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  • Mercutio0305Mercutio0305227,926
    02 Mar 2011 01 Mar 2011 07 Mar 2011
    173 6 48
    Another method to boost this alone:
    (Credit goes to StaticVito from x360a)

    play till wave 4 on a map you want, i prefer Grand Central, because it's small. till you reach wave 4 buy the drill.

    when wave 4 starts, move around till the green guys follow you, normally around 5 guys, then move to a corner or a narrow spot and wait for them, when they are in a straight line (doesn't have to be an exact line) kill them with the drill, to get shish kebab, try aim at the head to get even more points. a good spot is between the pillars.
    do this till only one is left, and let him kill you, and repeat the wave.
    Should get you at least 10,000 points per round (my best is 15,000). One round takes around 3 minutes. you keep the points no matter if you die or finish the wave

    Upgrade your ammo capacity first and then your speed, but don't upgrade your health, or else it takes ages for the last guy to kill you.
    rinse and repeat

    Sorry for the bad video quality, but i think you get the idea

    Tip from Alita360:
    if just one guy is left it's hard to die, so face to a wall so he hit's you in the back.
  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever1,673,592
    02 Jun 2011 01 Jun 2011
    72 2 21
    Here is a great solo solution and an alternative method to the already mention donnas if you have the gun sonata dlc. Select the map villa in private match and play to wave 4. While playing to wave 4 upgrade your leash thumper as much as you can. On wave 4 there are many melée enemies. Gather them close to the bell and thumper them in the air. Just when they're about to fall, shoot or leash the bell. My best using this method was 16,500. You should get about 12,000 to 15,000 at least once you get the timing of the bell down. P.s. I also tried getting more points with the screamer and flail gun but had no success, but give it a shot if you feel confident. This is a slightly quicker and easier method to the grand central one a la shish kebab. But by all means , try both to switch it up so you dont feel like you wanna kill yourself.
  • I L3giOn II L3giOn I371,071
    25 Feb 2011 25 Feb 2011 26 Feb 2011
    44 7 14
    Select the map Junkyard. You're going to want to do this with 2 people.

    Basically, you and your friend will stand on opposite sides of the Man Crush. One guy will leash pull (or kick or slide) an enemy, and the other will leash pull him through the Man Crush. This will earn you bonus points for working together.

    After the first round, upgrade your leash at least once. I usually would upgrade my leash once, PMC power once, and defence once. After the second round, upgrade your leash again. This will make it recharge much faster.

    Continue on this way, upgrading your personal stats, leash, PMC, and thumper. After about 5 or 6 rounds, you're both going to buy the Flail Gun. When you fire a flail at an enemy, they will get wrapped up and eventually explode. Basically, you'll flail an enemy, and before he can explode your teammate will leash pull him through the Man Crush. This will net each player an additional 100 point Sadistic bonus(trust me, every little bit helps). The flail gun is also very effective against the snipers who dodge your leash and kicks.

    You are also going to want to complete as many team challenges as possible, as each person gets 500 points for a successfully completed team challenge. Enemies will glow blue when a team challenge can be performed on them. If you don't know how to do the specific challenge, you can hit the back button and an explanation will pop up. I found it helpful to clear out other enemies before attempting challenges.

    Bosses are another good opportunity for points. If you and your teammate both kill a boss by shooting it then you will get bonus points for that as well and the bonus points for a boss team kill. You can also make things much easier on yourself by using your thumper on bosses. It comes in handy later on when the bosses are surrounded by groups of smaller enemies. If you do use the thumper and small enemies go flying, your teammate can shoot them out of the air for bonus Trap Shooting points.

    Even with all these points, this achievement will still take quite a bit of time and it feels like a grind after a while. But this is the fastest method I have found by a long shot. You'll need a total of 1.9 million sp to reach max level. Good luck!
  • 24 3 3
    I have tried the other options posted here but found one much easier. First thing set up a private match on turbine. Do not spend any points till after round 3. Buy thumper and upgrade the capacity once the buy the pistol and upgrade capacity also. Make sure you have full charge shots and a full thumper.

    Now that your equiped to kill, go under the main platform where the cieling is covered with spikes. During round 4 the scalpers will run at you in groups of five or six. Run in circles to get them to group around you in the death trap. Once at least five are there, shoot the flare from your charged pistol at the cieling. This will set them all on fire. Imediately after shooting the flare, use your thumper to put them on the cieling.

    When done correctly you will get theese skillshot bonuses: flyswater, voodoo doll, afterburner and firefighter for every enemy killed. This can be as much as a 5500 point combo. I score around 12000 per round. when there are two or three enemies left let them kill you.

    I know other guides say to let the last one kill you, But i found that sometimes the final guy will drop dead for no reason. I prefer to say on the safe side. Using this method I leveled up to 65 in a couple of afternoon sessions.
  • KillaKevin24KillaKevin24458,547
    09 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011
    29 8 8
    Fist of all thanks to the gamers xBig Baby Cx, Worm83183, and Master Volcanic.

    The above stated guides are all very good and work very well as I have used them myself but I was playing with these gamers and we found an extremely fast and efficient way of leashing enemies and getting the most points each round.

    First you can either be playing with 2-4 players for the method, but 2 works the best because you only have to share points with 1 person instead of 2 or 3.
    When going for upgrades only max out the leash recharge, and for the player only speed and defense and nothing else. DO NOT upgrade to the thumper as this will negate the process mentioned below.

    Pick the map Dead Rock and play a private match. Have one team or 1 person stand below the tornado and stand on the left, if looking at the tornado, and have the other team or person stand at the top on the metal platform.

    Be very communicative about who will leash first because you want to get every enemy pulled into the tornado. The player on top will leash the enemy below and NOTLET GO OF THE LEASH BUTTON (LB). Once again, DO NOT LET GO OF THE LEASH BUTTON. What this will do is give the player on the top an unlimited amount of time to HOLD the enemy and give the player below the time to kick the enemy in the direction of the tornado. Once the bottom player has kicked the enemy the top player can let go of the leash and it will pull the enemy into the tornado. Always have the player on top do the leashing and the player on the bottom kicking the enemy into the tornado. After every wave players should swap positions so everyone can get max points.
    Once you have enough “money” after buying the above mentioned upgrades purchase the Flailgun with NO charges so you can flail snipers and dodgers, since they are hard to kick and leash. They will jump out of your way when leashing and kicking. This will stop them in their tracks giving the top player time to leash them. After the top player leashes the bottom player can kick. Just make sure the bottom player kicks them before the flail explodes or the enemy will obviously die.
    Here is the point breakdown if done correctly:
    Team Yoink +75
    Team Not In Kansas +150
    Team Sadist (if you flailed enemy) +100
    Team Shocker for +100 X2
    And sometimes Gotcha +50 for certain kinds of enemies
    The total you should be getting on each enemy is around 525 XP. When myself and Worm83183 were playing the other day by ourselves were netting 10000-15000 points each round. Once you get a good player to boost with this will become second nature for both of you. Just talk to each other and have fun.

    As for Mini-Bosses and Team Challenges, when one does come out, both players need to stop leashing and kicking and deal with the Mini-Boss as necessary and perform the Team Challenges to get even more points. Especially on the higher level waves since one shot from Mini-Bosses can down a player.
    If more than one player leashes the same enemy both players need to hold down the leash button and then one and only one player needs to let go of the button to score the kill. The other player can let go of the button once the enemy dies. If both players let got at the same time you will score Tug-Of-War for only 100 points.
    I love playing this game and play a lot so if I am on and need some help just hit me up and I will help you out. I am LVL 64 and tonight will have this cheevo done.
    As for negative feedback, it will always happen because it is hard to describe every little detail on how to play the level or mission without actually playing. Hope this helps out.
  • NoiseCrimeNoiseCrime295,582
    02 Apr 2011 02 Apr 2011
    25 5 4
    Solo Method:
    12-16k SP per wave taking 4 to 5 minutes, easily 140k per hour, potentially 180k+

    The solo method (repeating wave 4) posted elsewhere is a great method to earn SP, however I found that I didn't get on with the suggested map. So I switched over to 'Dead Rock', discovering a way to increase your chances of getting six kills with one drill from the Penetrator most of the time. The Penetrator kills add a 100SP multiplier for each enemy killed, so hitting all six in one go, gives you 3600SP (sometimes more with other bonuses). For myself this now means an average of around 13.5k SP for the wave and a highest so far of 16,500 SP, though I suspect you could get another few k on top of that.

    The key to doing this is to get all the chasing enemies to form a nice orderly line ;)

    This can be achieved on 'Dead Rock' by funneling them back and forth through the gap between the 3 stacked cases and the nearby cactus (the one that is next to the pipe that crosses the pathway, which you can slide under). This gap forces the enemies into single file most of the time, at least enough of a line to take them all out.

    So to begin play Anarchy mode, private match on 'Dead Rock' and complete the first 3 waves however you like. Upgrade only speed, NEVER defense as it takes ages to be killed at the end of the wave, purchase and upgrade the Penetrator gun, but don't bother with its special attack. Once at wave 4 you want to follow the description below in order to kill 6 enemies with one drill shot and gain lots of SP. When you get to the last enemy (the one with a team challenge) just let them kill you. This way you will keep all the SP earned, but restart wave 4. Rinse and repeat.

    Start off by running around the area next to the 3 cases (its near the man-eating plant) and group together the 6 enemies. Now start 'sliding' through the gap between the cases and the cactus, around the vortex, between the vertical dinosaur bones and a vortex crane, up towards the metal steps leading to the main platform. Then turn around and wait for the enemies to catch you up. None of them singluarly do enough damage to kill you, just be careful not to get surrounded. Wait for the enemies to get passed the aforementioned vertical dinosaur bones and vortex crane, then slide back towards the gap between the cases and pipe.

    Don't stop sliding till you are some way past the cases, as this will give you enough time to turn and line up your shot. Make sure you avoid sliding into enemies!

    You can often wait for one enemy to almost reach you to ensure the rest are lined up behind them (and sometimes get toxic love bonus, plus Root Canal), though if you have any doubts its usually best not to fire and instead repeat the process to try again.

    Obviously you can take a shoot after sliding in the opposite direction and should be easy to get 4-5 kills in one go, but its not quite as reliable. If you ever find you've only killed 3-4 then get the last two/three to line up in front of the vortex
    and shoot them with a single drill, one will go into the vortex and gain +150 SP over just drilling. I do this by hanging around on the metal grid next to the vortex opposite the dinosaur head. Wait for the enemies to swarm around, then slide towards the dinosaur head, turn and line them up and shoot.

    A few notes..

    Ideally you do this on wave 4 with the green and flail guys, sometimes you might get enemies using machine guns and these can be a right pain, mainly as they don't follow you like the others do. If you have machine gun guys you can continue or restart Anarchy mode and battle through waves 1-3 again and hope you get the flail guys instead. Which enemy you get appears to be random.

    The flail guys will explode when hit with the drill, so you must NEVER shoot the line if the flail guy is at the front and
    should avoid doing so really until they are near the back of the line. All this takes is a little bit of patience and running back and forth.

    All the enemies on this wave are pretty harmless and can easily be dodged or dummied. You can survive many consecutive hits from them, so don't panic and take your time.

    Upgrade your speed as this can give you a good edge over the enemies when running/sliding.

    I found the auto-lock feature more annoying than helpful, so when aiming, point at the ground first to avoid locking onto an enemy and then aim manually.

    Enemies don't have to be in a perfect line as after the drill passes through one it can veer at a slight angle into the next.

    Just ensure that the enemies aren't grouped together in a pack, each one needs to be in front of another. In fact its possible (though needs luck) to shoot a drill around the vortex area in a circle ;).

    Level 65 requires 1.9 million SP.
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