Keepin' it real achievement in de Blob 2 (Xbox 360)

Keepin' it real

Finish the game without upgrades

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How to unlock the Keepin' it real achievement

  • OliverioOliverio2,356,611
    16 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012
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    Keepin' it Real and Medal of Color are best done together in the same playthrough. You need to play the game on Normal (ie. Easy mode NOT checked) and you cannot buy any of the upgrades while playing through the game.

    As this site is about achievements and how to obtain them as easy as possible, here is the ultimate solution that makes these relative tricky achievements extremely easy. The game has and most importantly does not punish the use of cheats. While playing the game you need to press LB and LT to enter "cheat mode" and then afterwards enter the following button combinations to help you through the difficult situations:

    Y, X, Y, X - gives you 10:00 minutes extra (max is 90:00)
    Y, Y, X, X - adds a bonus life
    Y, X, Y, Y - adds shield

    If done correcty, the game will send a text notification on the bottom of the screen.

    These cheats will become extremely handy towards the end of the game as in the last 2-3 levels not only the dificulty increases significantly, but also time can become an issue. What you need to make sure is to always have an extra life and possibly a shield. If you die, the first thing should be to add that extra life to make sure you do not get thrown back to the last checkpoint and loose sometimes 30-60 mins of gameplay.

    Well, they are cheats, but honestly, they do not spoil this awesome game in any way. Using them do not disable achievements and before anyone starts flaming about whether it is right or wrong, let me be clear, to allow the use of these button combinations for players was the intention of the game's developers (not a hack!), it is NOT against any Microsoft policies and IS totally compliant with the TA rules.

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    JakeythedudeYou made this game possible for me. Completed the day after I found your solution.
    Posted by Jakeythedude on 28 Nov 12 at 23:02
    Fire Hawk DWhat buffoon would think a button-input code would be a hack/exploit or against Microsoft or TA's policies?

    Anyway, thanks for the tip.
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 06 Aug 16 at 05:17
    Oliverioheh, yes, back then, when I wrote this solution, this discussion was pretty heated on the TA forums... believe me, there were some. :)
    Posted by Oliverio on 06 Aug 16 at 08:38
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  • destinee ehgcdestinee ehgc541,632
    04 May 2011 02 May 2011 02 Jul 2012
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    Just to confirm - although the achievement says "finish the game without upgrades" it cannot be unlocked by simply (ha ha, it's so tricky!) replaying the final level with no upgrades. This must be done on normal and you need to complete every level again, although the order you complete them in doesn't matter. To undo your upgrades without starting a new game, just go to the upgrade store and hit remix. This puts all your lightbulbs into storage and gives you a blank slate (also useful if you screwed up the upgrades). Good luck!

    N.B. If you manage to get through your first playthrough without buying any upgrades the achievement will pop after you complete the final level.

    Any problems or questions please PM me and I will amend my solution :)
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    KOSTAS A M GRWell, what if i use upgrades in a level but just before the level ends i will go to the blue circle that lets you remix your upgrades and then remove all of them? I mean the final save in the level will be with no upgrades.
    I will try it and let you all know.
    Posted by KOSTAS A M GR on 10 Feb 13 at 10:20
    Sandpiper121PPI don't believe that will work being I think I read somewhere that you simply cannot upgrade anything anywhere at anytime. I stayed away from the upgrade menu all together.
    Posted by Sandpiper121PP on 16 May 13 at 04:51
    DRMRD31Bullshit achievement! I beat the entire game on normal without a single upgrade and still no achievement
    Posted by DRMRD31 on 28 Nov 14 at 00:21
  • Chris8875Chris8875635,476
    11 Jul 2011 23 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
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    Just to confirm too - I have received confirmation from Blue Tongue that this achievement cannot be done on the easy difficulty.

    So, you have to set the game at normal and go from there.
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    Pookie TThis is correct, as i have just finished it on easy difficulty without even touching the upgrades menu! Didn't get the achievement! When i came to get the fully upgraded achievement i noticed on the upgrade menu that all of your lives are instantly maxed out on easy difficulty, so thats why u can't get the achievement!!!
    Posted by Pookie T on 28 Apr 11 at 09:32
    destinee ehgcDo we know if you just have to replay the last level or if the whole game is necessary? The wording of the achievement suggests just the last level but I've not managed it yet.
    Posted by destinee ehgc on 01 May 11 at 20:07
    DRMRD31Bullshit achievement I beat the entire game on normal without a single upgrade and still no achievement.
    Posted by DRMRD31 on 11 Feb 12 at 05:42
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