Bicep Curling achievement in Fight Night Champion

Bicep Curling

Obtain boxer level 15 in OWC

Bicep Curling0
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How to unlock the Bicep Curling achievement

  • SplyntaSplynta486,291
    21 Mar 2011 21 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011
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    There isn't any proper techniques you can use to get this achievement. So i figured i would post my statistics at the time of getting the achievement so people have a good idea of what they are aiming for. If it helps then i will do it for the other 3 achievements as i go for them.

    Well i've just got the achievement and it has took me quite awhile.

    My record is:
    Won: 57
    Lost: 39
    Points: 1156

    I'd say you roughly need 1156. This is going to be hard to get as people online tend to be rubbish and just want to a) throw power punches constantly b) just throw uppercuts or c) just throw punches to the body all fight.

    For the power punches and uppercuts there isn't alot you can do. You can try to outbox them but it tends to be futile because you'll be demolishing them and then they will just land a clean blow and u'll be down. I suggest just counter punching and throwing your own power punches if they dont want to box. For the other kind who just attack the body, well it's not too bad really. I tend to just block low and wait until they get tired and then just unleash and combo and wait for them to do the same thing again.

    Oh also about the boxer levels it is best to have a rough idea of what you can beat, rather than just jumping in to every fight. My fighter is a level 81 and i tend to fight people ranging from 78-84. When you are starting out it is best to keep it between one or two levels, that is until you feel comfortable with it.

    I hope this helps people get a rough idea what to aim for. Dont worry if you dont level up straight away, the first level seems to take the longest. I think it took me four straight wins before i levelled up.

    If anybody has anythin to add then leave a comment.


    This was posted by Pvt Keogh.
    It shows the points you need for the first 15 levels. As you can see you need 50 pts per level.

    lvl 1 - 500pts (This is where you start)
    lvl 2 - 550pts
    lvl 3 - 600pts
    lvl 4 - 650pts
    lvl 5 - 700pts
    lvl 6 - 750pts
    lvl 7 - 800pts
    lvl 8 - 850pts
    lvl 9 - 900pts
    lvl 10 - 950pts
    lvl 11 - 1000pts
    lvl 12 - 1050pts
    lvl 13 - 1100pts
    lvl 14 - 1150pts
    lvl 15 - 1200pts

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    Pvt KeoghI just got the achievement there and got it with 1202 points so that confirms it for me.
    Posted by Pvt Keogh on 26 Mar 11 at 18:13
    WirtaneIs there only one boxer lvl which contains all fights in all weightclasses or is there own boxer lvl for each weightclass?
    Posted by Wirtane on 01 Apr 11 at 09:56
    The GerbilEach weightclass has its own boxer level...Bare Knuckles OWC also has boxers levels separate from regular OWC.
    Posted by The Gerbil on 11 Apr 11 at 04:48
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  • I JimmaBanks II JimmaBanks I187,324
    08 Apr 2012 10 Apr 2012 08 May 2012
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    This achievement is alot easier than I thought. Im very avg at this game and managed to have a record of 240 -20 and almost have my OWC lvl 45 achievement. Thats a sick record for myself when before my best record was 12-6. I read alot of guides and ther wasnt alot of good help out ther so my non-guide writing skills are now in full effect.

    I created a Middleweight. DO NOT put your guy past an overall rating of 79. My create a boxer is one point in any category away from hitting 80. Also dont fight anyone overall the skill lvl of 79. When i found out you could even collect enough wins and points to hit OWC 45 while still being an overall rank of 79 i had to try this out. Also now that im OWC lvl 43 i have alot of points saved up. This may sound cheap but to any of you who are avg at this game and want to start getting these hard acheivements i feel my suggestions can help. Also i found out that alot of the players who are hardcore ( already have lvl 30 and 45 OWC achieves ) keep ther guys at 79 for the leaderboards or ther starting new guys and want a nice record. Also they dont have other acheivements in other games to get cuz they love this game or have nothing else to play haha.

    Patience is the key. Once you realize each fight will or should go longer than 5 rounds you'll be more calm and not throw alot of power punches. Dont rush the fight. Power punchers mostly cant handle the fight lasting that long and will rush ther throws.

    I made my guy 6 feet even and maxed my reach. I lvl'd my jab all the way to max. I put some stats in my left uppercut and right straight. Also added a bit to chin and block. Jabs is the key for keeping distance and remaining safe. the left upercut is insurance for when those annoying short boxers are in your space. I suggest you choose right straight or left upercut as a 2nd could punch. ( other than jab )

    The reason why my jab was max'ed isnt for knock outs but for my safety. I mostly fought against power punchers and throwing jab, jab, jab allowed me to keep some distance and score points. I also throw jabs alot while backing up when my oppenet started throwing alot of punches at me. If you get hit hard ( which you will ) the stats on your chin will help also the block you choose is key.

    Choose Philly Shell block. It looks dumb but it is the best block. It is a life saver if you get stunned by those power punchers. When dazed if you correctly reset your block by re hitting or rapidly hitting RT you can continuosly block punches. ( spar and practice with Philly Sheel block and you'll feel more safe from those annoying power punches )

    Once you safely fight 1 or 2 rounds in any fight you can see what type of fight it is. If you oppenet is agreesive keep your distance and jab, jab, jab. Philly Shell block AT ALL TIMES. ALWAYS watch you stamina bar. Watch your stamina bar and you should know at this point if some of that is gone you can get smoked by a power puncher. so watch it. You will almost erase those power punchers. The philly shell block is the key to staying alive. If your oppenet is fighting smart and actually boxing you need to win rounds smartly. This is up to you to figure out. jab, block, and move in an out smartly to win rounds. Good Luck

    If you want to spar for additional points or want to add me on xbox live i would be glad to help. Also helping me get 1 win on my boxer at lvl 79 would be swell too :D. ( since at anytime u can re create a boxer ). I JimmaBanks I is my gamertag

    I now also have another xbox live profile that is 26-0 in middleweight OWC lvl 17. I can help poeple get wins against that account if they help me boost.
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    oJimmy Hoffathanks jimmabanks. this helped me out a bunch
    Posted by oJimmy Hoffa on 14 Apr 12 at 15:44
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