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Supernova in Bulletstorm

Supernova120 (40)

Get 3 stars on each of the first 14 Echoes

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Achievement won on 26 Feb 11
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This is going to be rather lengthy but hey, I'm typing all this out. Credit goes to the Prima Strategy guide because it helped me quite a bit.

( The * = the rating and the number after it shows what points you need to hit that rank; [Ex: ** 4,000)

Also; the time after the name is the target time, it is the maximum time you can take if you want a bonus. If you take longer than that, you will get 0 time bonus. You can still finish, but time bonuses help a lot. The bonuses vary. For example; At just under 2 minutes of the target time, I got a bonus of 1904 (which is awesome!), while somewhere under a minute of the time, I only got 604. So be quick!)

The Desert- 4:00
* 2,000

This level recreates the action in Act1, Chapter 1, as Gray and ishi fight through the desert toward the Elysium refinery. Start by getting your easy skillshots like Bullet Kick, Bullet Slide, and Headshot out of the way. Also make use of the nearby rebar and cacti to score Voodoo Doll and Pricked skillshots -Yank the skulls and berserkers toward you with the leash then kick them into the rebar or cactus plants.

As you near the refinery, unleash a Thumper attack on the skulls taking cover behind the barricades. As they fly up into the air, target the red barrels suspended from the crane to trigger a massive explosion. This earns you multiple Fertilizer skillshots. If you manage to smash a skull into the crane, you also earn a flyswatter skillshot. Thumper attacks are also effective in the refinery its self, where you can repeat fertilizer skillshots by targeting more barrels.

The lift is the finish line for the level, so quickly finish off the last berserkers and skull here. The PMC's charged shot is great for taking out at least two of the berserkers charging toward you, earning you an X-ray skillshot. Simply backpedal until two of the berserkers are charging at you in single file, with one behind the other. If you aim for the lead berserker's head, you can also earn an Overkill skillshot when hitting him with the charged shot. Rush to the final skull, shoot him in the crotch, and then kick his head off for a Mercy skillshot. Kick open the gate and step onto the lift to complete the level. If you moved quickly, you should have no problem finishing this level in under four minutes, giving you a decent time bonus.
The Hideout - 6:00

In this level, Ishi and Gray attack a skull hideout in search of energy for Ishi's depleted battery. Finish off the first few skulls with Bullet kick, Headshot, Bullet Slide, and Vertigo skillshots. Then when you're attacked by the vulture gyrocopter, yank it out of the sky with the leash and shoot the pilot before he lands to score a Parashoot Skillshot.

On the lower level, the skulls retreat into a building and barricade the two entrances. Kick both the barricades to smash the skulls behind them for Pancake skillshots. The remaining survivors inside can be smashed into the ceiling with a Thumper attack, scoring you multiple Flyswatter Skillshots. As you exit this building, you're attacked by a gyrocopter and multiple skulls. Simply shoot one of the red barrels behind the gyrocopter to trigger a massive explosion and score a Flak Skillshot, as well as many enviro-mental skillshots.

As you near the final room at the end of the level, kick open the door for another pancake skillshot, then leash and kick the remaining skull into the electrified terminal for Shocker skillshots. Once all the enemies are eliminated, the level is over. You need to move fast to finish this level in under six minutes, so quickly move from one engagement to the next to earn a time bonus.
The Club - 7:00

Fight past the first group of enemies using standard PMC skillshots like Bullet kick, Bullet Slide, and Headshot. You can even kick enemies off the side of the narrow path for a Vertigo skillshot. When you reach the courtyard, use the Screamer's charged shot capability to ignite the skulls and flare-gunners, then pick them off for Afterburner skillshots. Also, try to leash one of the skulls and yank him into the swarm of electroflies hovering above the pond. when all the enemies are defeated, shoot all the electroflies for an Exterminator skillshot, then stock up on ammo by accessing the nearby dropkit.

There are many skillshot opportunities in the next courtyard outside the dance club. Kick enemies into cacti for Pricked skillshots, or knock them into the purple electrified kiosks for Shocker skillshots. There are also two hotdog carts you can use to score Sausage Fest and Fast Food skillshots. Or knock all the enemies into the air with a thumper and pick them off with Trap Shooting skillshots. Once the area is clear, access the nearby dropkit while Ishi opens the doors to the club.

On the way into the club, shoot one bottle of Nom Juice, then drink the second bottle. As you near the dance floor, hit the chaingunner with a charged shot from the PMC to stun him, then kick the berserkers into one of the two purple kiosks for Shocker skillshots- you earn an intoxicated skillshot for being drunk on Nom Juice. With the berserkers eliminated, return to the chaingunner and kill him with a Fire in the Hole or Tocuhdown skillshot. Pick up the chaingunnners weapon and mow down the waves of skulls on the floor below, earning full throttle skillshots in the process. Next, take the chaingun outside and target the red barrels on the distant ledge to wipe out serveral skulls with Enviro-mental skillshots. The nearby cacti plants are Useful for scoring Pricked Skillshots.

On the way out of the courtyard, kick the hotdog cart toward the archway and blast it to score multiple Sausage Fest skillshots. If you time the kick just right, you can also score a fast food skillshot for ramming the cart into an enemy. Beyond the arch, is another electrofly swarm, but don't bother shooting it if you've already unlocked the exterminator skillshot. It's better to simply race to the nearby finish line for a time bonus, especially if you're well under the level's seven minute target time.

Rooftops - 6:00

The first room is filled with skulls and flaregunners. Immediately unleash a Thumper attack to smash these enemies into the ceiling for multiple Flyswatter skillshots. If you're blinded by an incoming flare at the time of their deaths, you're also awarded a Blind Fire skillshot for every kill. Inside this room are two bottles of Nom juice - shoot one and drink the other before confronting the wave of berserkers waiting outside. Hit them with a Thumper attack before they can exit their crate, smashing them into the ceiling for more Flyswatter skillshots. If you're still drunk at the time of the deaths, you also earn an Intoxicated skillshot for each kill. Next, finish off wave after wave of flailbombers, detonating their explosive vests to score Bombshell skillshots.

At the next dropkit, add the Flailgun to your arsenal and use it liberally while engaging the skulls, berserkers, and flaregunners on the rooftops. This is a great way to score Gang Bang, Mine Field, Homie Missle, and French Revolution skillshots. Or wrap an enemy with a flail and kick him off the roof to earn Sadist and Vertigo skillshots. Also, look for the opportunities to kick enemies into the large fans on the roof for Sucker skillshots. The barbed wire lining the perimiter of the rooftops is also handy for lining up Voodoo Doll skillshots.

You're near the finish line once you reach this set of stars. But take your time to make the most of this final engagement. Kick the incoming berserkers into the dangling wires for Shocker Skillshots. Then slide down the steps to knock the flaregunner into the rebar for a Voodoo doll skillshot. Once these three enemies are down, rush outside and climb over the low wall to complete the level. If you're fast, you can complete this level in approximately four minutes, scoring yourself a large time bonus.

The Marina - 5:00

While crossing the first pier, slide into the two creeps and knock them into the water for Fish Food skillshots. Next, rush to the harbormaster building and unleash a Thumper attack to smash the creeps inside into the ceiling for multiple flyswatter skillshots. You can also slide into the enemies here, knocking them into the exposed wiring for Shocker skillshots. In the nearby courtyard, you can target a hotdog cart to score Sausage Fest skillshots. Or unleash another Thumper to knock the creeps into the air, then blast one of the airborne barrels for Fertilizer skillshots. In the next building, access a dropkit and stock up on ammo for the next phase of the level - the Flailgun and Boneduster are ideal for the fighting ahead.

The next piers are swarming with creeps, so look for opportunities to take out several at a time. The flailgun is ideal for blasting large groups of enemies, scoring you Gang Bang skillshots. The Boneduster's charged shot can vaporize multiple targets for Burn Skillshots. Also, slide into the creeps then kick them into the barbed wire wrapped around the vertical poles for Voodoo Doll skillshots. Another hotdog car can be utilized to score more Sausage Fest skillshots.

As you cross the final pier, target the red barrels around the next building to score Enviro-mental skillshots. Also, if creeps take refuge in the dark harbor-master building, consider unleashing another thumper for Flyswatter skillshots. there are also exposed wires inside the building you can leverage for the Shocker skillshots. Before exiting the level, be sure to target the swarm of electroflies on the distant damaged pier. A charged shot from the Boneduster is the quickest way to eliminate the swarm, allowing you to reach the finish line with a healthy bonus time.

Forbidden Zone - 5:00

In the first engagement you face off against a few creeps and a sniper. Kick a Nom parasite onto a creep's head, then unleash a thumper attack to launch the creeps into the air. While the enemies are airborne, load a charged shot into the Boneduster and blast the creeps for an Acid Rain skillshot. You also earn a Nominated skillshot for killing the creep with the Nom parasite attached to his head. Quickly finish off any survivors by sliding around the street and blasting the enemies at close range, scoring Torpedo and Legless skillshots along the way. Once this area is clear, target the large ball-like sign on the street corner with the leash to jostle it loose, making it roll down the hill and clear a path through the roadblock.

Pass through the evacuation camp and access the dropkit to stock up on ammo. Consider choosing the Boneduster and the Flailgun for the next phase of this level. Before engaging the next set of enemies, search a nearby tent for a bottle of Nom Juice. Being drunk for the next fight against a group of skulls and shotgunners can be difficult, but earning Intoxicated skillshots for each kill may be worth the challenge. A charged shot from the Screamer works well here, igniting multiple enemies and allowing you to score multiple Afterburner skillshots. If you're quick, you may even get a Firefighter skillshot.

Expect more resistance on your way to the park entrance. Utilize the cacti here to score Pricked skillshots by kicking skulls and berserkers into these prickly plants. Clear a path through the berserkers and skulls, then climb into the nearby steps to confront a flaregunner and a few more skulls. Wait until they're grouped close together, then unleash a Thumper attack. Once the enemies are launched, target an airborne trash can to blow them up and earn multiple Fertilizer skillshots.

A cannoneer blocks the finish line to this level. The flailgun makes it easy to destroy his backpack and armor. Simply wrap a flail around his torso and detonate it to explode his backpack. Follow up with charged shots from the PMC to stun him. After stunning him once, leash off this helmet. Stun him a second time then kick him in the head for a Kick Off skillshot. Once he's down, pass through the nearby passage to complete the level.

The Park - 6:00

At the start of the level, you face multiple skulls and shotgunners a in large plaza filled with trash cans. Initiate a Thumper attack to send the enemies skyward then blast the trash cans to score Fertilizer skillshots. Or if you have the boneduster, vaporize the airborne enemies with a charged shot to score Acid Rain skillshots. More reinforcements show up at the back of the courtyard. Leash these enemies towards you, then kick them into the Venus man-eater for a Feeder skillshot. Also, try to feed one of the Venus Man-eaters a trash can to score a Bag Digestion skillshot. On the path to the next plaza, leash and kick enemies into the cactus plants for Pricked Skillshots.

In the next plaza, access the dropkit and be sure to add a Head Hunter to your arsenal before the banshee helicopter attacks. As the helicopter moves within site, take aim with the Head Hunter and target the door gunner- try to hit him in the head for a Hotshot skillshot. Hitting this enemy isn't critical, but it's a good way to score a few more points.

Advance to the next plaza and immediately target the puffballs to release their gas. This nets you Antidote skillshots for every enemy you kill here. But don't let the skulls and flaregunners here turn your attention away from the incoming chaingunner. Leash and kick the skulls toward the chaingunner while he's firing to score Friendly Fire skillshots. Once the skulls and flaregunners are eliminated, stun the chaingunner charged shot from the PMC. Finish off the chaingunner in any way you see fit, but Kick Off and Whiplash skillshots yield the most points. After the chaingunner is down, pick up his weapon to mow down a group of charging berserkers. Hold down the trigger while targeting these enemies to score Full Throttle skillshots.

On the next path, access another dropkit and stock up on ammo, but keep the Head Hunter. On the steps ahead, two berserkers and a flailbomber come charging toward you. Detonate the flailbomber's explosives while he's near one of the berserkers to score a Bombshell skillshot. Next, take aim at the skulls and shotgunners on the steps with the Head Hunter. The enemies here are tightly grouped, making it easy to score Accident, Bluff, Letter Bomb, Premature, Shrapnel, and Early Retirement skillshots. Also, target the trash can on the left flight of steps to destroy a nearby electrofly swarm for an Exterminator skillshot.

More skulls and shotgunners wait to ambush you at the top of the steps. Utilize a hotdog car to score some Sausage Fest skillshots. There are also several trash cans. Consider launching your foes into the air with a Thumper attack and blasting one of the airborne trash cans to blow them up, scoring Fertilizer skillshots. But if the explosion isn't enough to kill all the enemies, follow up with the PMC to score Trap Shooting skillshots. If the enemies are on fire when you kill them, you also earn Afterburner skillshots. There are also Venus man-eaters in this area, so feel free to feed a skull or shotgunner to one of these plants for a Feeder skillshot - just be careful you don't wander within range of the plant's long tongue yourself.

Collapsed Building - 6:00

In the first room, there are only three skulls to contend with. So get your easy PMC skillshots like Bullet Kick, Bullet Slide, and Headshot of the way. Also, be sure to open the door in the ceiling with the leash to score a Ding Dong skillshot, causing rubble to smash your victim as the doors swing open. In the next debris-filled area, kick and leash skulls and berserkers into rebar for Voodoo Doll skillshots. You can augment these kills by setting your enemies on fire first with a flare from the Screamer. This earns you Afterburner skillshots with each kill.

When you reach the chaingun turret, grab the weapon and charge toward the elevator tube while firing at the skulls, scoring Full Throttle skillshots along the way. Finally interact with the elevator, causing it to smash into the skulls in the tube, earning you multiple Tenderizer skillshots.

Pass through the next few halls, avoiding electrical wires along the way. Pick up a Boneduster and flailgun from the next dropkit and be sure to swig from a nearby bottle of Nom juice before you enter the next room. Drunken kills earn you Intoxicated skillshots. Use a thumper attack to launch a pair of skulls and a par of berserkers into the air, then pick them off with a charged shot from the Boneduser for Acid Rain skillshots.

The Boneduster comes in handy in the next corridor, too. Leash the skulls and shotgunners toward you, then blast them into the rebar and electrical wires for Voodoo Doll and Shocker skillshots. You also earn Pump Action skillshots for blasting your enemies into environmental hazards. When the berserkers show up, blast them at close range, scoring Topless and Legless skillshots. Or knock one down to the ground and blast him at close range for a Splatterpunk skillshot.

When you reach this area, you're close to the finish line. Wrap enemies with flails from the Flailgun and kick them through the open doors in the floor for Sadist and Vertigo skillshots. The Flailgun is also an easy way to score Grenade Gag, Minefield, and Homie Missle skillshots here. When the last four berserkers come charging at you, wrap the lead berserkers with a flail, then detonate it as his buddies draw near for a multiple Gang Bang skillshots. When the room is clear, rush into the hole in the wall ahead to end the level. You should be able to complete this level within approximately five minutes, earning you a nice time bonus.

Monorail - 7:00

After exiting the elevator, drink the bottle of Nom juice on the nearby bench and engage the two skulls and shotgunner approaching down the steps to the right. While drunk on Nom juice, ignite the three enemies with a flare from the Screamer then pick them all off while they're burning. This is a good way to score Intoxicated, Enlightenment, Fast Draw, and Afterburner skillshots.

Next, Equip the Flailgun and rush toward Platform B, where you're greeted by more skulls, shotgunners, and a cannoneer. Leash skulls and shotgunner toward you, then kick them into the path of incoming cannonballs to score Friendly Fire skillshots. Wrap a flail around the cannoneer's torso to destroy his backpack, then stun him with a charged shot from the PMC. Leash off the cannoneer's helmet, stun him again, then either kick or leash his head off for Kick Off or Whiplash skillshots. Once the cannoneer is down, clear the platform with the Flailgun to score easy skillshots like Grenade Gag, Minefield, and Gang Bang. Also look for opportunities to wrap enemies with a flail, then kick them off the side of the platform for Sadist and Vertigo skillshots.

While Trishka works on the monorail terminal, access the nearby dropkit and exchange the Screamer for a Head Hunter. When the vulture gyrocopters appear in the distance, target the pilots with the Head Hunter to score Skyjack skillshots. But let one of the three gyrocopters get close enough so you can yank it out of the sky with the leash, allowing you to kill the falling pilot for a Parashoot skillshot.

Next, turn your attention to a large group of shotgunners and flailbombers approaching from the right. Shoot the nearby puffballs to infect the enemies, then wrap the flailbombers with a flail. Detonating the flail while the wrapped enemy is near his buddies earns you Antidote, Bombshell, and Gang Bang skillshots. If you feel like a challenge, charge into the cloud of puffball gas yourself to score Toxic Love skillshots with each kill. Given the large number of trash cans in this area, this is also a good venue for Fertilizer skillshots - unleash a Thumper and target one of the airborne trash cans to blow apart a few enemies. After defeating all the enemies here, advance to Platform A to eliminate the swam of electroflies for an Exterminator skillshot. [Note: Platform A is accessible by going under the branch laying behind where all those enemies just came from. There is also a news bot back there in campaign. This area was the only news bot I didn't find on my own throughout the entire campaign. So remember that spot!]

The last wave of enemies approaches from the left side of Platform B, so return to the monorail car to fend them off. Waves of berserkers and flailbombers rush the platform, followed by a cannoneer. The Flailgun is well suited for eliminating the charging berserkers and flailbombers, allowing you to score easy Gang Bang and Bombshell skillshots. When there's a lull in the attack, use the Head Hunter to explode the cannoneer's backpack. If the cannoneer reaches the platform, kill him with a Thumper attack. Not only does this earn you a Touchdown skillshot, but the Thumper also smashes any berserkers or flailbombers into the platform's awning, scoring you Flyswatter skillshots. Once these enemies are eliminated, rush into the monorail car to complete the level.

The Mall - 6:00

The Flailgun and Screamer are your best weapon of choices of this level, so use them early on to explode the swarms of burnouts attacking you outside the mall. This is an easy way to score multiple Minefield, Gang Bang, and Afterburner skillshots. Also try to kick a few of the burnouts into the nearby cactus plants for Pricked skillshots. Or wrap them with a flail and kick them into the cactus for a Sadist bonus. Once the attack dwindles, move inside the mall and search the narrow corridor on the right for an electrofly swarm. Blast them all for an Exterminator skillshot.

When you enter the boutique, consider drinking the bottle of Nom juice inside while engaging the first two burnouts for Intoxicated skillshots - kick them into rebar for Voodoo Doll skillshots. But wait to sober up before taking on the next wave of burnouts. Use the Flailgun and Screamer's flares liberally in this fight. Still, try to mix up your variety of kills. Wrap a flail around a burnouts head for a Grenade Gag skillshot. Or wrap a flail around a burnout then kick him towards others before detonating it for a Homie Missile skillshot. Or simply shooting a flare from the Screamer in these tight quarters is enough to score you multiple Afterburner skillshots.

Fight your way out of the store, blasting more burnouts with the Flailgun and Screamer. You can also kick burnouts off the left side of the walkway for Vertigo skillshots. Also, try to explode the hotdog cart at the bottom of the steps to score at least one Sausage Fest skillshot. Using the Screamer, try to take down a burnout with one shot to earn the Steady Hand skillshot. And also try to shoot a burnout in the ass for an Assplosion skillshot. At the dropkit, consider swapping out the Screamer for Boneduster, but keep the Flailgun. Cut through the next store on the right and be ready to engage more burnouts at close range - impale them on rebar for Voodoo Doll skillshots.

When you reach the crashed chopper, leash burnouts toward you then shoot them with the Boneduster, knocking them into the spinning rotor for Pump Action and Sucker skillshots. Keep knocking burnouts into the rotor until the muta-burnout makes his appearance. Quickly stun the miniboss by wrapping a flail around this body and detonating it. Once he's stunned, kick him toward the spinning rotor. It may take a couple of attempts to get him sucked into the choppers rotor, scoring you the Minced Meat skillshot.[Note; I managed to do this quick enough that it only took me one try. It saves a little time] Once the muta-burnout is eliminated, rush to the nearby stairs to complete the level.

Downtown - 4:00

As soon as you exit the cafe, nail the flailgunner ahead with a charged shot from the PMC. If possible, try to hit him in the head for an Overkill skillshot. Continue to the plaza crowded with skulls. Target the puffballs to infect the enemies, then begin kicking Nom parasites at them. While a skull has a Nom parasite on his head, leash him towards you then kick him into the nearby purple kiosk to score Antidote, Nominated, and Halloween skillshots. Next attach a Nom to another skull's head and kick him into a cactus for a Scarecrow skillshot. The distant flaregunner is a constant annoyance, but his incoming flares can work to your advantage. Kick enemies into an incoming flare for a Friendly Fire skillshot. Or kill an enemy while blinded by a flare for a Blind Fire skillshot. But once you've had your fun with the flaregunner, take him out with a long-range shot from the Head Hunter.

Before confronting the cannoneer at the end of the path, access the nearby dropkit and grab a Flailgun, if you don't have one already. Wrap the cannoneer with a flail and detonate it to destroy his backpack. Follow up by hitting him with a charged shot from the PMC to stun him, then finish him off with a Thumper attack to score a Touchdown skillshot. After initiating the Thumper, be sure to target any airborne skulls to score Trap Shooting skillshots.

The level's exist is guarded by a few more skulls and a pair of shotgunners. The nearby cactus plants are ideal ways to eliminate these guys, so leash them toward you and impale them on the cacti for Pricked skillshots. This is a quick level that you should have no problem finishing in under three minutes, netting you a nice time bonus.

The Storm - 7:00

The gamma radiation leaking through this building is both a hazard and an opportunity. While moving through the first hall, leash then kick skulls out the window to the left to knock them out into the storm for Outburst skillshots. This is also a good place to get basic skillshots like Bullet Kick, Bullet Slide, and Headshot out of the way. Pay attention to the flaregunner at the far end of the hall. If possible, try to kick a skull into one of his incoming flares for a Friendly Fire skillshot. Or score a kill while blinded by an incoming flare for a Blind Fire skillhot. Finish off the flaregunner by sliding toward him and shooting him in the legs with the Boneduster to score both Torpedo and Legless skillshots.

The fastest way to eliminate the chaingunner and skulls in the next room is with a charged shot from the Boneduster. Simple aim and fire in the direction of the chaingunner and skulls to vaporize them with one hit, earning you Bossed and Burn skillshots. But if you want more points from the chaingunner, stun him with the charged shots from the PMC then focus on scoring Kick Off or Whiplash skillshots for the finisher. This only takes a few more seconds and yields a lot more points. You can also now use the chaingunner's weapon to clear out the office area, scoring Full Throttle skillshots along the way.

The chaingun's battery won't hold up for long while clearing out the office, so look for more opportunities to knock the skulls and flaregunners into the gamma radiation for Outburst skillshots. Leash the toward you, then blast them into the storm with the Boneduster for a Pump Action bonus. The Boneduster's charged shot is also great for taking enemies hiding behind the cubicles. Target the trash cans to score Eniro-Mental skillshots and blast any flaming survivors to score Afterburner skillshots. A Thumper attack can also be effective, smashing enemies into the ceiling for Flyswatter skillshots. But once you clear the office of skulls and flaregunners, turn your attention to the incoming driller miniboss. Blast the blue generator on his chest with a charged shot from the PMC or Boneduster. Once he's stunned, finish him fast with a Thumper, scoring a Touchdown skillshot.

In the next room, there's a huge hole in the ceiling with the gamma radiation pouring through. Use this to your advantage by yanking skulls and shotgunners through the radiation with the leash to score more Outburst skillshots. Given the large number of enemies pouring into this room, this is also a good time to ignite some foes with a flare from the Screamer. This makes it easy to score afterburner and possibly Fire Fighter and Gunslinger skillshots. Be sure to target the flaregunner on the opposite side of the room, but consider waiting until you've scored both Blind Fire or Friendly Fire skillshots. Once the enemies are eliminated, visit the nearby dropkit in the adjoining hall and add the Penetrator and Flailgun to your arsenal.

The Penetrator comes in handy in the next area. Use it to blast skulls into the storm, scoring you both Twisted and Outburst skillshots. Or hit a skull in the head for a Root Canal skillshot. If possible, try to line up skulls with one drill to earn the Shish Kebab skillshot. But watch out for the cannoneer who arrives on the opposite side of the room. Quickly wrap a flail around his torso to detonate it to destroy his backpack. Next, load a charged shot into the Penetrator and shoot the cannoneer in the stomach. While the miniboss is stunned, kick the drill spinning in his guy to score a Stomach Pump skillshot.

The last group of enemies consists of multiple flailbombers backed up by a single flaregunner. Hold your fire on the flailbombers until they enter the hall on the right. Once the first flailbomber emerges from the hall, target the nearby trash can to blow them up - this earns you multiple Bombshell and Afterburner skillshots. Or you can wrap the first flailbomber with a flail and detonate it to add the Gang Bang skillshot to your repertoire. Finally, wrap the flaregunner with a flail, then leash him into the storm to earn Gotcha, Sadist, and Outburst skillshots. Race into the adjoining hall to complete the level.

Spaceport - 5:00

At the start of this level, it's a good idea to bring along the Flailgun and the Penetrator. As you engage the first two skulls on the lower level, use a Thumper attack to launch them into the air. Next, hit one of the airborne skulls with a charged shot from the Penetrator, then guide him into the second airborne skull to score the Wingmen skillshot. Next, complete a reaction sequence to spot enemies racing through the hall on your left. Wrap one of the charging berserkers with a flail from the Flailgun to stop him. Next, kick the second berserker toward the one you wrapped with the flail, then detonate it to score a Smart Mine skillshot. But watch out for the shotgunner and a few more skulls in the hall. Consider shooting the trash can to take them out with an Enviro-Mental skillshot. Or you can also hit them with a Thumper, causing them to crash into the hall's low ceiling for Flyswatter skillshots.

Once it's clear, enter the hall and access the dropkit at the far end. Consider swapping out the Penetrator for a weapon of your choice, but hold onto the Flailgun for now. Assist Ishi and Trishka by taking out a few skulls and a shotgunner on the lower level. Explode one of the trash cans on the lower level to set a few enemies ablaze, then leash them up into the rebar sticking out of the walkway - this earns you both Afterburner and Voodoo Doll skillshots. Once the lower level is clear, press toward the cafe. Wait for the skulls, shotgunner, and flaregunner to take cover, then unleash a Thumper attack, targeting the red trash can. As everyone flies up into the air, shoot the red trash can to explode all the enemies for multiple Fertilizer skillshots. If any skulls survive, rush to the cafe table, drink the bottle of Nom juice, then finish off the survivors with Bullet Slides or Bullet Kicks, scoring Intoxicated skillshots with each kill.

Proceed down the next hall, but don't rush over to the next dropkit just yet. Instead, take out the skulls guarding it by kicking a trash can in their direction for Enviro-Mental skillshots. Next, turn to the left to spot a driller miniboss marching your direction. Wrap a flail around his torso and detonate it to explode the blue, glowing generator on his chest. With the generator destroyed, stun the driller by hitting him with another flail or a charged shot from the PMC. Once he's stunned (and all the other enemies have been defeated) circle around the driller and perform a Fire in the Hole skillshot but shooting him in the ass with a charged shot from the PMC. Once this area is clear, access the nearby dropkit and consider adding the Bounce to your arsenal - But keep the Flailgun as your second backup.

Now turn your attention to the lower level, where Trishka and Ishi are pinned by a pair of cannoneers. It's easy to destroy their backpacks because their backs are turned. Focus on one miniboss at a time. Stun one of the cannoneers, then leash his helmet off. After stunning him a second time, leash his head off for a Whiplash skillshot. Now stun the second cannoneeer and finish him off with a Thumper attack for a Touchdown skillshot.

Now approach the opening opening to Terminal B while equipping the Bouncer and loading a charged shot. Lob the charged cannonball toward the group shotgunner and skulls. But watch out for a pair of rushing flailbombers. Kick the charged cannonball toward the flailbombers before they get too close for comfort. By kicking and leashing the charged cannonball along this walkway, you can score Sledgehammer and Kick of Doom skillshots. If there are any survivors left, finish them off with standard cannonballs. Go for Direct Hit, Bully, or Carpet Bombing skillshots. Once this group of enemies is eliminated, rush to the finish line downstairs by climbing over the sofa leading into the Executive Lounge.

Jumpship - 5:00

As soon as the door to the first loading bay opens, immediately unleash a Thumper attack. This smashes all Heavy Echo shock troopers into the ceiling for Flyswatter skillshots. But it can also electrocute the lone shock trooper standing on the crates, knocking him into the electrical wires hanging from the ceiling for a Shocker skillshot. If you kill all the shock troopers in this room with one Thumper, you can earn the Master of Disaster achievement for scoring more than 2,000 skillpoints at once. Once you've eliminated the enemies in the loading bay, pull the nearby switch to eject more shock troopers out the airlock for Ejeculated skillshots.

After clearing the loading bay, turn to the next set of doors to face the next wave of shock troopers backed by a chaingun turret. Quickly eliminate this group as the door opens, preferablt with a flail from the Flailgun - try to wrap a flail around the chaingun turret to score a Meat Slicer skillshot then detonate it for a Gang Bang skillshot. If there are any survivors, wait until they load a charged shot, then hit them with a charged shot of your own to score a Discharged skillshot. If you're using the PMC, try to hit them in the head for an Overkill bonus or hit them quickly for a Boned skillshot.

Now grab the chaingun and rampage through the next corridor, mowing down all shock troopers that get in your way. Hold down the trigger as you rake the weapon across multiple enemies, scoring Headshot and Full Throttle skillshots. Also, explode the red barrels in the corridor to earn Enviro-Mental skillshots. But the Flailgun, Boneduster, and Thumper attack are equally effective in this corridor. Use the Flailgun to score Grenade Gag, Minefield, and Homie Missle skillshots. Or load a charged shot in the Boneduster for Burn skillshots. A Thumper attack can also earn you more Flyswatter skillshots. While using the chaingun is the fastest way to cut through the enemies in the corridor, you can earn more points by targeting each enemy you encounter with a new skillshot from your selected weapons.

In the final loading bay, clear out the enemies on the floor and two shock troopers manning the chainguns. Take your time and maximize your skillpoints. If possible, try to knock enemies into the electrical wires on the right side of the room for Shocker skillpoints. Or use the PMC, Flailgun, and Boneduster to earn new skillshots you haven't used yet, including easy ones like Bullet Slide, Bullet Kick, Topless, Torpedo, and Legless. When it comes time to defend the room while Ishi hacks the exit, limit the use of the two chainguns. Instead, find more lucrative ways to defeat the incoming shock troopers. Wait until the room is full, then use a Thumper attack to smash the enemies into the ceiling for multiple Flyswatter skillshots. Shoot the barrels on the floor to score more Enviro-Mental skillshots, then shoot the surviving, flaming enemies for Afterburner skillshots.

When the group of shock troopers flanks you from the right, drop the chaingun and load a charged shot in the Flailgun. Cut enemies in half with the chain for a Chain Reaction skillshot, or decapitate at least two of them for a French Revolution skillshot. While it's faster to simply mow the last enemies with the chainguns, it won't earn you a wide variety of skillshots. So get creative and keep killing with skill until all the shock troopers are down for good, bringing the level to an end.

That's all 14!
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