark the dolls and then talk to the bully who has the bear.

    First, stack into either Ambassador Osman (size 2) or Ambassador Log (size 3), who're both standing nearby, and use their official seal or pen, respectively, to mark a bully. Next, grab the other ambassador and mark yet another bully. After they shuffle, it should be fairly easy to tell who's who.

    "Open the Gate" - Baggage Check, Outside Crew Quarters

    1) Gate Wedgie
    -Challenge the big man with a ring of his bell.
    -Yank up!
    -Give the bell the Northern Kiss and then use Cromwell to give the gate a Royal Wedgie.

    You'll need to stack into the nearby Scottish fellow (size 4) with a red beard. Go to the ring bell and use "The Northern Kiss" to ring it. After he jumps out of the ring and gives a jolly good wedgie, stack into Cromwell the Terrible (size 5). Then, just use give the gate a good ole "Royal Wedgie" to free the ambassador.

    2) Shaken Up
    -The wrench can lower the lever.
    -The lever must be properly shaken.
    -Use a maintenance man on the outside panel and then use a passenger to give the lever a firm handshake.

    First, go into the Crew Quarters and search out a maintenance man (size 2 or 3) to stack into. Next, "maintain" the panel next to the gate to cause a hand-tipped lever to pop out. Over near the Crew Quarters entrance next to the ring is a stately gentleman (size 3) speaking with a steward you need to stack into. Go to the exposed lever and give it "a firm handshake".

    3) Inside Job
    -Her colorful attire can attract a flying friend.
    -Use Portia's fan to attract the peacock, stack inside, and fly up to the nest.
    -Fall from the nest to down behind the gate and use the maintenance man to maintain the panel.

    Head into the Crew Quarters with a second floor and head up the stairs. At the top, you'll find Portia Peacock (size 3) into whom you need to stack. From the stairs, go to the right and, standing at the end of the walkway, "fan feathers". This'll attract the peacock (size 2) down from its perch. Stack into it, and "fly to nest". Walk off the nest into the luggage claim below, unstack, stack into the nearby maintenance man (size 1) and "maintain" the nearby panel to open the gate.

    "Pump the Bellows" - Summit Room (Activated after freeing the final ambassador)
    -Use the largest ambassador to unlock the doors and follow Abigail to the bellows room.
    -Stack the largest ambassador into the largest bellows and unstack the ambassadors into place.
    -Once all ambassadors are on the bellows, take Charlie underneath and pump the smallest bellows.

    Fairly straightforward. After the cutscene, stack into all five ambassadors (size 1-5) standing together and follow Abigail to the emergency exit. Use Ambassador Wroll's "Key to the City" to unlock the door to the outside area. At the end of the path, use "Key to the City" to open the door to the Bellows Room. Stack each ambassador onto their respective bellows and then, as Charlie, stack onto the final bellows under the grate. "Pump bellows" a couple times and you're done.
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    LITTLE BIG FISH Cache clearing does not work if you picked this game up recently. Seems that the game comes with the update pre installed. Bought this when it went on sale and ran into this glitch. Had to play over from start. But I finished everything else before starting over as that wipes out all previous saves.
    Posted by LITTLE BIG FISH on 06 Jan 13 at 05:46
    RobertOrri Yeah, this was also glitched for me (Break out of the Brig). It was the last one I needed on that level, too, but I found out that I could just save and quit inside the prison, then apply the patch and continue the game from inside there, thus getting the achievement while online.
    Posted by RobertOrri on 13 Jan 13 at 05:45
    RockMan Respect I am very upset. I was unaware of this glitch until it was too late. I thought if I did not leave the level it would be ok. It was not. I have no idea if clearing the cache would work or is even possible. I bought and am playing this game on XBox One through BC. Is there anything I can do besides playing the whole game over again? Probably not.
    Posted by RockMan Respect on 14 Aug 19 at 02:59
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