Master Craftsman achievement in Dragon Age II

Master Craftsman

Craft all of the items from a single crafting tree.

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How to unlock the Master Craftsman achievement

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    These are the list Potions and the Ingredients required for them. The Potion and Poison from the Black Emporium is not required, Thanks to Wreax for the information. Runes do count as a crafting item, they are also the highest number of items to craft at 18. I also added a list of Poisons and Bombs. As always comments and questions are welcome.

    Potions -

    Elfroot Potion - Received from Lady Elegant in Lowtown. Act 1
    Requires - Elfroot x1

    Elixier of Purity- The Black Emporium ( I assume Act 1 as well but possible all Acts)
    Requires - Elfroot x 2

    Restoration Potion- Formair Herbalist in the Gallows
    Requires - Elfroot x3 and Spindleweed x 1

    Life Ward Potion - Formair Herbalist in the Gallows Act 2
    Requires - Elfroot x3 and Spindleweed x 2

    Rock Armor Potion - Lowtown Act 2
    Requires - Elfroot x 1 and Spindleweed x 1 along with Embrium x1

    Mighty Offense Potion - Sundermount Act 2
    Requires - Elfroot x 2 and Embrium x 2

    Elixir of Heroism - Hightown Act 2- Found on a corpse after you fight the Qunari and Carta (in Hightown where you talk to Verric's Brother in Act 1) the corpse is in the corner to your right, you should see a woman crying over a dead body.
    Requires - Elfroot x 5, Spindleweed x 4, Embrium x 4 and Ambrosia x 1.

    Bombs and Poisons -

    Combustion Grenade (Bomb) - You get this Formula from doing the Black Powder Quest in Act 1
    Requires - Deep Mushroom x 1

    Tar Bomb - Shady Merchandise Shop
    Requires - Deep Mushroom x 1 and Deathroot x 1

    Mythal's Favor - Wounded Coast Act 2
    Requires - Deep Mushroom x 1, Deathroot x 1 and Glitterdust x 1

    Fel Grenade - Wounded Coast Act 3
    Requires - Glitterdust x 2 and Felandaris x 1

    Debilitating Poison - Tomwise, Darktown Act 1
    Require - Deep Mushrooms X 1

    Crow Venom - The Black Emporium
    Requires - Deep Mushroom x2

    Deathroot Toxin - Shady Merchandise Shop
    Requires - Deathroot x 1

    Arcane Poison - Elven Fanatic, Black Powder Courtesy quest Act 2
    Requires - Deathroot x 1 and Glitterdust x 1

    Fel Poison - Huon, Lowtown "On the Loose" quest Act 3
    Requires - Deep Mushroom x 3 and Felandaris x 1

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    branstoneboyI know this game is almost 10 years old but just thought I'd mention that the potions you get from the Formair Herbalist in the Gallows (restoration and life ward potion) might only come available once you do one of the quest Harbalist's Tasks. He offers this quest in act 1 and in act 2, my game glitched in act 1 and wouldn't let me complete it so the 2 potions weren't available in act 2. When I completed his quest in act 2 the potions became available in act 3.
    Posted by branstoneboy on 19 Sep 20 at 09:58
    JimmieWorldThis is not a good guide!
    Posted by JimmieWorld on 28 Aug at 21:51
    GsO LightLeaving a dislike, you failed to mention that you MUST complete the Herbalists tasks for the potion to appear, I had no Life Ward potion in Act 2, and now nothing in act 3, I wasted 20+ hours gathering these stupid ingredients for nothing angry
    Posted by GsO Light on 18 Nov at 08:56
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  • Sir StratsavvySir Stratsavvy173,494
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    I did a little digging and found this list of Runes and figured i would post them for the benefit of the TA community. Credit for the list itself goes to however i have corrected mistakes, notated which Runes are necessary for the achievement and added useful general information i think u will find helpful that i discovered while using this guide myself.

    NOTE: if runes are accessible only during a certain quest they will be notarized by an asterisk "*"
    Any other rune-specific information will be listed parenthesis.

    Runes found in multiple ACTS:

    Rune of Lightning Warding -- Mage Goods shop (Gallows, Acts 1-3)

    Rune of Spirit Warding -- Mage Goods shop (Gallows, Acts 2-3)

    Rune of Frost -- Lirene's Fereldan Imports shop (Lowtown, Acts 1-3)

    Rune of Nature -- Master Hen's Shop (Sundermount, WARNING: if u complete the quest "A New Path" in Act 3 and end up killing all the Dalish before purchasing this rune it will not be attainable afterwards. To avoid this simply select the conversational option "Ill take the blame" when confronted by the Dalish on exiting the cave. Acts 2-3)

    Rune of Fortune -- The Black Emporium DLC (Acts 1-3, Not required for the achievement)

    Runes found in ACT I:

    Rune of Fire* -- Dark Foundry, Lowtown (Quest: The First Sacrifice)

    Rune of Fire Warding -- at the southern tip of the Wounded Coast there are a pile of bones beside a chest.

    Rune of Frost Warding -- Sanctuary, Darktown (Quest: Enemies Among Us)

    Rune of Impact -- Wilmod's Camp (Quest: Enemies Among Us)

    Rune of Lightning -- Found within a pile of bone beside the northwest end of the Sundermount Mountain Graveyard.

    Rune of Protection -- Worthy (Dwarf in Hightown next to the rune ordering table)

    Runes found in ACT II:

    Rune of Defense -- Found within a pile of bones beside a tree stump at western side of the Wounded Coast.

    Rune of Nature Warding* -- In a chest just southwest of the exit of Smugglers' Cut. (Quest: Blackpower Courtesy)

    Rune of Spirit* -- just past the first set of stairs within a crate in Brekker's Hideaway. (Quest: Inside Job)

    Rune of Striking* -- After exiting the dining room, turn right and at the first room on the left check the chest in DuPuis Estate. (Quest: Prime Suspect)

    Torpor's Barrier Rune* -- Speak to the demon Torpor; agree to bring him the boy and ask for magic. (Quest: Night Terrors, Not required for achievement)

    Sandal's Special Rune -- Speak to Sandal inside your estate (Not required for achievement)

    Runes found in ACT III:

    Rune of Devastation* -- Sewer Passage (Quest: On the Loose)

    Rune of Valiance -- (Sundermount) Go straight through the Dalish camp and walk past the exit in the other side towards the cave u killed the Varterral in. Depending on your quest pregress it will either be labeled "Varterral Hunting Ground" or "Mountain Cave". Either way right before u get to the cave there will be a small box shaped alove on the left. Search the bones for this rune

    Primevil Lyrium Rune* -- Reward from Sandal (Quest: Haunted, Not required for achievement)

    If there is something u feel needs to be added please comment and let me know before u vote negatively so i can improve this solution for the benefit of everyone! I used this solution to get the achievement myself so I KNOW it works.
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