Secret Explorer achievement in Space Channel 5 Part 2

Secret Explorer

Clear all the hidden commands.

Secret Explorer+1.5
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How to unlock the Secret Explorer achievement

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    19 May 2011 19 May 2011
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    If you have the Morolians in your Character Profile screen, the first six will inform you of who to talk to in order to learn about the hidden commands for each mission. If you've accomplished the hidden commands that each person tells you about, the relevant Morolian will tell you who to talk to next until you've learned about all the hidden commands.

    The most important thing to be learned from the Morolian process is this: you CANNOT get the achievement simply by getting 100% on each level. There is one critical exception: when doing the cheerleader section in Report 4, if you've saved all of the cheerleaders there will be 24 hidden commands to hit. If you've missed even a single one, there will be only 16 to hit. These commands are tracked separately; you MUST complete both sets in order to trigger the achievement. Therefore, you must do both a run where you save all the cheerleaders and a run where you miss at least one cheerleader.

    Some additional information:

    Report 3

    #1 - this is at the end of "mine," not the beginning. If you tap the button in time with the beat, you'll get it (as well as #2)

    Report 4

    #2-6 - if you've saved all of the Rescue Squad, they do a little chant during which the word "Hrk" appears on the screen five times; this is where you press to hit the commands. Again, if you're tapping along to the beat, you'll hit them. If you haven't saved all of the Rescue Squad the words don't appear, but you can still hit the hidden commands

    #7 - right after the "tuned" in "Stay tuned"

    #8 - at the cheer after saving the cheerleaders (meets the common music pattern seen in most levels)

    #9-32 - to get all 24 of these, you must have saved all the cheerleaders. After the rescue, they start a series of cheers where they chant "go go" etc. Just tap along to the beat during this entire sequence and you'll hit them all. If you've missed any of the cheerleaders you can still do this, but the cheer will be different and there will be only 16 commands to hit

    #33 - when Ulala and Space Michael pose after Space Michael is saved

    Report 5

    #1 - this is at the beginning of where Pudding/Padding says "tuned," not the end

    #2-5 - there are four band members who strike poses for hidden commands (all but Ulala). Just tap along with the beat, you'll hit them

    Report 6

    #3 - the command is at the "t" sound in "lost" during the phrase "When have I ever lost... at dancing"

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    DREAMCASTERSHi, i made a youtube video playtrough for secrets points: maybe watching them can help someone getting them all:
    Posted by DREAMCASTERS On 03 Jul 11 at 08:16
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  • Teh ParalyzerTeh Paralyzer473,704
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    A very painful achievement. Here is a list of secrets that are hidden in each stage. You need these to 100% each report. It can only be assumed that this awards you both achievements if you 100% the Reports.

    This guide is not yet finished. If you know any secrets missing please help out.

    You will be pressing A at the *'s (I don't think it matters what button but to be safe we will push A. So remember push at every * you see in the guide)

    REPORT 1 (7 points):

    #1 & #2: At the very beginning.
    BAM---BAM*---BAM* part. Press A when you hear the 1st to bams at the start.

    #3: After saving the rich couple,
    push at the start of *Yay! when you save them

    #4: After the second battle.
    The people you saved do a pose again with a *WHOOOO!
    Hit A right when they shout

    #5: After the third battle,
    they all do a pose with another *WHOOO!

    #6: Before entering the boss fight Ulala says, Staaaay* Tuned. Its in between stay and tuned.

    #7: At the end when she says "Space Channel 5. "Spa*ce Channel 5"

    REPORT 2 (10 points):

    #1&2 are the same as the previous level.

    #3 At the end of first battle on *yeah

    #4 At the end of second battle on *yahoo!

    #5 is the same as the first level, "Stayyy* tuned!"

    #6 is in Fountain Square, when Pudding appears and says "Good evening everyone,*it's me, Pudding!"

    #7 At the end of the Space Bird Lady rescue on *yay!

    #8 is another staaaaaaaay* (bird chirps)

    #9 when you get into the greenhouse for the Boss Battle, between where Ulala says "look!"* "what's that?!"

    #10 As the boss battle ends when the robot falls down, wait a second and press A. This one can be difficult to time right.
    you have to push around 1.5 or 2 seconds after it falls down.


    REPORT 3 (9 points):

    #1: As Pudding zooms towards Ulala, she goes
    "This scoop is mine*"

    #2: As she flips her hand * at the camera

    #3 - #6: When Pine starts singing press A when her Sexys start to repeat (*) what she says. You will press A 4 times all together

    #7: When Noize joins Ulala they will dance together and say *yeah!

    #8: During the celebratory drumming after the Pine battle, Noise and Ulala will hit the drums at the same time*

    #9: Staaay tuned!* yes, its after this time

    REPORT 4 (39 points):

    #1: After saving the platoon of skydivers, they will spin
    around then *grunt.

    (MISSING REPORT 4 #2-39?)

    REPORT 5 (5 points):

    #1: "Staaaay Tuned"*

    #2-4 As each member prepares their instrument, push on every 3rd of 4 beats. Take Space Michael for example.
    On the first beat he goes: 'WOOOO!' count the suceeding
    beats and hit the third* one.

    #5: When the team poses* along with Jaguar.

    REPORT 6 (3 points):

    #1 & #2: Same as reports 1 and 2

    #3: After the clapping sequence when ulala opens her
    eyes push at the second to last last word. "When have I ever lost* at DANCING!"
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    Teh ParalyzerThank you. I will update this guide soon.
    Posted by Teh Paralyzer On 18 Nov 11 at 04:29
    Zacry072Please update the solution for the very last secret command. You don't press it at "at," you press it at the end of her saying "lost." Still requires some tricky timing, though.
    Posted by Zacry072 On 25 Feb 12 at 23:12
    Teh ParalyzerThis solution still needs a lot of updating. I actually forgot about it. I'll come back soon to add Report 4 and fix other mistakes.
    Posted by Teh Paralyzer On 25 Feb 12 at 23:50
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